swaragini ff…few shots (EPISODE 6)


The episode starts with Maheshwaris leaving the Kapoor mansion… Lakshya comes inside his room and he remembers ” Shit…!Again I forgot to give her her phn… Waise I hve not even checked it… Don’t know whether it is even working properly or not…”
He switches on her phn but it is not charged so its not switching on… He connects it to the charging point and leaves the room…

Maheshwari family reach their house… Dadi is very happy that girl and family is very good… She praises SwaLak and says “They are so rich…Have such a large business but are down to earth and humble… Lakshya is a star and Swara a doctor… Sarwagun sampann hain dono bhai behen…”
Ragini smiles and goes in her room…

AP also praises Maheshwari family while talking to DP… DP is happy as Swara chose a good life partner and a good family for herself…

SwaSan are talking on video call… Ragini comes in Sanskar’s room and greets Swara as Bhabhi… Swara blushes… She praises Ragini “You were looking very beautiful today..”
Sanky “Yaa… Didn’t u noticed ur brother was staring my sister stealthily… I caught his stare but didn’t said anything… ”
Ragini blushes… Swara notices and teases her…Ragini tries to look behind Swara… Lakshya is passes by her room but stops hearing Ragini’s name…
Swara “Kya hua Ragini kise dundh rahi ho..?? Bhai KO ..?? Ruko main bulati hun…”
Lakshya thinks that Swara will call him inside so he sets his hair and is about to enter her room but stops as he hears her saying… “Are are sharma ke bhag gayi ye to.. Did u noticed her cheeks?? It were red like tomatoes…”
Lakshya smiles and turns to go but again stops hearing SwaSan’s convo…
Swara “Ragini bhai ka Nam sunte hi sharma kyu jati hai..?”
Sanky “Fan hai wo uski … ”
Swara “Really..?”
Sanky “Have I ever lied to you…? U know she even joined this profession because Lakshya is in it… Warna uska dimag to itna chalta hai ki use raw wale bhi le le… She is really sharp… I don’t know about this new one but uske purane wale phn me Lakshya ki itni pics thi ki kya bataoon….
Lakshya hears this and goes to his room… He unplugs the phn from charger and switches it on… It takes time and he gets impatient… The phn switches on and he sees his pic as her wallpaper… He smiles broadly… He keeps the phn near his pillow and sleeps…

RagLak comes to an isolated place…they are in middle of some lake and Ragini is blindfolded she is only able to hear water’s sound… She is wearing a black coloured net Saree (in Swara’s style) and is looking super stunning… Lakshya is holding her from shoulder and is smiling… He is also wearing black formals and is looking hot… He opens her eyes and she says ” What is this Lakshya where have you….”
He puts finger on her lips and smiles… He then gently turns her around… Ragini is mesmerized seeing the scene… Whole lake is decorated with rose petals and floating candles… And the platform on which they are standing is decorated with perfumed , non perfumed ,hanging and stylish candles… Ragini is elated seeing the scene he then makes her sit on the chairs laid there and serves vine in the glasses…they cheers and have a sip…
Lakshya then gets up and asks Ragini for a dance… She agrees… They both dance while Dekha Hazaroin Dafa from Rustom plays in the background… Lakshya is constantly looking at her and she is blushing… He then stops and leaves her hands… Ragini gets confused… He moves few steps back and smiles at her… She is still confused… Just then lots of rose petals showers on her and she gets very happy… Lakshya spreads his arms for a hug… Tere sang yara plays in the background and Ragini runs towards him… They are about to hug but Lakshya falls down his bed and winces… He gets up and realises that he was seeing a dream… Lakshya laughs on his stupidity and gets up and sits on his bed… He takes Ragini’s phn and talks to it “Dekh rahi ho tum… Lo… Ab tum mere sapnoin me bhi aane lagi ho… Din ka chain to le hi liya hai ab raatoin ki neend bhi leli… Ms Ragini Maheshwari sunn rahi ho..??”

“Haa Lakshya..” Ragini says and gets up.. She realizes that she was talking in her sleep… She drinks water and again lie down to sleep but she is unable to sleep… She turns around and looks at window… She smiles and gets up and walks towards the window… She sits on the couch there and smiles seeing at the moon.

Lakshya is also sleepless so he gets up and comes in his balcony and lies on couch kept there… He also looks at the moon and smiles… Kuch to hai tere mere darmiyaan plays in the background while both are thinking of each other and looking at the moon… The episode ends on their faces looking above with the moon in between…

Kapoors and Maheshwaris are preparing for a family picnic…both the families are going together… SwaSan and RagLak are excited that they will meet each other very soon… Lakshya hopes that he gets some time to spend alone with Ragini…

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