Swaragini FF: Rishtey (RagSan & SwaLak) Episode 8


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I know, I know, that I am very very late in updating this new chapter, but what to do, I was really busy with the farewell party that me and my team of three other students from my class were arranging for our seniors. Hush we had to assign duties, make lists, contact sponsors, gifts, tiaras and what not.

And during all this I got an idea regarding a very important thing/scene in this story, so I am including that idea in this chapter due to which I had to cut down many RagSan & SwaLak scenes (there are RagSan moments though 😉 ) but its also about a new couple (this is really gonna be interesting). Hope you enjoy this episode and forgive me for not updating soon. Following is the episode. Enjoy!
Ragini had lost the count of the number of times she had wanted to bang her head against something. Right now she not only wanted to bang her head but also wanted to throttle Swara and Sanskar who were hell bent on defeating a crow and a frog in singing competition.
“Hangover teri yaadon ka, hangover teri baaton ka…” Swara yelled put loud, as Sanskar provided her some background music. Even the driver looked as if he just wanted to remove his hands from the steering wheel and cover his ears. All that noise pollution was too much to bear.
Excited due to Swara’s squawking, an overly encouraged Sanskar started jumping on his seat, “Ek jagah pe kabhi ruka nahin, ek jagah pe kabhi tika nahin…”
Ragini wanted to cry, her ears couldn’t take it anymore. She tried to request Swara and Sanskar to stop singing but it all fell on deaf ears. So she opted the last resort. She covered her ears and let out a loud shriek. Very effective it was, that Swara and Sanskar stopped immediately and surprised by the sudden shriek, the driver applied breaks to the car.
Thankfully the traffic was very less so nothing bad happened, no accident, nothing. But that couldn’t be said for the riders of the car. Swara and the driver, who were in the front got protection from the seatbelt but Ragini and Sanskar…..
Well Sanskar and Ragini were in a very embarrassing position. Due to application of breaks so suddenly, the car had taken a sharp turn due to which Sanskar fell backwards and Ragini fell on top of him. It looked as if the were hugging each other closely, except the fact that they were laying down on the car seat.

Ragini’s face hit the leather seat hard, she hated the awful smell of leather, so she turned her head to the side, unknowingly she did that towards Sanskar’s side. Her eyes widened as she realized what had she just done. Hastily she tried to get up by putting pressure on her hands, raising her arms. Her eyes met Sanskar’s and the look that he had on his face….
“Fatty! Fatty! Fatty! Get up!!” Sanskar yelled in his usual childish whining voice making Ragini’s eyes widen more. Her earlier suspicion forgotten, Ragini got up quickly, hitting Sanskar’s stomach with her elbow.
“Ouch!” Sanskar yelped in pain.
“I am sorry!!” Ragini said genuinely.
“You guys okay back there?” Swara asked.
“Yeah…” came Sanskar and Ragini’s murmurs.
“Sorry Madam Ji, I was just…” the driver was scared, this little incident might cost him his job.
“Its okay Dinu kaka, we all are okay, safe and sound. No need to worry.” Swara assured the scared driver.
The rest of the ride was uneventful except the fact that throughout the ride to the mall, Ragini was very conscious of herself and maintained a certain distance from Sanskar, who was now back to his song screeching, unaware of how awkward the situation had become for Ragini.
“You bastard! How could you do this to me?”
“Chillax woman! Give me a break! OUCH!!”

Radhika and Arjun were on date. Radhika was quite worried about Ragini being in Kolkata, all alone, and the fact that she was there to meet the man who was her father only for namesake and that she’s working there as a caretaker had made Radhika quite restless.
So to cheer her up, Arjun, the perfect and loving fiancé he was, had arranged a lunch date for them, a surprise for Radhika, and a beautiful one at that. Radhika’s mood had lifted up, Arjun had ordered her favourite food, especially that almond and chocolate fudge with extra choco chips, a layer of blueberry jam over it and a cherry on the top.
But their romantic moment was interrupted by a very familiar voice. Both of them looked in that direction and witnessed a more than familiar scene playing in front of them.
Adjacent to them, at the corner end was their dear friend Gatothkach aka Salil Goenka being beaten by two angry looking women, the weapons being a handbag and a 6 inch heel. Radhika and Arjun looked at each other for a moment and then rushed to save their friend.
“Hey hey hey!!” Radhika got hold of the woman who was beating Salil using her high heels while Arjun grabbed the other woman’s handbag in his hold. Salil sent a silent prayer to the Gods for sending his friends for his help. Right now, for Salil, Arjun and Radhika were no less than angels.
It took Arjun and Radhika a total of 45 minutes, few slaps on Salil’s chiseled face, numerous sorry’s and utterly convincing words of comfort from Radhika to calm those to angry woman. It did take time and patience but eventually the women left leaving Arjun and Radhika alone with Salil and Salil’s injured face.
“Get me the first aid box please.” Radhika asked the waiter, as the three of them sat together.

“You would think that Salil Goenka, the top corporate lawyer may have some sense to not date two women at the same time.” Arjun taunted as he sipped his black coffee.
Salil chuckled but he ended up groaning, as his cheeks pained due to all those slaps. Radhika shook her head in frustration. Though this wasn’t new, but she didn’t like Salil’s casanova ways. She took the first aid box from the waiter and started tending the scratches and minor bruises on Salil’s face.
“Ah..ouch! Yaar Chashni!” Salil groaned in pain and Radhika applied the medicinal cream on his cheek.
Radhika frowned at him but continued applying the medicine, “This is what you will get for playing with someone’s feelings!”
Salil rolled his eyes, “Feelings, huh? Its not like they didn’t knew that I was not serious with any one of those two shernis! It was just a fling.”
Radhika smacked his head upside down, “That’s no explanation for what you did Gattu!”
Salil scowled as Arjun smirked, “Don’t call me G-a-t-t-u! I am okay with you guys calling me Gatothkach in personal but not that stupid nickname again.”
Radhika finished applying medicine on Salil and handed the first aid box back to the waiter meanwhile Arjun paid the bill as the friends continued chatting.
“Why cant you settle down with one woman? Why cant you and Anna find your happily ever after type of girls?” Radhika complained.

They all were standing in the parking lot. Arjun was unlocking his car while Salil had his darling bike with him. Radhika being the dreamy one of the group wanted Salil and her brother Agastya to get married, have babies and live happily ever after, as Nannu (Varnan) already has a girlfriend and Tish, well he was betrothed to some girl when he was 5, the girl’s parents were best friends with Tish’s parents that’s why the engagement happened. Tish hadn’t met her since years.
“Darling your Anna, our Einstein is too busy with his science things, to even look at all these beauties and me..well you know I have this girl in my mind, till I don’t meet her, I am gonna have this harmless yet sometimes harmful fun.” Salil got a dreamy look on his face.
“The girl in your mind, eh? Who?” Radhika perked up at this, Salil had never mentioned a girl like that.

Salil bit his tongue and Arjun laughed, leaning back on his car. This was supposed to be a well kept secret, that Salil didn’t want anybody to know because of all the fussing and questioning he was just about to face.
“No…no one..” Salil fumbled as he tried to move back to get on his bike and get out of here immediately.
But clearly Radhika had other plans for him as she held Salil’s arm and pulled him back. Arjun was a silent spectator to all this.
“You won’t tell me?” Radhika gave Salil her best puppy dog face that no one could resist. Arjun smirked, he had been in Salil’s place way too many times.
Salil sighed in defeat and leaned on the car sideways. Arjun and Salil were standing opposite and facing each other while Radhika stood at an angle. The three of then were standing in a triangle manner as Salil began describing his thoughts.
“You know Chashni, there’s this girl who comes in my dreams. Dressed in a beautiful red bridal lehnga….”
Arjun, not interested in hearing about the lawyer’s dream girl, shook his head lightly, containing a sigh as a red blur caught his eye.

“….She comes running towards me….” Salil continued and Radhika’s excitement grew by leaps and bounds but Arjun’s interest was captured by a certain woman, dressed in a red bridal lehnga coming in their direction. Running! Now that was interesting, a funny smile curled on Arjun’s lips.
“….She has her face covered with the veil but somehow her eyes are visible to me….”
At this Arjun looked intently at the running woman who was now much closer to them than before. Arjun noticed that the woman had her face covered with the veil except her eyes. Salil was too busy describing his dream girl, Radhika’s whole focus was on Salil and Arjun, well he was witnessing Salil’s dream turn into reality.
“So do you see her face?” Radhika asked hopefully.

Salil’s dreamy look turned into a sad pouty one, “Nah! As I said that she comes running towards me, so because of that she just comes and bang into me hard that I fell down and wake up from my dream every time!”
Arjun saw that the woman was looking backwards as she came running towards them. If only she collides with Salil….
“Wwwwoooaaahhhhoooo…..” Salil wobbled as someone banged hard into him from back. He fell down on the hard concrete floor on his face. Ouch.
Radhika’s eyes widened in worry about Salil but Arjun paid no attention to the huge man down on the floor as he was looking more intently at the girl who was now lying on top of his friend’s back. Arjun remembered one particular quote, that said, that you should dream because dreams might come true. Now that caused a chuckle or two to escape out of Arjun. Think that Salil’s dream came true, haan?!

Radhika glared at him before helping the woman stand off Salil’s back, who was groaning in pain, “Oh it’s broken! Its definitely broken!”
Due to Salil’s huge structure, Arjun and Radhika together had to pull him up. “Chashni I think….”
“I am sorry..” came a soft apology from the woman, interrupting Salil.
Salil craned his neck and looked at the owner of the voice and bang again, was this his dream or reality?
Radhika checked Salil’s face for any injury but Salil had eyes only for the woman standing in front of him looking at him with a genuinely sorry look on her face. All this didn’t go unnoticed by Arjun.

Beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.
Salil looked at her upside down and then back up. She had all what made her his dream girl.
Bridal dress – Check
She’s running – Check
Her eyes….gorgeous – Check
The collision – Check
His dream girl – ….
“I am so sorry..I wasn’t looking. Actually some goons were chasing me…” the woman cried, looking back in between.

Radhika being the sweetest thing she is, immediately came forward to comfort the damsel in distress. Salil forgot about the pain in his nose and was ready to put some of his fighting moves into action when they all heard some loud yelling.
“There’s the girl Thakur Saheb!” A man yelled out to an old man who looked at where Arjun, Radhika, Salil and that woman stood. They all had swords and guns with them, plus their faces were scary as well.

Salil’s supposed dream girl aka woman in red got scared and hid behind Salil. Arjun immediately moved in front of Radhika, shielding her. As both the guys mentally prepared themselves for a fight.
The scary looking mean men came and stood in front of the four, as the old man spoke, “If you want to stay alive, leave immediately. This girl is ours! She will marry my son and serve him as a dutiful wife. She is going to be Thakur Gajendra Singh’s daughter in law!”
“It looks that she doesn’t want all that to happen. So I am telling you to leave.” Salil said gritting his teeth.
“Ay chore! Show respect to Thakur Saheb. We will not tolerate you talking like that in front of us.” A man spoke out as he pointed his gun at Salil.
“Jassi! Stay composed.” The old man raised a hand as he looked at the said Jassi, who lowered his gun immediately.
The old man then turned towards Salil again and said, “Stay out of our matters! You don’t know who we are?!”
Salil let out a humourless chuckle, “I don’t know who you are, but you don’t know who I am. There is nothing for me to gain by saving this girl but I have nothing to loose by beating you all.”
This angered the mean men and a fight was about to break out when the woman stepped in between.

“Stop! Please stop all this!” She yelled and everybody was left staring at each other.
“You are not Simran.” The old man had this perplexed look on his face.
The woman faced the old man with courage, “Of course I am not Simran, my name is Uttara. And who is this Simran by the way?”

The Jassi guy came forward and held the woman’s arm tightly, “How is this possible? How come the girl changed when the dress is same?”
“What the f..?!!” Everybody was surprised hearing the woman in question, whose name was Uttara apparently, curse like that. “Listen you guys, I was just shopping at a mall, where when I was changing, my clothes were stolen and was left with this bridal dress. And as I was there trying on some lingerie, I could not come out wearing that right! So I had to wear this lehnga.”
The men looked flushed and Radhika bit the inside of her cheek trying to contain a giggle.
“Ah..uumm..then..why did you ran like that seeing us?” another man from the mean group asked.
“Dude, you all were looking at me with murderous rage and all these weapons. Do you expect me to stay there and wait to see if you will kill me or not?”
“Shakti we don’t have time to waste on this girl! We need to find Simran, she might have taken the other way.”

Immediately the men began to retreat. Arjun, Radhika, Salil and Uttara watched them go, sit in their jeeps and drive away as fast as they could. Uttara sighed in relief, she checked the surroundings once more for 15 minutes, making sure that those men weren’t going to come back.
Salil was keenly noticing every move she made. Arjun gestured Radhika to have a look at what was going on. Radhika looked at Salil first, taking in his dreamy look that was directed at Uttara. Smile of understanding came over Radhika’s lips, her friend might just have found his dream girl.
Uttara came towards Salil, “I need to make a call, can I have your cell phone please?!”
“You can have me..” Salil whispered.
“Excuse me!” Uttra was appalled.
“Uh..oh sorry. Here..” Salil gave her his cell phone. Arjun and Radhika grinned as Uttara punched some numbers and called someone.
“Hello Simran..” Uttra whispered but it was loud enough for the trio, who straightened up from the relaxed postures and gave each other a confused look before directing their stares on Uttara. Could it be the same Simran those men were asking about?
“They are gone. Yes. Yeah I have checked. Arre! I am perfectly fine as well. No not even a scratch. Come out now, we need to hurry.”
Soon enough a girl came out of the restaurant where the trio had their lunch not more than half an hour ago. She came and hugged Uttara tight. “Thanks Tara, thank you so much for saving my life. You are the best friend one could ask for.”

“Its okay Simran, that’s what friends are fir right. I am glad I could help. Now cheer up okay, no more tears.” Uttara replied wiping Simran’s tears.
“Woah..wait a sec darlings!” Salil interrupted, he pointed at Simran, You are the Simran, those men were searching for?” he asked to which both Uttara and Simran nodded.
Arjun and Radhika also came forward, “You knew who and where Simran was and you acted like you did not!?” Radhika pointed out, to which the girls nodded again.
“What the hell just happened?” Arjun questioned.
“I’ll explain everything but please can you give us lift to the airport. Simran has a flight to catch.” Uttara requested.
“Fine. I will get my bike later. Come lets go.” Salil said.
Arjun was driving, Salil sat on the front seat while the three girls were at the backseat. The pain in Salil’s nose was growing by every passing minute but he ignored it.
“I was being forced into this marriage, so we planned my escape. That’s what happened.” Simran spoke.
“Actually na, me and Simran are roomies at the working women’s hostel and are best friends as well. The thing is that one day this crazy maniac guy, named Surendra Singh saw Simran and got obsessed with her. He tried to force her into this marriage. As he’s son of that local MLA Gajendra Singh, us contacting the police went in vain. When Simran relented, Surendra got her kidnapped.” Uttara blabbed.

“In all this how come they didn’t meet you or recognize you? And what about Simran’s parents?” Arjun asked, interrupting Uttara’s blabbing.
“Oh that, see my schedule has been pretty tight lately, I was out for a fashion show, my assign me actually, so those people never met me. And Simran is orphan, her parents died few years back, since then she’s been studying on scholarships. Such a brilliant girl she is, she got a scholarship abroad to study further on.” This time Salil interrupted Uttara. Such a talker she’s. Totally a chatterbox.
“So how did you managed to get out of there?”
Simran was about to speak but Uttara-the-chatterbox started telling the others about how she successfully planned and executed the escape plan, “See they were holding Simran captive at their farm house, which is surrounded by forest. I got in disguised as a beautician, actually it was more of a traditional old woman type of disguise, who had hideous face and a hump on the back as well.” Uttara laughed while others cringed thinking about the said disguise.
“Then of course I went to the room where Simran was. There I got ready as a bride while Simran changed into my disguise. After that Simran carefully went out of the house. It was planned that she would come there at that restaurant, still disguised. While on the other side, I climbed down from the window. Down there our other friends were hiding in the forest with a scotty parked nearby. From there our friends went the other way and me, I deliberately drove on a path from where those goons could notice me. Me on my scotty, we actually made them go in rounds and rounds, so that Simran gets the time to pack and come at that restaurant. Then I went in this mall which is just 10 minutes away from that restaurant, where I played some hide and seek with them. And from there I ran on foot, and then colluded with you guys and you know the rest.”
Uttara finished as she removed most of the jewellery she was wearing.

“And now, as they think that Simran took my clothes and ran the other way, while those guys followed me this way, so they will not be coming this way na. And moreover the airport is very close. See we are here already.” Uttara concluded as they all went inside the airport to bid farewell to Simran.
Even as they walked inside Uttara didn’t stop talking, “Now they will look for Simran at bus stands, railway stations as they are aware that Simran is not financially good and there’s no one to support her that way as well, so the won’t even think that Simran us going abroad and that too in a private jet.” Uttara winked, “Being filthy rich is good sometimes.” she laughed at her own joke.
If Salil wasn’t impressed before, he was now. She may talk a lot and blab out continuously but she’s a golden heart. Arjun was starting to have a headache, it was not everyday thing that he meets a person like Uttara and gets involved into such a thing and Radhika she was happy that everything went well.

They bade farewell to Simran who before going, hugged Uttara tightly and thanked her and the trio of Arjun, Radhika and Salil for helping her directly and indirectly.
Later they all went back to the restaurant, from where Salil took his bike. He wanted to be the one to drop Uttara at her hostel but Radhika pointed at his now swelling nose and ordered him to go see a doctor first while Uttara went with Arjun and Radhika.

Precap : Same as before 😉

Credit to: Megha

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