Swaragini FF: Rishtey (SanGini & SwaLak) Episode 1

“Swaragini” a serial, a story that I loved to watch when it started. RagLak were the first supposed couple, whom when I was accepting turned into SwaLak. Even then I continued watching the serial and my wow came in form of Sanskar and my hopes about RagSan/SanGini pair were very high. But then a very good show turned into saas bahu and sister rivalry drama and the pairs got so messed up. And Ragini’s character was stupidly destroyed which further broke my heart. After reading the Swaragini fan fictions here, especially about RagSan/SanGini as a pair, I am motivated to write about them. So this is my very first story here and on Swaragini, featuring SanGini (RagSan is good but I like SanGini more because it has a meaning) and SwaLak. I am not gonna bore you with my blabbering now, following is the prologue.

“Life..a simple four lettered word with a very complicated meaning. It wasn’t suppose to be complicated, it’s because of the decisions and choices we make that make our lives complicated.”


“Mr. Mehra inform the authorities to get my jet ready by tomorrow as early as they can. I am going to Calcutta for sometime. I will be operating from there till my stay lasts. In my absence you will be in charge. Reschedule my meetings, I will be attending important conferences, only which require my presence. Important remember. No need to disturb me for minor office issues.”

“I get that ma’am but what the meeting with Sisodhiya group? We have to finalize the deal regarding our partnership for our next venture.” Mr. Mehra asked the woman in front of him. His boss.

“Like I said Mr. Mehra, reschedule them. I know the meeting is important, I will video conference with them.” She stood up and walked across her luxurious cabin, towards the glass window that overlooked the sea. “And yeah, inform Kumar to notify the factory workers about the revised payrolls.”

“Sure Ma’am. Anything else?

“Send Varnan to my cabin as you leave.”

Mr. Mehra gave her a curt nod and left the cabin, leaving her alone with her thoughts. Soon enough a handsome man in his late twenties entered the cabin. He’s 6′ tall, muscular and looked elegant dressed in black trousers accompanied with a black t shirt and a light coffee colored blazer. His hair were little longish, perfectly styled. His face had this boyish charm that made him look younger than he was.

“Hey boss! You called?”

She turned at looked at the man in front of her. “I am going to Calcutta. Varnan…”

The next instant the charming boyish features turned into something fierce, his lips curved into a sneer. “Don’t tell me that you are going to meet that Ragini!”

Ragini sighed heavily as she moved close to Varnan, “It’s Mamma’s last wish Varnan.”

Varnan ran his hand through his hair, messing up the earlier styled hair. “I don’t get it! That man didn’t pay two hoots about you guys, never bothered to check that whether Choti Maa or you are alive or….”

Ragini wrapped her hands loosely around his waist and rested her head on his chest, “Bhai..” a silent tears fell off her eyes, “It was her last wish bhai, how can I not fulfil it? Mamma wanted me and pa..that man to immerse her ashes together. Its my duty to respect and fulfil her last wish ad I will.”

Varnan pulled Ragini close and hugged her tight , “Should I come?”

“No. You are needed here. Though Mr. Mehra will be overlooking all the activities and work but still…, you are the CEO for a reason after all.” Ragini smiled cheekily at him through tears.

Wiping her tears, Varnan replied, “As you say Miss M.D.”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, both of them chuckled.

Ragini Khanna, exceptionally brilliant fashion designer. She was just 12 years old when her talent regarding fashion and designing started to show. As the time passed her skills got enhanced and at the age of 18, she started her own business, a small boutique shop which got immensely popular in the following years. With her talent it was easy to study as she received many scholarships. She was 20 and in the second year of her fashion designing when she caught the eye of a renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra. He was there at her college for a special lecture and was highly impressed with the designs and the dresses made by Ragini. He then offered her an internship at his firm and soon enough her small boutique shop turned into something huge. It was her talent, her determination, hard work and good luck of course that today at the age of 27, Ragini Khanna is the most popular name in the fashion industry.

Ragini has redefined and modernised costumes in Indian cinema. Her repertoire includes designing for Bollywood stars, styling them, a diffusion range, bridal and couture. She is best known for his bridal wear, and her styling. Her strong sense of colour and occasion have made her the first choice of some of the most striking personalities in the Indian film industry, high profile politicians, industrialists, top global corporates and affluent families across the globe.

While her professional life has been a huge success but her personal life lacks happiness that only a family can provide. Her mother, Maithali Khanna had been in love with Shekhar Gadodia, who betrayed her and got married to someone else, leaving Maithali devastated and pregnant. Ragini was born out of wedlock that’s why her maternal grandparents severed all ties with Maithali and refused to accept Ragini. It was Maithali’s brother like friend, Adrit Dobriyal and his wife Shail who accepted Maithali and her little daughter.

The happy little family of Adrit, Shail, Maithali, Varnan (Adrit & Shail’s son) and Ragini suffered the death of Adrit and Shail after few years. It was Maithali who raised Varnan and Ragini all by herself. Till now no contacts were made to the people that belonged to their past but now, just a month back when Maithali was seriously ill, she told Ragini about her father and her (Maithli’s) last wish as well. Now, after Maithali’s death, Ragini is going to Calcutta, to meet the man who is her and her mother’s culprit. Her father. Unaware of what her destiny has in store for her.

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  1. Thank u so much for ragsan/sangini. U understood. This is exactly my point even my heart broke cuz I had very high hopes for sangini. They were the reason I watched the show. But now I’ve left it as its swasan

    1. Yeah..i know. And it is such a mess now. :/

  2. I really like ur story. Its very good

    1. Thank u so much! I am glad that you liked the start of it.

  3. Very nice intro…. I love ragini&ragsan

    1. Thanks for commenting. I am really glad that you liked the intro episode of it. Will be updating character sketch a little sneak peak the next.

  4. Good intro….thanks for ragsan/sangini

    1. Glad that you liked the intro part of the story. I love RagSan/SanGini so much and I am very excited about the story. Just writing the CS.

  5. i really liked ur story………..
    perfect and different…..
    i m connected wid only 1 ff……
    honestly i loved dis ep

    1. Aawwiiee… 😀
      Thank u for commenting, I am really happy that you liked the intro episode this much.

      1. waiting for next one……
        plzzzz update as soon as possible…………..

  6. nice ..dear ..

    1. Thank you ?
      Glad that you liked the introduction.
      Well this was just for introducing Ragini and setting the base of the story. Further introductions will be done in the next update.

  7. Nice..waiting for next episode

    1. Thanks for commenting. Glad that you loved the intro episode.

  8. Ur story is awsm..i too like sangini

    1. I am glad that you liked the start of the story this much. I love SanGini as well <3

  9. Hey thank you so much for starting a sangini ff. Just love them.
    Please continue soon

    1. No need to thank me. I love SanGini too that’s why started this FF. Will update soon.
      Thanks for commenting.

  10. I love your story but I don’t like Raglak and Swasan because of this I will never watch that Serie ever again

    1. Me too. 😀
      I love RagSan the most. Thank u for commenting. Glad that u liked the intro.

  11. Wowew awesome intro dr feeling so nice to study continue like this

    1. Aaawwwiiee!! Me very happy that you liked the intro this much.
      Will update soon.

  12. Yaar…its awesome..
    And thanx for sangini.
    Update nxt episode soon.

    1. You’re welcome. I am glad that you liked the intro episode.

  13. Who is sangini

    1. Ragini and sanskaar

      1. I will call them RagSan now. This name is more popular.

    1. Thank you so much!

  14. Wow….awesome yaar!! U rocked it….

    1. Thank u!! I am so much happy with all these wonderful comments!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting!

  15. nice yar, waiting for the next part

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂
      Will update soon. Just submitted the CS/short filler like update.

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