Swaragini FF: Rishtey (RagSan & SwaLak) Episode 3 Part 2

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Dadi stepped inside with anger still evident on her colored face. Annapurna had just walked out of the kitchen with a cup of tea and a plate full of biscuits and snacks , aware that it was time that Dadi come back from the temple and she will drink tea made only by Annapurna.
“Maa-Sa here’s…” she trailed off as she saw Dadi’s kumkum covered face and saree and the anger that was evident in her features.
“What happened Maa-Sa?” Annapurna placed the tray the table and went towards Dadi.
“That girl! No manners!” Dadi tried to wipe the kumkum off her face but it only got smeared.
Annapurna called out for their servant to bring a wet towel. “What girl are you talking about Maa-Sa?” She took the towel from the servant and handed it to Dadi.
“That manner less girl, she had the audacity to run away after all this. What was she doing here?” asked Dadi.

Parineeti who was standing there as a silent spectator, spoke up, “That must be Ragini Ji, Dadi-Sa, she was here to meet Shekhar Uncle, said it was something urgent. I told her that Uncle Ji is not here and that he’ll come home tomorrow evening, she said she will come back tomorrow.”
Dadi’s anger turned into confusion, “What urgent work she had with my son?” she thought but then left to have a bath.

Far away, at the GM Farmhouse, Shekhar Gadodia was feeling restless. It all started the very morning, he had gotten up before his usual time. Then he went on a lazy stroll outside and after that for the first time after so many years the memories of Maithali struck him.
As he sat on the grass, looking at the vast green expanse of the farmhouse, the memory of their first meeting was still fresh in his mind. It was the first day of college when he first saw her. Dressed in a white colored chudidaar that had silver sequin work all over it, Maithali was looking no less than an angel. She had long black hair and doe shaped eyes, her most striking features were the hazel color of her eyes that had golden specks and her charismatic smile.
He felt like crying as he remembered her tear stricken face when he left her and married Sharmishta. But he could have had done nothing, he didn’t had the courage to say no to his dying father. After all these years he had come to love Sharmishta but that doesn’t mean that he had replaced Maithali. Maithali’s place is fixed in his heart that no one can replace but Sharmishta has her own place in her life.

He wondered where she would be now, what she must be doing? Had she gotten married? Her children must be of Swara’s age. Is she happy?
And this was how his whole day went. He asked Sharmishta to cook those dishes that were Maithali’s favourites. Maithali’s memories kept poking him the whole day. God knows why all these feelings have resurfaced now after these many years.
With Maithali’s memories still intact in his mind, heart and soul, Shekhar and family came back to Shanti Sadan and was informed by Durga Prasad about an urgent meeting held in Chennai regarding their new branch that they want to setup there.

The next day
Annapurna, Sujata, Laksh, Sharmishta and Sanskar were sitting in the hall and interviewing the candidates for Sanskar’s caretaker. They had interviewed almost 20 candidates but Sanskar was rejecting them all.
Outside Ragini was amazed to see number of people standing outside the mansion. She nervously walked inside and immediately spotted the man she had collided with yesterday. Another woman was running behind him holding a plate of food, trying to feed him. The man in question was behaving like a kid, running here and there. He came towards her and hid behind her.
“Bhai please stop!” came the voice of another man. Dressed in black trousers and white colored shirt tucked properly, he looked like little less tall, lean and less intimidating version of her friend. He looked like;

“Chotte Ghatothkach (CG)..” and a chuckle escaped her lips.
The child-man behind her laughed as well, guess he heard her whisper.
“You said something?” Laksh asked Ragini.
“No.” Ragini bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to laugh. Laksh just nodded and took the plate of food from the woman and tried to pull the child-man in front.
“Sanskar bhai please eat this na. See this sabzi is really delicious.” Laksh said eating a spoonful of that particular dish he was calling delicious.
“Firstly make that Hitler aunty go away..” Sanskar demanded in his childish way, clutching Ragini’s shoulders making her gasp.
Laksh addressed her first, “I am sorry Miss but my brother is actually not mentally…”
Ragini gave him a sweet smile and nodded in understanding. Sanskar still was hiding behind her. If he moved he would make her move as well. Even after the woman he had named “Hitler” had left, Sanskar was in no mood to eat.

“Beta please eat it na, you have to take your medicines after that. If you won’t do so then how will you get well? Please beta, at least eat half of it. For your Mom please.” Annapurna requested but Sanskar refused to budge from behind Ragini. Seeing the sad faces of Sanskar’s mother she was reminded of her own mother. Wanting to help, Ragini turned around to face Sanskar.
Sanskar was pouting, his head bowed down. She smiled at his cute childish face. “Sanskar do you want to hear a story ?” she asked. Ragini was aware of the confused glances thrown at her way but right now she just wanted to make Sanskar’s mother smile.
Sanskar’s face lightened up in excitement and he clapped his hands in glee. Ragini took Sanskar’s hand and too him towards the huge dinning table at the left corner of the end of the spacious hall. She gestured Laksh to bring the plate and food and started talking.
“What story are you going to tell me?” Sanskar asked.
“Its called Beauty and The Beast’s seven dwarfs.” she took the plate from Laksh and placed it in front of Sanskar.

“That’s not a story! You mixed two stories together!” Sanskar complained. Ragini dipped a piece of chapatti into the vegetable curry and held it in front of Sankar.
“Really?” she asked in a seriously surprised tone as if she didn’t know about the very thing
“Yes!” as soon as Sanskar opened his mouth, Ragini gently stuffed the morsel into his mouth.
Wanting to explain it all to Ragini, Sanskar had to chew down the morsel in his mouth. That’s how Sanskar started explaining both the different stories to Ragini, she also kept asking him questions in between trying to maintain Sanskar’s focus on story telling and distracting him off the morsels of food that she was feeding him one by one. This way she not only fed him the whole plate of food but also his medicines, Sanskar was too lost in his childish glee that he didn’t realize what exactly had happened.

At the end, when Sanskar finished the story, a burp escaped out of his lips making his cheeks turn light pink in embarrassment which earned him a tinkling laughter from Ragini. Seeing the whole scene, Annapurna had happy tears in her eyes while Sujata, Laksh and Sharmishta looked at Ragini, clearly impressed.

Annapurna came forward and placed her hand on Ragini’s head gently. Effectively stopping her laughter. Ragini raised her head to look at Annapurna who in return smiled through her tears and said, ” You are the one for my Sanskar.”
“Ji?!” Ragini was embarrassed.
“Oh! I am sorry beta, it came out in a wrong way. What I wanted to say is that you are the one for this job.”
“Job?” now she was confused.
“Haan beta. Your job as Sanskar’s caretaker.” Before Ragini could clear the obvious misunderstanding, Parineeti came downstairs.
“Arre Ragini Ji aap?!” she called out
“Pari do you know her?” asked Sujata.

“Yes Choti Maa. Actually Ragini Ji came yesterday asking for Shekhar Uncle.” she explained to Sujata and the turned to face Ragini to address her, “Sorry Ragini Ji but you missed him today as well. He’s gone for a business meeting, he’ll be back after a week or so.”
Ragini clenched her fists in frustration, “What the!? What man is this? Couldn’t he just be at home today!” she thought. Ragini looked at the perplexed and questioning faces of the other family members and Sanskar’s smiling one, there was no way she’s going to explain her urgent work to these people. No need to create a storm in lives of others for that man’s mistake. So trying to cover up, she said;

“Actually I wanted to talk to him about a job opportunity. I mean I need a job. Yes I need a job, the job I mean.” she said glancing at Sanskar.
“Oh! Its okay, it was Shekhar bhai Saab who gave the advertisement in the newspapers and undersigned it himself so you must have thought that Shekhar bhai saab will be conducting these interviews.” Sujata pointed out.
Ragini was relieved to he’s that. “Yes exactly! That’s what had happened. Exactly.”
“Fine then. You can start working from now itself. You will be staying in the guest room beside Sanskar bhai’s room from now. You will be paid at the end of every month, you can bring your stuff tomorrow. Okay?!” Laksh explained it all to Ragini who responded with extra sugary smile and nodded in positive.

She was thinking, “Chotte Ghatothkach, you are giving me a job. ME!! As in Ragini Khanna the world famous fashion designer. Wah! Kya din aa gaye hain.” She just wanted to bang her head against the nearest wall as hard as could be possible.

Precap : } Ragini entering Shanti Sadan with hand in hand with Sanskar.
} Swaragini’s first meeting.


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