Swaragini FF: Rishtey (RagSan & SwaLak) Episode 7

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Sanskar was in his room, painting something new and Ragini was relaxing on the bean bag. She needed to relax especially after what had happened during breakfast. Good for Laksh that he went to office or else Ragini was in mood to warn him about his movies and then the explanations he gave to Sanskar.
Ragini’s phone beeped indicating that she got a new email. She unlocked her phone and opened her email account. There were two emails, one from Nannu and the other one from Tish. She opened Nannu’s email first, which was to inform her that Tish was coming to Kolkata for business purposes and will be bringing some important files with him that needed to be signed by Ragini.
Then she opened Tish’s mail and the moment she saw the way Tish had addressed her, she started grinning. It read;
Oye meri gadget queen,

Nannu must have gossiped to you about me flying from Drish to you. I wont tell you as to how much Nannu is in need of your autograph, instead I will tell you about this very special thing for you that is currently resting in my suitcase. You are in for trouble, hope you haven’t forgotten about how to use some old technology.
Yours and everybody else’s,

At the end Ragini was happy that Tish was coming but confused as to what surprise and trouble he was mentioning about.
“Ragini!!” Sanskar demanded her attention. Brushing off her thoughts about Tish, Ragini stood up and walked towards Sanskar.
Ragini blinked one and then twice, she bit her cheek hard, trying not to laugh hard.
Sanskar had used his hands instead of a brush to paint this time. During that he might haven’t noticed that je had also smeared some colors on his face as well.
There was a black smudge that looked like Charlie Chaplin’s moustache, one cheek had red colour on it, the other had pink, blue and green colors. Sanskar looked no less than a joker and Ragini couldn’t control her laughter anymore. Bouts of laughter burst out of her.
Sanskar angrily eyed but Ragini just continued laughing at him and pointed a finger at his face.

“Why are you laughing at me?” Sanskar questioned.
“You….your face….” Ragini managed to speak as she laughed clutching her stomach.
“What? Is there something on my face?” Sanskar tried to wipe whatever it was on his face but in doing so his face got covered with more paint that was on his hands.
Ragini was almost on the floor rolling in laughter, tears started flowing out of her eyes. That happens everytime she laughs this hard.
Huffing out a breath, Sanskar crossed his arms in front of his chest and started tapping his foot angrily. Swara was just wandering around when she heard sound of laughter coming from Sanskar’s room. Curious she stepped inside his room and the scene in front of her made her frown.
Sanskar’s back was facing her and Ragini was on the verge of collapsing because her laughter was going out of control. Un aware of the reason for Ragini’s laughter, Swara stepped further inside the room.
“What’s going on?” Swara asked, her eyes on Ragini.

Ragini was now panting after all that laughing. When Swara asked as to what was going on, Ragini couldn’t say a word so she just pointed a finger at Sanskar. Swara turned to the side to look at Sanskar and the very next instant her hand was on her mouth, trying to muffle the laughter that was trying to escape out of her.
Seeing Swara’s face Ragini couldn’t hold herself, she again started laughing and it was so contagious that Swara couldn’t stop herself as well. Both the girls were laughing at Sanskar’s expense who was totally unaware of what was happening.
“Yeh..how did..?” Swara laughed.
Ragini wiped her tears, “Painting..” she laughingly pointed at the canvas.
“Is that on what he was painting? But I thought that his new canvas was his face!” Swara laughed and gave Ragini a hi-five which Ragini returned laughing as much.
Sanskar angrily eyed both the girls who were standing in front of him laughing together, holding each others’ hands.
“Ek selfie toh banti hai!” Swara swiped her phone unlocking it and activated the front camera of her cell phone. Both Swara and Ragini stood beside Sanskar, him being in the middle of the two girls. Swara raised her phone to a level and both she and Ragini posed for the selfie. Sanskar’s eyes widened as he stared at his own reflection on the screen. Now he knew why the girls were laughing at him. He did look like a joker.

He tried to stop Swara from clicking their picture but was too late in doing so. Swara had managed to take 3 selfie clicks. When Sanskar tried to snatch her phone, she quickly backed away and started running. Sanskar ran behind her but Ragini was covering for Swara, protecting her. Swara stood behind Ragini holding her shoulders as the both faced a very colourful Sanskar. The whole scene looked as if Ragini was protecting Swara from Sanskar.
Knowing no other way , Sanskar picked up the plastic mug that had colored water in it. He slowly walked to Swara and Ragini wanting to drench them in that dark colored water.
While running from Sanskar, Ragini and Swara now stood with their backs facing the entrance of the room and Sanskar in front of them. The moment Sanskar threw that dirty water on them, Swara and Ragini ducked it on time but Parineeti, who had came there hearing all that noise, couldn’t save herself from getting drenched.
Sanskar, Ragini and Swara’s eyes widened, seeing the dirty colored water being splashed over Parineeti, who shrieked out loudly. Hearing Parineeti scream, the family members who were in hearing range, came there. Annapurna and Sharmishta looked at the four standing in front of them.
Sanskar, who looked like a joker with all those colors on his face was sporting a sorry look on his face, then there was Parineeti, she and her peach colored saree were now soaked in dark colored water. In all this there were two happy looking persons, who were standing their head bowed down, and hands over their mouths. Muffled laughter could be heard coming from them. They were Swara and Ragini.

“What. Just. Happened?” Annapurna asked, stressing on each and every word of hers.
Swara explained it all to her and Sharmishta who after hearing everything asked Swara and Ragini to say sorry to Sanskar and Sanskar was asked to say sorry to Parineeti. After that, Sanskar and Parineeti went to clean up themselves whereas Swara and Ragini were left grinning widely.
“Hi! I’m Swara.” she forwarded her hand in front of Ragini who took Swara’s hand in hers and shook her hand in a friendly handshake manner.
“I know! And I’m Ragini.” she replied still grinning.
“I know!” They laughed once again, the earlier awkwardness forgotten. Whatever had happened few minutes back had cleared whatever hesitation was there between Swara and Ragini.
“By the way I never got to ask before..what exactly happened in the morning?” Swara asked, just wanting to know that why her Laksh was carrying Ragini.
Ragini got embarrassed again, her cheeks tinted red, “When I was walking on my way here, my sandals broke, and then due to Sanskar’s mess my feet for dirty with all that red colour. And then..God! Laksh had to carry me like that in front of everybody, it was so embarrassing!” Swara laughed at Ragini’s plight.

Ragini scowled, “Don’t laugh okay. Those were one of my favourites and as if my day wasn’t bad enough, what Sanskar did during breakfast..”
Swara let out a laugh again, this was turning out to be some kind of laughter day. Both of them were chatting like sisters do, sometimes complaining, sometimes laughing, sometimes pulling each others leg and much more. As the earlier hesitation and every trace of awkwardness disappeared, the connection between SwaRagini was instant. They really did look like some long lost sisters, it was the start of a relation which will tested and become strong in future.
They talked with each other for a while before Sanskar came, now clean and dressed up in short green colored kurta paired with white colored cotton pajama bottoms.
“I want to go out!” Sanskar declared. Swara was sitting on the couch whereas Ragini was combing Sanskar’s hair in the way he likes. Though she was wary at first but then she imagined Sanskar to be a kid, just like she used to babysat for and the whole situation became a little easy.
“Even I am bored! Lets go to this new mall. Sanskar can enjoy the games while me and Ragini can shop. What say Sanskar?” Swara asked.
“But..” Ragini wanted to interrupt. But Sanskar didn’t gave her a chance to.
“Okay, but I want to eat pizza and ice cream too.” Sanskar laid his own conditions.
“Done. But you will let me shop as well. Promise me you won’t create a scene like last time.” Swara demanded.

“Then its final! We are going for an outing!” Swara cheerily announced and Sanskar clapped at the announcement while Ragini stood their frowning hard.
“Ho gaya aap dono ka?!” she finally spoke out, now getting Swara and Sanskar’s attention.
Ragini stood with her arms crossed, as she said,”Firstly, we need permission to go out. We are not going without informing an elder of the house.” She then turned towards Sanskar, “No ice creams for you!” Sanskar pouted.
“No no no. Don’t give me that pouty face! Your Maa told me that you just recovered from high fever. Its been only 3 days since then, so no ice cream for you till next week.” Ragini declared. While Sanskar sulked, Swara looked amused at the situation. It looked as if a wife was expressing her concern over her husband.
So as decided, Swara told Annapurna and Sharmishta about their desire to go out and asked for their permission. Though they were reluctant at first because sometimes it gets difficult to control Sanskar but Swara and Ragini assured them that they will take care of Sanskar then only they got the permission to go to the mall.
At GM Constructions, Laksh was preparing for his presentation regarding the new hotel design, architecture and construction details to present in front of the representative of the DM Hotel Group, Mastishk Kashyup.
Laksh was checking up on files and figures making sure that everything was perfect and upto the mark, when his cell phone beeped in one unique tone, alerting him that it was Swara who messaged him.

Smilingly, he picked his phone and checked the message, it read;
“Gng 2 mall with Sanskar & my new frnd. U need anything?”
Laksh replied; “No. And new frnd? Who is it?”
An immediate response from Seara came up, “Ragini ofc. U were right, she’s really cool!”
Laksh laughed and typed, “So u r not jealous of her now?”
Swara texted back, “No, not now. She’s nice, I like her.”
Laksh smiled reading her response. He sent her an “I love you” message and then concentrated back on his files and presentation.

I know this episode was not as interesting, but it was necessary for what is coming next:

Precap : Sanskar and Ragini’s kiss
Laksh coming to know about Ragini and about her connection with the Gadodia’s.

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