Swaragini FF: Rishtey (RagSan & SwaLak) Episode 5

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Laksh was walking away after leaving Ragini alone in her room, but someone pulled him inside a dark room. The sudden movement earned a loud gasp out of Laksh.
“What the….?” he shouted but couldn’t because a soft feminine hand was put over his mouth.
“Ssshhh…” came a shushed voice.

Swara. Laksh narrowed his eyes at her. They were in the store room which was dimly lit, the source of light being the sunrays that were coming through a small window at a corner.
For a moment they both forgot the purpose of their secret meeting. Both of the were staring intensely into each others eyes, Swara’s hand still locked over Laksh’s mouth and Laksh made no move to take it off. Swara was leaning into Laksh slightly as he held her by her waist.
It was Swara who broke their eye-lock and slowly removed her hand. Laksh looked amused at her sudden mood change, a minute ago she was acting all bold, pulling him into the storeroom and now she was all embarrassed. Though Swara had removed her hand but Laksh was in no mood of doing so, he held her petite waist tightly and brought her closer, “What happened?” he asked.
“Nothing..” murmured Swara softly.

“Shona…you know that I know you better than anyone else, even you. So what is it?” Laksh asked as he nuzzled her cheek with his making Swara turn red.
“It may sound crazy..” she trailed off as Laksh kissed her ear, “Tell me..”
Blushing profusely, Swara toyed with the neckline of his shirt, “I…I did not like…”

His head dropped to her shoulder and his mouth pressed into her hair, “You did not like..?”
She buried her face against his neck, breathing him in, “That you carried Sanskar’s new caretaker like that…”
Laksh nipped at her earlobe making her yelp. He pulled away from her, amusement written all over his face, “You’re jealous?”
Swara clenched his shirt in her hand, the other one on his cheek, caressing it, “Of course I am! Why shouldn’t I be? She was were only I have the right to be. Only I have the right to be carried away like that in your arms. Only me!”
Laksh pinched her cheeks, “Aaww..my sweet baby. Didn’t knew you were so possessive of me!” he teased.

Narrowing her eyes, Swara taunted him, “As if you are any better! If you think that I am more possessive then do remember a particular Rohan Diwan and what you did to him.” She gave him a smirk at that.
As expected, Laksh squeezed the side of her waist tightly and a fierce expression took over his earlier amused one. Swara basked in his possessive touch, she loved it when he’s like this. “What about that Chipku?” Laksh said through his clenched teeth.
Imitating Laksh, Swara pinched his cheeks and said, “Aaww..my sweet baby. Didn’t knew you were so possessive of me!”

Swara and Laksh are childhood friends who didn’t realize as to when their friendship turned into love. The realization came 8 months back when Rohan Diwan, their business colleague tried to be more than friends with Swara. He used to follow Swara like a love sick lost puppy and tried to win her over with most cheesiest and idiotic dialogues. Though a harmless flirt trying to win Swara’s affections, Rohan Diwan had made a nemesis by doing so, a certain jealous like hell Laksh Maheshwari.

It was just another day when Rohan was trying to be too close to Swara. Laksh, who was trying to control himself couldn’t do it anymore and sucker punched Rohan square on his face. Rohan retaliated and soon enough both the men were fighting like cavemen. Good for them that their parents were not around.
Swara had then pulled Laksh aside and angrily questioned him about his actions which led Laksh to confess his supressed feeling of love. Swara was shocked, she hadn’t expected that Laksh was in love with her. It took Swara two days, a nightmare about Laksh romancing some other woman and few daydreams about Laksh that she as well realized that she had actually fallen in love with Laksh.

They didn’t knew when it happened but they knew that it did happened. They were deeply, intensely, irrevocably in love, but they decided to keep it a secret until Sanskar gets well because Laksh blames himself for Sanskar’s current condition and also because Swara wants to enjoy this kind of secret romance, the thrill of it but she also respects Laksh’s decision and is supportive of him.
“You are mine!” Laksh entangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her face close to his, “Just mine..” His lips brushed overs hers, “Say it.”
“You are mine!” Swara said teasingly. In response Laksh tugged at her hair, arching her neck, “You belong to me Swara, just mine.”

Swara laughed despite of the intense situation, she yelped as Laksh bit a spot at her neck, “Fine Mr. Caveman! I belong to you and I am just yours!”
Laksh raised his head to face her and smiled wickedly. “Feeling better?!” Swara asked before running away from there, laughing.
Laksh just smiled more and ran a hand through his hair, “Love you a lot Swara! Really do.” He whispered to himself before walking out of the storeroom.
Ragini pushed open the door to Sanskar’s bedroom and looked for Sanskar. Annapurna had just informed her that Sanskar had made her a painting and all the mess downstairs, well that was because of his hard work to get her a gift.

“Sanskar?” Ragini called out, “Are you in there?” she added,
Ragini entered inside the room and she was mesmerized. Sanskar’s room was one huge and incredible looking bedroom. She was awe struck at the marvellous design of it. One wall was made of white color bricks while the other three were covered with navy blue color. The white brick wall was full of family photographs enclosed in frames of different sizes of colors navy blue and black. All these were placed on the wall in an asymmetric yet beautiful manner, and there was this frame in the middle that had a photograph of alphabet ‘S’.

On a navy blue colored wall opposite to the door of the room, the one that was at the back of bed had a huge stencilled face of Sanskar in color white with black specks here and there. When Annapurna was telling her about Sanskar’s gift for her, she had also told her that Sanskar was a brilliant artist, and that he had designed his room by himself including all the painting stuff as well. Seeing his room she concluded that Sanskar was indeed brilliant in this stuff.
The wall, the one that had the doorframe was holding a full on home theatre system and the last one had an in-built walk-in closet, separated from the bedroom with sliding frosted glass doors. Attached to this brilliant room was a spacious balcony, on its outer boundary a number of different flower plants were planted, at the right corner there was a mattress with colourful cushions contrasting the white colored fur blanket. On the right there was a coffee table and a bean bag.
And on the bean bag there was Sanskar, sitting with his arms folded in front of his chest and he was angrily tearing away a flower.

“Hey? What happened Sanskar?” Ragini asked as she placed a hand on his shoulder.
Sanskar looked at her with his big innocent eyes and said, “I am not talking to you.” he declared.
Ragini smiled and bent on her knees in front of him. She took the flower from his hands and asked, “And why are you not going to talk to me?”
“Because when Maa was scolding me you didn’t help your friend!” Sanskar pouted.
Ragini resisted the urge to pinch his cheeks, “Aww..okay sorry! See I am holding my ears. Ab toh maaf kar do.”
Sanskar eyed her from the corner of his eyes and drawled, ” F-i-n-e.”
Both of them smiled, “Aunty said that you got me a gift. Where is it?” Ragini asked standing up.

Sanskar smiled shyly and handed her the painting that he had made for her. Ragini smilingly took it from him and eyed the painting, confused as to what had he painted. As if Sanskar understood her confusion, he told her, “I painted you!” He clapped.
Ragini was appalled, “What? This is me?” She pointed at the painting on which a red colored weird thing was drawn. Sanskar happily responded in positive. Ragini wanted to cry, she doesn’t have an extra huge round face with pointed ears, protruding teeth, a small neck and….
She couldn’t look further and couldn’t believe that this was drawn by the man who had painted and designed his room so perfectly. She wanted to cry, burn the hideous painting to ashes but couldn’t, as Sanskar hadn’t intentionally made the painting like this. She thanked him for the gift and then together they went downstairs as the breakfast was ready.

Still Swaragini didn’t meet, guess they will meet in the next episode 😛 will try to update soon. Hope you enjoyed this episode.

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