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For the first time since she had entered Shanti Sadan, Ragini was seeing and was being introduced to the all the family members present at the dinning table. She already knew that Annapurna was the wife of the elder Maheshwari brother, Durga Prasad and Sanskar was there eldest son, Adarsh being their second and younger son and his wife Parineeti, the woman she had met on her first day here. And their youngest was a daughter named Uttra who apparently was her (Ragini’s) biggest fan alive. Currently she was away because of her fashion designing course but will be coming back home in a month or two.

Well that particular piece of information gave Ragini a fright. So there was someone who could recognize her easily, after all Uttra seemed to be her ardent fan. Next she was introduced to Sujata Maheshwari, wife of the younger Maheshwari brother. She knew Laksh of course but didn’t knew about his younger sister Piyali, she lived in hostel.

Next came the turn of the Gadodia’s. So she had already angered her Dadi. Looking at her Ragini was sure that Dadi didn’t like her a bit, she was still shooting daggers at her. After that she came to know about her father’s “wife”, Sharmishta. Ragini clenched her hands tightly, trying to control her anger. Her mother spent her whole life alone, if she wanted she could have gotten married but her mother chose to raise her (Ragini) alone and here.., her so called father got married and oh yeah they had children. Swara, their daughter who she didn’t know why but was glaring at her. What was with this Grandmother-Granddaughter duo. And her father’s son, Sarthak who was way too much busy eating his food than pay attention to her.
Though Sharmishta was very polite and nice to her but Ragini didn’t have it in her to reciprocate those feelings because of the betrayal that her own mother suffered from. Wanting to divert her mind off the negative thoughts, Ragini shifted her attention to Sanskar who was not eating anything.

“Sanskar why aren’t you eating anything?” Ragini asked.
Sujata looked at his plate and saw that even Sanskar’s favoutie aalo sabzi was untouched, “Beta, I made your favourite aalo sabzi, just like you love, do you want something else?”
Sanskar looked here and there, giving the family members strange looks. He then turned left to face Ragini who was sitting at the couch, eating her own food, “Won’t you feed me like you did yesterday?”

The morsel that Ragini had just stuffed inside her mouth, went into the wrong pipe and Ragini started coughing. This created a mess at the table when Sharmishta in a rush to give Ragini a glass of water, tripped on her saree and the water was thrown onto Laksh. Sujata rushed to her now drenched son with a napkin while Annapurna thumped Ragini’s back and Swara gave her another glass of water.

“What? You want me to?” Ragini managed to breathe out.
“What’s the problem in that? You are my friend na?” Sanskar questioned, there was a tint of anger in his tone. Ragini looked at Annapurna who with a blink of her eyes gave her the silent permission to do what Sanskar asked for.

Ragini came at the dinning table and sat beside Sanskar and started feeding him the food. After a few bites, Sanskar himself made a morsel and brought it in front of Ragini’s mouth, gesturing her to eat it.
“Sanskar??” Ragini gave him a questioning look. This caretaking job wasn’t meant to be this embarrassing!

Everyone was once again staring at Sanskar and Ragini but it was only Laksh who was avoiding looking at them. His head bowed down, as he wiped the water off his face. “What happened?” Sanskar asked and Laksh just wanted to run and hide somewhere. Swara was actually a little confused at first but when she saw that look on Laksh face, she knew exactly what is going on.
“This is what friends do na?!” Sanskar then turned to look at Laksh, “Laksh told me that…” This made everyone divert their gaze from Sanskar to Laksh, who hastily tried to cover up the matter, “Actually..he’s talking about the movie..”

Sanskar wanted to say something but Laksh interrupted him before that, “The thing is that I was watching a movie and such a scene came up and then Sanskar came and asked about why the scene was happening so I told him that they were friends and friends do all that and…”
“No need to explain anything to anyone!” Dadi exclaimed, shutting up everyone. “Can’t we have our breakfast in a normal way?”
And rest of the breakfast went uneventfully.
Swara was rushing back to her room. After what had happened at the breakfast table she just wanted to lock herself in her room and not come out. It was so embarrassing and what if Sanskar had told the actual thing?
As soon as she entered her room, she bolted the lock of the door and sighed heavily feeling relieved. But her relief washed off as a pair of arms caged her from back. Swara shrieked and jumped at the sudden movement, she hit the person with her and an ouch was heard.
“Laksh?” Swara looked down and saw Laksh on the floor, writhing in pain. “Oh shit!” Swara sat on the floor beside Laksh who was yelping in pain.

“Sorry Laksh!! I was already so nervous and then you..”
“Swara!!!!” Laksh yelled loudly.
“You scared me! I am really sorry, really really sorry!” Swara repeatedly said sorry to him.
It took minutes for Laksh’s pain to subside. Laksh and Swara were now sitting in the hanging chair overlooking the balcony of Swara’s bedroom, Swara on his lap. Laksh’s hands were wrapped around Swara as they talked.
“Thank God you covered it up or else Sanskar ne toh..” She leaned her head on his shoulder, Laksh just chuckled.
“Hasi aa rahi hai tumne? What if Sanskar had told them all that it was us, who were having a dinner date that night!”

Laksh kissed the top of her head and replied, “But I didn’t let him do that, hai na?! Why fear when your handsome boyfriend is here?” He shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal.
Swara smacked his hand away, “Oh Mr. Handsome boyfriend of mine, tumhe office nahi jana?” Laksh’s eyes widened at Swara’s statement. He immediately stood up, the movement made Swara fall down with a loud thud.
“LAKSH!!!” Swara yelled. Laksh gave her a sheepish look and was about to run away but Swara held him from the back of his shirt and pulled him back. She beat him mockingly, together they laughed, the joy of togetherness evident on their face, their eyes sparkling. They were happy together, very happy.

“Drish yaar! What are you doing?” Mastishk aka Tish asked his sister, as he buttoned up his shirt.
Drishika aka Drish, rolled her eyes and in a boring tone she replied, “I am packing your bags Tish.”
Tish threw a glare at her, “Then do it fast, I have a flight to catch!”
Drish zipped the bags close and went towards Tish, she took the black colored blazer from his hand and gave him a cream colored one, “This will look good on you.” she smiled and handed him his watch.
Tish wore his watch, “Clothes..”
“Check..” Drish replied.

“Mine Files”
“Ginu’s files”

“Shoes and accessories”
“My dear sister” Tish came behind Drish and started tickling her.
Drish started laughing and tried freeing herself from Tish’s cluthes but all her tries went in vain because Tish was way too strong for her. “Tish leave me yaar!!” Drish managed to spell out between bouts of laughter.
Few minutes later when Tish stopped tickling her, Drish handed him a package. “Now what’s this?” he asked.
Drish combed her hair which had gotten messed up when Tish was tickling her, “That’s a new cell phone for Ginu.”
Tish unwrapped the package, “Hey!” Drish spoke in a chiding tone, but regardless Tish opened the package and saw that it was a Samsung Metro 360 cell phone.
Tish made a face, “Yaar Drish, didn’t you have money? I mean you are gifting this cheap phone to Ginu? Seriously? Agar tumhe paise chahiye thhe toh mujhe bata deti!”
Drish glared at him and threw the hair brush at him, “Dumbo! Don’t you know that Ginu is staying at Shanti Sadan under the pretence of being a caretaker?”
“Yeah so?”

Drish slapped her forehead lightly and replied, “Tish, don’t you think it will be odd for a caretaker, an ordinary caretaker to carry a Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge, a 71,000 rupees phone!?”
Tish hummed as he understood the reason behind this phone thing. Ragini loves her gadgets, she’s a technology freak. Her new toy was her said 71,000 rupees cell phone which she can’t even flaunt, keeping in consideration the situation she is being stuck in.
Now that Tish was going Kolkata, because of business reasons. He’s going to meet and finalize the design of the new hotel he’s going to open in Kolkata. Call it coincidence or call it fate, it’s GM Constructions, he was going to deal with. And along this, he’s bringing Ragini some files from her office that needs her signature and the new cell phone of course.

She was siting on the sofa seat in the dimly lit room, staring at the dart board on the wall in front of her. Photographs of Laksh and Sanskar were glued on the dart board.
She threw darts, one after the other. One on Sanskar’s photograph and the other on Laksh’s, an evil smile on her lips, “You both thought that I would leave you so easily. Fools!”
“Both of you betrayed me. Both of you! Now I will make you suffer. Sanskar and Laksh Maheshwari you’ll beg for forgiveness. I am going to kill you both, slowly…slowly!” She laughed as if killing Sanskar and Laksh will give her sadistic pleasure.
“Let’s see who will save you from me!”

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Credit to: Megha


    • Megha

      Glad that you liked the episode Nidhi πŸ™‚
      The new entry is the surprise element and the one and only villain of the story πŸ˜‰

    • Megha

      Nope, it definitely isn’t Ragini. The woman throwing darts is villain of the story ofc.
      Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

    • Megha

      Will do that angel, I mean will update the next episode soon, day after tomorrow most probably because tomorrow I am/will-be trying to update my other FF : This Time Together.
      Thanks for commenting btw, glad that you liked the episode.

    • Megha

      I wont call it negative, not purely but yes there are characters with shades of grey, and in the whole story there are only one or two villains, throughout the story characters will change for good.
      Thanks for commenting Hayathi, and really don’t worry about the bits of negativity shown in the story..everything will be fine πŸ˜€

    • Megha

      Actually the thing is that I write about the pairs that motivate me to do so, with whom I get connect to easily, like Karan-Shilpa of DMG, Arjun-Radhika of Manmarziyan and Sanskar-Ragini ofc.
      I know that SwaSan are popular but I just couldn’t connect to them, its RagSan I can relate my imaginations to.
      I am like this way only. Totally weird πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    • Megha

      Sorry Aaradhya, but such a thing is not possible. Like I mentioned in my previous comment, just like SwaSan, I cant relate to RagLak as well, especially not after seeing Ragini’s one sided love for Laksh.
      For me it will always be SwaLak and RagSan/SanGini.

    • Megha

      Liked the new suspense na!?! πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for commenting joya, me very happy that you enjoyed reading the episode.
      Thanks once again πŸ™‚

  1. un

    Very very very nice.i saw ragsan scenes in today’s swaragini…my heart was beating so fast…..actually i like swasan also.but realized today ragsan is just mind blowing.no can beat ragini in acting from swaragini’s whole cast.

    • Megha

      Exactly!! RagSan/SanGini is a pair that will make you fall in love with them even when only a few scenes of them are show. They are simply incredible love ❀ them a lot!!
      And Tejaswini is an incredible actor, they way she can portray a good, calm and timid girl and then switch to manipulative woman..i love her every transition.
      And thanks for commenting. It makes me real glad that my FF is being appreciated.

    • Megha

      Glad that you liked the episode Lila and the twist as well. These episodes are like base episodes to build up the story, you will get more RagSan scenes in coming future episodes.
      Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

    • Megha

      I am glad to hear that Noora πŸ™‚
      Thanks for commenting, I hope that you’ll enjoy future episodes as well.

    • Megha

      Aawwweeeiii thank you so much for appreciating my story and my writing skills as well.
      Glad that you are enjoying reading the FF and liking the story as well.
      Thanks once again. πŸ™‚

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