swaragini ff…few shots (EPISODE 2)


Its morning and the board of Maheshwari house is seen… Ragini is sleeping… Sanskar gets in her room as he is asked to wake her up…
He goes in her room and goes to wake her but suddenly stops…He smiles mischievously and comes back with a paper packet and pricks in it…

Ragini screams and wakes up while Sanskar bursts into laughter…
She shouts “Bhai!!! I will not leave u today..”
He runs throughout the house followed by Ragini inspite of Sharmistha telling them not do so as maid is cleaning the house… Suddenly he slips and falls down and Ragini bursts into laughter seeing him drenched in dirty water… Sanskar smiles and says ” Chirkut u look much better when u r happy.. ”

“After all she is my daughter…” Shekhar comes “See what I got for u..”
He hands her a box. She opens it finds a phn similar to DAT one… She takes it out. The phn is in Lakshya’s hand… The scene shifts to Kapoor mansion… It is Ragini’s phn which he got repaired… He sees it and smiles “I wish I meet her asap and apologize to her…” Ragini thanks Shekhar fir the phn…Sanskar says “Ragini has two heroes in her life one is hero who breaks her phns and papa is superhero who always buys a new phn for her..” Ragini thinks that 1st tym she met her hero but she fought with him… But because of his mistake… I always wanted to meet him in a special way but never like that…she wishes they never meet like that again…

The man says that only screen was broken and all the datas are safe… He thanks him and pays him the bill amount… The man goes… He thinks to switch it on see whether it is working properly or not… He is about to switch on the phn but Swara comes from behind and shouts in his ears “GOOD MORNING BHAI..!!”
He gets a jolt and phn is abt to fall from his hand but he saves it…
He scolds Swara

Lakshya ” Swara..!! Wat r u doing..?? It would hve broken again… Be careful… Doctor bann gayi hai lekin bachpana nai gaya…”
Swara “sorry bhai… Main to bs masti kr rahi thi…”
Annapurna comes out of the house to do tulsi pujan… She does it and gives them prasad… They touch her feet. She blesses them…
Annapurna “Ghar yo ghar… Now u have started fighting in garden as well… Come inside and have breakfast…” She sees phn in Lakshya’s hand and asks about it..
Swara ” Bhai ka nai unki toofan ka phn hai…”
Annapurna “toofaan..??”
Lakshya “maa…leave her na… Medical has made her mad…”
Swara “Shit I forgot I had to rush to hospital and meet….” She stops in mid and realizes that AP is also present now Lakshya teases her…. Swara blushes and walks back inside the house… AP is clueless abt their behavior…

The scene is now on Ragini’s set…
She is shooting for her show… Lakshya also comes their for shooting… Ragini’s phn rings…she picks it up and talks to Dadi… She says her to pick her up from near the coffee shop… She says OK and cuts the phn… Suddenly she recalls DAT SwaSan arare going to same place for their date… “If Dadi sees them there then it will be a prblm I hve to rush…” She starts packing her stuffs and says to director that she is not well and is leaving… Lakshya comes there and sees her… He calls her out but does not knows her name… He calls her miss toofan… She turns and sees him there… She says ” What is this Lakshya kapoor doing here… He will break my this phn as well… I hve to run….” She rushes out of the studio…

Lakshya runs after her but miss to catch her… He comes back… He again turns and asks the director about her name… He tells him… Lakshya finds Ragini’s anklet fallen there and picks it up saying her name ” Ms. Ragini Maheshwari…”

Meanwhile in the café, SwaSan are having a wonderful tym oblivious to the fact that Dadi is on the way to café… She comes there and sees them from outside holding hands and is shocked… Ragini is still on her scooty and is worried… She calls Sanskar and informs him… He gets shocked… Ragini is still on her scooty and is worried… She calls Sanskar and informs him… He gets shocked and panics and sees Dadi outside advancing towards the door… He quickly pays the bill and rushes out Swara from the different exit… Dadi does not find them there but is sure that she saw Sanskar with a girl…

SwaSan are in Sanky’s car and he informs Ragini DAT they are safe but is worried as Dadi might have seen them… Swara asks why they rushed out like that and sanskar tells her… Swara worries…
Ragini reaches Dadi and she asks her to take her home asap as she has something important to talk to Shekhar… Ragini worries… She gets a call from director who tells her DAT Lakshya was asking about her name…. She blushes and is worried on the same time… Kuch to hai tere mere darmiyaan plays in background when Lakshya is seeing Ragini’s anklet and she is driving while thinking of him… The episode ends on both of their faces….

Dadi creates a chaos at home abt SwaSan… Sanky declares they love each other… Maheshwari and Kapoor family meet each other… RagLak miss to see other…

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        Ouos sry i missed 1 part now i have read

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