Swaragini ff – Love vs Enmity?? Intro


Let me not fully introduce to all the characters now..Just note it down that in this ff all are alls enemies πŸ˜‰ confusing right??moving on

Swara Bose : A spoiled brat of a rich dad a single daughter..life is centered upon “doing nothing and enjoying parental property”..for her love is a “shitty thing”

Ragini Gadodia :Daughter of a very big businessman yet is reserved and traditional..for her parents are god and love holds a beautiful meaning..Although she is among the richest, she is not showy and she adores simplicity

Laksh Maheshwari and Sanskar Maheshwari : have done mastery in underworld business..their moto is simply tit for tat.ppl never know der stategy and yes they admire these books with their cover and let me tell you their cover is framed perfectly by their dad’s honesty.
Well not every son becomes carbon copy of dad right?

Well this much fr d intro..do tell me how did u find it..pairs arenot decided..no poll to be conducted for d pairs.
I have a special way of deciding the pairs and proceeding the story.eg: if i receive maximum cmnts from ragsanians in my ff d pairs will be ragsan..so ppl after commenting on ds intro do write whose fans are u at the last using # voting is valid upto intro..

Credit to: Anu


  1. sss

    nice start….
    both swaragini r different here would like to watch them n sanlak confused about them…my favorite is #ragsan so i vote for ragsan….update soon

  2. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❀️??) A.M

    Awesome… Cat wait and it’s up to you, but I would say RagSan…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.