swaragini ff…few shots (EPISODE 4)



The moon is seen… Its night… Lakshya is in his room and is going undressing… He takes out a t-shirt from the wardrobe… Just then something falls… He looks at it and sees Ragini’s anklet… He picks it up and smiles looking at it says her name… “Ms. Ragini Maheshwari… No u r like toofan… I will call u toofan only…” He goes near the drawer and pulls it out to keep anklet in it with Ragini’s phn… He then recalls that he had to check whether her phn is working properly or not… He is about to switch on the phn but just then Swara enters…
“Bhai… M so sorry I was too worried about maa papa meeting Sanskar’s family… Actually I wanted to ask….” She sees phn in his hand and points it saying “about this only… Did u found out… What is the name of ur toofan..??”
Lakshya smiles and and nods… He again sees the anklet and says “Ms. Ragini Maheshwari..” He keeps the phn and anklet carefully in the drawer and closes it… Swara is shocked hearing this… She recalls Ragini and is in thoughts…

Maheshwari house
Ragini is sitting near her window and staring at the moon… She blushing and is worried… Sanskar passes by her room and see her thus… He comes and sits beside her and says “Mujhe pta hai…” Ragini looks at him… “Mujhe pta hai ki tu is tarah chand KO 3 hi situation me dekhti… Pehla jab tu khush hoti hai Aur Kuch soch rahi hoti hai… Dusra jab tu dukhi hoti hai Aur Kuch soch rahi hoti hai… And teesra jab tu pareshan hoti hai and Kuch soch rahi hoti hai… In short jab tu soch rahi hoti hai… Chal ab jaldi bta ki tu kya soch rahi hai…”
Ragini stares him asking him to pity her from his PJs and says “Bhai… I didn’t told u earlier because u were worried abt Bhabhi and our family meeting… Actually Lakshya kapoor was inquiring abt me… He asked NY name from the director that day when Dadi caught u both… Don’t know why he asked so…”
Sanky ” To u should be happy about it… Are u not happy that your favorite celebrity tried to know ur name..?”
Rags blushes “but m worried as well… Don’t know what is the matter..”
Sanky “Hey bhagwan kitna sochti hai ye… Itna soch mat warna sochalay Jana parega…”
Rags gives him a disgusting look..
He us about to say something but his phn rings… He sees Swara’s call and Ragini smiles saying Bhabhi saved me today… Sanky pulls her hairs to tease her and he rushes out of her room… Ragini shouts after him but he has gone till now…
He comes to his room and stands near the window while talking to Swara… Swara asks him about Ragini meeting Lakshya kapoor… Sanky asks why she is asking and tells her about their encounter… Swara then discloses that Lakshya is her elder brother… Sanskar gets shocked and then smiles saying to Swara “I think we have a surprise for our siblings tomorrow..” Swara also says yes and they both smile… They bid each bye and go to sleep…

SwaSan are determined to make RagLak meet each other…

In Maheshwari house
Sanskar asks Ragini to get ready properly and look beautiful… He does not finds her dress and jewelry apt and asks her to change it… It denies… He insists and she complies thinking “Don’t know what has happened to him… He has gone mad because of his marriage…”
Sharmistha finds his activity suspicious and asks “From where this brotherly emotions got awake suddenly..?? Why are you caring so much about her dresses and hairs and jewelry..??”
Sanky “Maa because she is groom’s sister… She has to look beautiful else what will my in-laws think that such a handsome groom and sister is so ordinary… And what you said hairs..?? Yes maa her hairstyle is also not good…RAGINI …….” And he rushes to her…
Sharmistha smiles and prays to god to keep everything fine..

Kapoor mansion
Swara also does same things to Lakshya and has made him change his kurta for 5 times… She says “Last bhai and this one is final…” He says fine and goes to change…
AP and Sujata enters his room and asks why she is behaving like this… Swara replies same as Sanskar… She smiles…

Door opens and Ragini comes out and she is looking mesmerizing in red color suit (*the kind of suit which ragini generally wears…the frock suit type*). She has worn heavy jhumka and her hairs are open… Sharmistha sews evil sight off her and smiles… Sanskar compliments her “That’s like my……”

“Handsome brother” Swara compliments Lakshya who is looking equally stunning in blue kurta… AP also wards evil sight off her children and smiles…

Maheshwari family enters the Kapoor mansion and is greeted by family members except Lakshya who is not there according to SwaSan’s plan… Everyone compliments Ragini… Swara says “Come Ragini let elders talk and I will show u our house…” She winks at Sanskar takes Ragini upstairs… Just then Lakshya enters and miss to see Ragini… He greets Maheshwari family who didn’t knew that he is Swara’s brother and are elated to know thus… AP says “What u will do here in elders’ matter… Lakshya go and show our house to Sanskar…” SanLak agree and leaves for upstairs…
Swara takes Ragini to terrace and asks her to stay there as Sanskar messaged her that he is lost in house and she will get him here… She goes… Meanwhile Sanky acts to check his phn says that Swara is calling Lakyon terrace and he will join them later on as he has to make an important call… Lakshya agrees and goes on terrace…

He sees Ragini turning back and assumes her to be Swara he thinks of having some fun and goes and shouts in her ears “KYA HUA..” Ragini gets afraid and turns around and slips in his arms… They have an eye lock and meanwhile toota Jo kabhi Tara from flying jatt plays in background…. The episode ends on their same posture…

Lakshya thinks to return Ragini’s phn and takes it from drawer… Ragini enters Lakshya’s room and sees drawer opened and her anklet in it… She takes it out and sits down to wear it… She gets up and Lakshya also enters the room in speed… They clash and fall down on bed…Ragini is on Lakshya… They have a romantic eyelock…

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