Swaragini ff – Love vs Enmity?? Part-1


Well , well , well I am back with the 1st part of the ff..The pairs are Ragsan as per the poll..As there wasnot a single vote for swalak I decided not to create love b/w them , what say?Or maybe I would 😉 ..since I love swalak …And yes people there’s gonna be love and enmity triangle :p ..i am sorry for other raglak/swasan fans who had commented for swasan and raglak but i need to be fair 🙂 ..but heartily thanks for reading the intro , i dont know if you swasan/raglak fans are going to continue the story or not 🙁 ..If u are reading it for a good story and not pairs , do continue although I cant and I wont force u.Lets move on straight to the story

“Sure..before Maheshwaris , we need to finish the sl** Ragini Gadodia , that’ll be far sighted ” said a deep voice of a girl of early twenties with her dark brown eyes sparkling and her dark pink lips drawing a line upon..

“Better ” said the other voice

Cutting the cut she trotted off the bed sipping whiskey.she.let the door slam behind her and shuffled to the corner of the large room near by the French window..She sat down, unbuttoned her shirt..With the cool breeze fluttering her hair , she started drinking a boilermaker; a glass of beer and a shot of whiskey..She was contended and yet another phone call caught her attention

“Do u know who I am ” uttered the young lady

“Put you attitude aside , I need to talk to you ” garunted the other voice

“Pay some respect while talking with Swara Bose and the hell with your frekking talks” said the girl throwing the glass into the floor with the pieces of glasses scattered all around the floor

The convo is muted

Screen Shifts
A girl is shown with her eyes drenched with tears and her face emotionless..Now , she is taking a photo in her hands and talking to it

The girl : Why Swara ??Why??How can someone be so heartless , u plotted all these just for taking your revenge , for the sake of a slap ! I wish the day comes when you realize all your sins , all your mistakes ..”Oh dear” for god sake someone make her realize !!!just make her realize!!!! Yet , a day will come when someone would come in your life and change your view on life..he’ll surely come

The girl is none other than Ragini

Screen shifts

Two boys of around late twenties are shown..

1st one : common bro how is it even possible , she’ll flop our plan..

2nd one : she’ll flop if she would ever know the plan

1st one : u know her well right , her guards may be spying on us any time..even now when there is complete silence and there are only two of us damn it”

2nd : bro , this time twist comes when the coin will rotate..Game will be played with love for revenge not with revenge for revenge get that into your brains

1st : how u got any plan in ur head? Or , I should be using my brains

2nd : keep your small brain with yourself “chote”

1st :Sanskar vai!!

2nd: sorry , I didnot mean it though!My bro is extra ordinary and is manifested with divine knowledge and brains

1st : better.

2nd ” Laksh ! see ————————-

Very confusing plot right?
I’ll torture my readers this way :p
so for all your questions there is answer and thats !
wait for another episode and slowly and steadily u ll understand everything..A very important thing : Ragini will be given much imp..
Do comment regarding the epi..Yes , there might be a few mistakes sorry for that 🙂 and yeah , thanx loads for your comments , keep commenting..thank you for my silent readers as well , lol I even dont know if I have some :p

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Good start dear

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    plz do include swalak theyvr also my fav
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    update soon

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