Swaragini FF: Rishtey (RagSan & SwaLak) Episode 2

*as RagSan is more popular than the name SanGini, so i am going to replace SanaGini by RagSan in the title of the FF. All the characters from the show are same with some differences here and there. Actors that i have in mind for the new characters will be mentioned in the following character sketch.


In 1960, when Deendayal Gadodia and Amarmath Maheshwari, two childhood friends came to Kolkata, the city of joy and palaces, and laid the foundation of “GM Construction Group of Industries” together which in future proved to be one of the best and topmost construction industry of the country. Along their wives Parvati Deendayal Gadodia and Krishna Amarnath Maheswari, the build up a joint house where both Gadodia’s and Maheswari’s lived together.

The friendship between both the families is still going strong even after 3 generations. Deendayal and Parvati have only one son, Shekhar who is married to Sharmishta and together they have a daughter Swara, whom they all lovingly call Shona, and a son, Sarthak, also called Saru by his family and close friends.

On the other hand Amarnath and Krishna have two sons Durga Prasad, the elder one and Ram Prasad the younger one whom are happily married to Annapurna and Sujata respectively.

Durga Prasad and Annapurna are parents of three, Sanskar, their eldest son who had been living away from the family form the past 5 years and had recently came back but has lost his mental stability. Their second son is Adarsh who married to Parineeti out of love and the youngest is their daughter Uttra who is studying fashion designing and idolize the most renowned and world famous fashion designer RK (Ragini Khanna).

And Ram Prasad and Sujata have a son Laksh who works in his own company and a daughter Piyali who is doing a course in interior designing.


Ragini was packing her bags, placing her clothes in a perfect and organized manner. It was past her usual sleeping time. Dressed in blue colored shorts and a loose white t-shirt, her hair tied in a messy bun, Ragini was trying to calm her nerves down. She was having this weird sinking feeling that this particular trip to Kolkata was going to change her life, mess it up upside down.

She was lost in her thoughts about how she will face her father, when her phone rang. Her screen said, “Einstein Calling”. A sweet smile came over her lips as she answered the call.

“Hey there Einstein! What’s up?” Ragini greeted.

“Right now I am relaxing outside in my lawn and up above me is clear night sky.” came the reply. Augstya Swaminathan, a scientist. He’s a very practical guy who normally talks in terms of science only. He rarely displays his emotional side, which is reserved for his family and group of best friends. His parents, both are doctors, neurologists to be more precise. He has a younger sister Radhika who is the Creative Head in Bird Song Advertising Agency.

“I shouldn’t have asked. Whatever! You tell Einstein, has the Earth started revolving the other way round?” Ragini asked grinning widely.

“Nannu said that you are going to Kolkata?!” Augstya asked in a firm tone, making Ragini’s good mood into sad one.

(Varnan’s nickname is Nannu)

“Haan yaar Einstein. Nannu must have told you that why I am going there as well. It Mamma’s last wish yaar…”

“Ginu I didn’t call you to argue about this matter. Just wanted to ask if you would like my company during the journey and your stay there.” Augstya’s tone didn’t change a bit but Ragini knew that this was her Einstein covering up his concern.

“Aaayyee haayyee mere Einstein..” she teased, “I don’t require your company in this situation okay? And moreover your science lab needs you more than me. I will be fine. Just chillax okay. I will go, meet that supposed father of mine, talk to him and after we immerse Mamma’s ashes, I will come back.”

“And it will give it a closure as well.” he remarked. There was a thirty second pause after that Augstya spoke, “By the way, have you checked your whatsaap?”

Ragini was confused, “No. Why?”

Augstya laughed his weird laugh and said, “Do it. Ghtothkach has formed a new group that concerns your visit.” and Augstya just ended the call. Ragini immediately checked her whatsaap, the title of the new group made Ragini cringe.

It read, “How 2 take some1’s life without a knife!”

“Ghatothkach!!!” Ragini yelled before opening the group chat.

Salil Goenka, commonly known as Ghatothkach among his friends is a corporate lawyer. He’s single and is not ready to mingle yet. The reasons he’s called Ghatothkack are his eating habits and his huge body structure (no! He’s not fat). He looks like a wrestler and is highly intimidating to the people who are unaware of his soft, tender and mischievous side.

Ragini surfed through the numerous messages. All her friends (these are as close as a family), Nannu, Einstein, Ghatothkach, Chashni, Juno, Tish, DJ and Drish have messaged number of ways to kill the man who betrayed her mother and left her alone. They all were actively discussing about her visit to Kolkata that hasn’t even commenced yet.

Coming out of the initial shock, Ragini quickly typed, “Stop making murder plan kamino! I am going to meet him and that’s final.”

And the messages just stopped coming. After few minutes her phone pinged, Chashni was the one to message, “I’m worried abt u Ginu.”

Chashni as in Radhika Swaminathan. She’s the creative head in Bird Song Advertising Agency. She’s soft-spoken and really as sweet as chashni in terms of behaviour and nature. She has a tendency of finding something good in everything.

Next was Juno’s message, clearly showing his displeasure about Ragini’s decision. But he added that he respects her decision no matter how bad it us. Juno aka Arjun Mehra, a man of few but sometimes angry words. He’s Radhika’s fiancé and loves her a lot.

After Juno’s message, it was DJ who messaged her the next. It looked as if they deliberately are messaging her at such a slow rate. Durgeshwari Joshi, the girl is total opposite to her name. Called DJ by her friends, she’s tomboyish, rides a motorbike, she has her left eyebrow and bottom lip pierced and has a total of 10 different tattoos all over her body. She’s complete badass chick. She’s a travel photographer and also operates a travel blogger.

And the next message was from the twins, Tish and Drish. Their actual names are Mastishk and Drishika Kashyup. They are the most adorable twins. Mastishk helps with his father with the family business of luxurious hotels all over the country while Drishika, she has her own NGO to operate that support victims of domestic violence and physical & s*xual abuse. While Mastisk is mischievous and quite hilarious, Drishika on the other hand us calm, composed and the mature twin.

Ghatothkach just changed the group title to, “Happy Journey Ginu” and it was Nannu who messaged her the last, wishing her luck.

Ragini just smiled at the antics of her friends and zipped up her now packed suitcase.


Actors – Characters – Age

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar – Ragini Khanna (Ginu) – 27 years

Varun Kapoor – Sanskaar Durga Prasad Maheshwari – 29 years

Helly Shah – Swara Gadodia – 25 years

Namish Taneja – Laksh Ram Prasad Maheshwari – 27 years

Tarun Singh – Adarsh Durga Prasad Maheshwari – 26 years

Akanksha Chamola – Parineeta Adarsh Maheshwari – 26 years

Khyati Mangla – Uttara Durga Prasad Maheshwari – 24 years

Deblina Chatterjee -Piyali Ram Prasad Maheshwari – 24 years

Monica Sehgal – Radhika Swaminathan (Chashni) – 26 years

Aham Sharma – Arjun Mehra (Juno) – 28 years

Karan Tacker – Varnan Dobriyal (Nannu) – 29 years

Angad Hasija – Agustya Swaminathan (Einstein) – 29 years

Vidyut Jamwal – Salil Goenka (Ghatothkach) – 30 years

Nushrat Bharucha – Drishika Kashyap (Drish) – 25 years

Meherzan Mazda – Mastishk Kashyap (Tish) – 25 years

Hard Kaur – Durgeshwari Joshi (DJ) – 27 years


In case you have any query regarding the characters and stuff about this story, just post it in you comment.

Thank You!

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