swaragini ff…few shots (EPISODE 3)


Lakshya reaches home and gets down his car…he enters home and sees Durgaprasad he greets him and proceeds towards his room… Just then DP stops him and asks him to sit with him and have tea… He complies…
Swara enters home and is tensed about Dadi… Lakshya senses it and calls her out…she smiles weirdly and greets everyone and goes to her room saying that she is tired…
DP “what is the matter with her..??”
AP “don’t know…”
Lakshya “don’t worry it must be work pressure… I will talk to her…”
Lakshya goes to Swara…

Maheshwari house..
Dadi and Ragini enter through the door… Dadi is angry on Sanskar and Ragini is worried seeing her thus…
Rags “Aaj to lagta hai bhai ki khair nahi..!!”
Dadi “Let that chora come home…saari ishqbaazi nikal dungi aaj..”
Sharmistha comes out worried “What happened maa why are you so angry..??”
Dadi “Let my and ur son come home…then I will do the real drama..”
Rags “Ab tak mujhe lag RHA tha now I am sure ki bhai ki khair nahi… O God plzz help him…”

Kapoor Mansion
AP calls Swara down and asks her to help her in kitchen… She does everything wrong because of the worry and gets frustrated and comes out of kitchen angrily…
AP “what is this Swara..?? Dhyan kahan hai tera..??”
Swara “maa aap……”
“Main btati hun jiji..”
[Sujata enters the scene]
“Her mind is in the café..”
Swara gets shocked.
Sujata sees SwaSan in the café holding hands and later on in Sanky’s car…

Maheshwari house
Dadi is creating a chaos at home because of SwaSan…she tells to Shekhar “Sanskar Nam hai chore ka…magar Nam jaisa gunn na hai isme…he was holding a girl’s hand in a coffee shop…”
“What’s wrong in it if they both love each other..??” Lakshya says to Kapoor family… “She is matured and is a working girl… And is marriageable as well…”
“If he wants to get married to a girl of his choice then we shouldn’t have any problem…” Ragini tries to make everyone understand
“Bhai…at least u say something…”
Dadi goes and sits on sofa angrily… Sanky goes to her and kneels down… ” Dadi…I love her and want to marry her..”

“We know each other since college and even work in the same hospital… He is also a doctor… Neurologist Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari..” Swara says to DP…

RagLak tries to make their respective family agree for SwaSan’s relationship without knowing that fate is playing a game to unite both of them… The families agree… Sanskar calls Swara and tells her that his family wants to meet her and her family she says same to him… They fix a meeting next day at Maheshwari house…

Kapoors arrive at the Maheshwari house… Lakshya is also their… The moment he steps down the car, Ragini feels his presence but is unable to recognize it… He enters the house but fails to Ragini as she just then turns around to bring snacks from the kitchen… None of the members of Maheshwari family sees Lakshya as just then his phn rings… He sees Ragini turning around but is unable to recognize her and he also turns around to talk on phn… They all go inside to greet each other… Swara turns to call Lakshya… He sees her and apologies because he has to go to the director as their is some prblm and he turns just then Ragini comes from kitchen and sees him going but is unable to recognize him… Both of them miss to see each other…
Both the families greet each other and talks… AP likes RagSan as both of them are well grown up and well cultured and polite… Both the families agree on SwaSan marriage but they want matching of kundalies… Dadi is happy knowing that they follow traditions and says that marriage will happen according to strict marwari ritual but sujata says that we also hve a dream to do wedding in Punjabi style… The argument starts heating and SwaSan and Ragini worry just then she gets an idea and she says “what if we consume Punjabi daal with marawari tadka…” The elders like it and it is decided that marriage will be done by both the rituals… Everything will happen twice… The family gets excited and decides to meet in Kapoor mansion the next to match kundalies… The episode ends with Ragini happily hugging SwaSan together…

Swara gets to know that Lakshya’s toofan name is Ragini… She recalls Sanky’s sister’s name…She calls Sanky and asks him about Ragini meeting Lakshya Kapoor… He then tells her about her encounter with Lakshya and Swara discloses that Lakshya is her brother… Sanskar gets shock and smiles saying ” I think we have a surprise for our siblings tomorrow..” Both of them smile…

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