swaragini ff…few shots (EPISODE 5)



The episode starts from SwaSan coming stealthily on terrace…they reach there and peep to see RagLak… They finds them in each other’s arms… SwaSan smile and give each other hi-5… Swara then asks Sanskar to come with her… They go there and shouts “SURPRISE…!!!” RagLak break the eyelock and release each other… They both blush a little and there is embarrassed silence between RagLak… Swara then tells that how she knew everything and planned their meeting with Sanskar’s help… Lakshya then greets Ragini “I am so sorry about that day… Ur phn…”
“No no… No phn… Plz ha… Wo to phir bhi purani thi ye bilkul new hai… Plz aap ise mt torna..”
Lakshya is abt to say smthng to Ragini but just then a servant comes and informs them that they are being called downstairs… SwaRagini rushes downstairs and so does SanLak…

Both the girls come down and sit beside their respective mothers…
SanLak come and stands behind the sofa , facing Swaragini…
AP “Sanskar beta y r u standing..?? U are would be son in law of our house come sit…”
Sanskar nods and sits beside Ragini…
Swara goes and stands beside Lakshya and says ” Bhai… Ragini is very beautiful na…”
Lakshya stares at Ragini and is mesmerized seeing her glittering eyes, her smiling lips, the way she tucks her hairs behind her ears…
Lakshya “Yes… She is very beautiful…” He says and smiles..
Sanskar notices Lakshya staring Ragini and he whispers in her ears “Lagta hai Lakshya KO tu Kuch Jada hi pasand aa gayi hai… Dekh kaise dekh RHA hai tujhe..” Ragini looks at him and he gets conscience of their eye contact and he looks the other way… Swara catches him and tease them… Ragini blushes and looks down… Lakshya makes some excuses and goes to his room…

Pandit matches SwaSan’s kundali and says “29th of November is the best day for their marriage…”
AP says “it will be winter at time and many will face problems..”
Pandit “the next muhurat is in may next year… That is nearly 8 months from now…”
SwaSan together says “No no November is apt… No one has prblm..”
Family members smile and the date is fixed…
AP asks Swara to call Lakshya from his room as the date is fixed and now everyone will dine… Swara goes but Sanskar calks her to talk… Swara asks Ragini to call Lakshya from his room… Ragini hesitates but then complies…

Lakshya is in room and thinks to return Ragini’s phn… He again goes to switch on the phn to check and takes it from the drawer… Just then his phn rings and he goes out to talk… Hus drawer is still open…
Ragini enters Lakshya room to call him but she finds no one there… She turns to leave but sees his drawer open and thinks ” Itna bara star and itna careless.. ” She goes to close it and finds her anklet in it… She picks it up and sees it and then checks her ankle… She thinks ” Pta nai kitne Dino se meri payal is drawer me hai… Aur kaisa aadmi hai ye… Pta nai Aur kitni chijein rkhi hai isne meri…”
She sits down to wear her anklet but hears someone coming… She gets up and anklet falls from her hands… Lakshya sees Ragini in his room and enters his room in speed to ask her what she is doing… But they clash and fall on there bed in such a way that Ragini is leaning on Lakshya.. They have a romantic eyelock… Sun sathiya ‘s music plays in background…
Ragini’s hairs comes on her face… Lakshya tucks it behind her ears… Ragini winces in pain and they find that her hair stucked in his kurta’s button… She feels uncomfortable in that state and starts releasing her hairs from his button… Lakshya sees that she is making it more complicated and he holds her hands and moves it gently… He frees her hairs and she they both stand up with an another embarrassing silence… Ragini turns to leave but Lakshya holds her hands and says “U r forgetting something..”
He makes her sit on his bed and picks up her anklet… He then kneels down in front of her and puts her one of her feet on his knees and ties her anklet… Both of them smiles looking at each other… Ragini thanks him and says that she came to call him for lunch and goes out of room smiling. Lakshya also smiles in his room and goes out… Swara sees them and happily thinks “Lagta hai khichdi ka pani garam hone ke liye chadh chuka hai..”

Both the families dine together…SwaSan are having constant eyelock and RagLak are stealthily looking at each other… When one looks, other looks down quickly…
After lunch the Maheshwaris stands to leave… They greet each other and bid bye to each other…
Lakshya calls Ragini and bid bye to her… She does same… SwaSan smiles seeing them… Ragini turns and smiles and Lakshya is looking at her… The episode ends on them thus…

RagSan talks to Swara on video call… Ragini peeps in video to find Lakshya but does not sees him… Swara teases her on this… Ragini goes… Lakshya passes by Swara’s room and hears SwaSan talking that Ragini is his fan…
Lakshya switches on Ragini’s phn and sees his pic as her wallpaper and smiles broadly…

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