Swaragini ff: Shadow of the dark past (Prologue)

Hy guys this is Ashia .I’ve been a silent reader uptil now . this is my first FF please excuse any errors and comment there will be 3 pairs swasan ,raglak and 1 of your choice please vote soon. i’m just uploading the prologue now.
scene : a room with15 people.
woman 1: so you think we are lying
she brings a paper and shows it to a boy
boy is shocked
boy :but this cant be true
man1:so you think we are lying ,its got your fathers thumbprint
man2: see is this thumbprint and name not your fathers
man3: i cant believe iwas going to marry my daughter to a cheaters son
girl!: but papa
man2: 3 of you get out (to the boy and 2 girls other than girl 1)
boy: but
man 2: i said get out i dont want a cheaters children in my house
girl2: enough my father was not a cheater
man1: so are these papers lying
girl2: no but the thumbprint was taken from a dead person
she faints

i know its very confusing but you will get to know the characters soon
please comment
and please vote for your favourite pair (from some other serial as all swaragini characters arte there)

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  1. Nice daer….n abt d odr pair ammm asr n khushi…

  2. Amazing

  3. Nice continue

  4. Awesome……….

  5. Rosey

    very good and intresting and about pair i will suggest arnav khushi

  6. SNY

    Awesome dr….
    Arshi or manan pair

  7. KrsytleS

    awsm Dr …. waiting for next part

  8. Wow nice one but it’s a little bit confusing ❤️

  9. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue.. And other pair is Arshi..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  10. A.xx

    little confusing but won’t be when the names are revealed and Arshi.xx

    1. JenniferAndrews

      Ive uploaded names in the intro

  11. Go ahead

  12. […] Link to the prologue Prologue […]

  13. Mahjabeen

    Hmm well iys confusing..continue soon

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