Swaragini FF: Love A Sip Of Poison (Intro)

“Tik Tik Tik … hey where you are looking around? am here only. . want a introduction of me..? I’m ragini.. ragini gadodia.. 25 year old girl. and i have to say my story.. you may think that my story will be a sweet , cute romantic story . sorry to disappoint you guys.. my story is obviously romantic but not sweet or cute. .
It is dangerous. . filled with revenge and hatred..
” love is a poison. but I want a sip ”

characters :

Ragini Gadodia :- Very beautiful and s*xy young woman. A girl who can make every men die for her. very complicated personality. difficult to understand her and her motives. beauty is her main weapon. she is like fire.A strong and sharp girl. who is very intelligent ( protagonist / antagonist .. well time will tell that)

swara boss :- a very rich girl . above average looking and bit chubby. money is her main weapon. she is like ice. very cool and careless personality. little bit dangerous girl. She will do everything she wants and will not think about anything else. (protagonist/antagonist . . wait for that)

sanskar maheswari: – a wise fox. handsome like a Greek god. sharp shooter.. intelligence is his main weapon. self obsessed. beautiful girls are his weakness. ( protagonist/ antagonist . haha haha )

laksh malhotra:- a beautiful soul. He has a personality such that enemies will became his devotees. personality is his main weapon. Is there any hidden motives hide behind his lovely personality? ( protagonist/ antagonist .. hmm. . not now baby)

…………………. …………………………..

hey guys.. anyone knows me here? I was a writer here . and now thought to write some more only if you guys support me.. did you all like that small intro of this story? If yes then pls comment. and please comment which jodi you want. (swasan/ragsan/raglak/swalak)

please vote for jodi . I will choose the pair by voting only.

so keep commenting and voting

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  1. this sounds awesome! n i would love to read more…. i vote for RagSan anf SwaLak!!

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear. .

  2. Raglak

    1. Jwala

      okay. Thanks

  3. Harneet

    nice , plz describe more and continue soon ,

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear. . will continue soon

      1. Harneet

        swasan plz plz

  4. swasan raglak

  5. Hey??
    Jwala welcome back dear??
    Missed you so much..
    hope u remember me??
    Well I would love to read if the main pair is SWASAN as I love them??
    If posdible Plz continue ur other story..
    R u active on watty? ?

    1. And if possible choose pair on ur own as same people vote from many fake ids..

      1. Jwala

        hey kumu. . Thank god one person is remembering me.. I’m only active on instagram. ok dear i will consider your opinion. Thank you so much

      2. I asked shan about u and got to know that u r busy with ur study..how r u??
        Ur reply option is nt showing..

  6. Phoniex

    You have started new ff after ages ??

    1. Jwala

      Yeh. . Thanks for reading

  7. You broke my heart asking voting, do you used to my fav writer but I seriously hate these voting stuffs.. and you’re also no new member of telly who not know how much voting create rifts among fans. Sorry I not going to vote for any couple… Go with whatever you want to write on any couple…..
    Sorry for rude cmnt but I didn’t expect this from you

    1. Jwala

      its ok dear. I can understand your feelings. actually I didn’t have any pairs in my mind. so I asked to vote. no need to worry. couples selection will not affect my story. Every character is important in my ff. This is not much couple focused ff. It is character focused ff. so please be happy. I hope I will not let you down. Thank you.

  8. nice …I want raglak n swasan pair..please

    1. Jwala

      ok dear. . Thanks for voting

  9. Ragsan swalak

    1. Jwala

      ok. Thanks

  10. Ragsan swalak

  11. Asra

    nice intro dear….

    1. Jwala

      Thanks asra

  12. Ran San swalak

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  13. I want u choose pairs , anyway my vote for raglak swasan

  14. Interesting i would like to read if ragsan as a pair

  15. After reading characterisation of each person I think swasan n raglak will be bestest choice

  16. jwala diiii welcome back…..

  17. I like to suggest u swalak ragsan because am crazy fan of RAGSAN. But final decision is urs dear

  18. Neptune

    I am surprised di you were a swasan fan right…. but still you asked for voting well my answer will be always SWASAN. ….

  19. Raglak swasan

  20. Nice yaar. U Will upload as Ur wish. There are incomplete of raglak and swasan of Ur FF u Will upload that FF or u Will continue these new ff

  21. Interesting if possible plzzzzzz make it ragsan sissy

  22. Aadya114

    Plzz plzz plzzz raglak and swasan. Ur story is awesome

  23. Scooby

    First of all i havnt read….
    Just got excited seeing ur name…
    Hi jwala!!!! Welcome back???

    1. Scooby

      Like always swasan and raglak… from my view dnt swipe d pairs… and spoil d fun…

  24. Pramudi

    Jwala.. Welcome back dear.
    But i’m shocked about you are asking about the pair. you were a die hard swasan fan. ?
    would love to read if it is SWASAN. otherwise i’m sorry i can’t read. All the best for your work.

  25. Swasan pls

  26. IQRA222

    hey jwala di!!! how r u?? after a really long time. but welcome back.. di far as i remember you were a swasan fan right?? but no problem
    anyways the story is really gripping and interesting i will really love to read if it is swasan and raglak..but mostly Raglak.. pls do make it raglak one
    and will wait eagerly for the story
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

  27. ragsan ?

  28. Phoniex

    I hate voting and all

  29. AnuAnn

    Hey jwala after a long time …surprised… I msgd u in IG but no reply .. Anyway happy that u r back…but y dis vote and all .. when u r a swasan fan.. And u know many old swasan readers left TU and shifted to watpad ..becox of sme issues and now it is also easy to do fake voting here.. So I don’t have much expectation for swasàñ here..and also I’m not going to vote .. If it is swasan am all in otherwise sorry dear.. But I know u w’ll rock it like your other stories.. Al the best..

    1. AnuAnn

      And for some ppl who r speaking abt writers right nd just read it as a fanfic irrespective of couples ..not only here whenever other swasan ffs write abt other couples and when we swasan fans don’t support dem.. Don’t u guys ever read any swasan ff ? Did u guys supported any swasan writers? I knw ans is a big No .. And I know u ppldon’t have any prom with if ur fav character is paired with any heros ..u guys only care abt FL . but even though we r helly fans most of us only care abt swasan as a couple no other pairings ..so only read swasan ffs .. And even we don’t have any prlm if anyone write story about other couples even dey include our fav.. And none of us r interfering in it ..and here we know jwala is a swasan and and hellu fan so just asked why she opted for voting ..and none of us said her don’t pair others or write abt other couples ..just asked…so y dis lectures..

  30. Anniya

    Arre diiiiii …….. Hiiii pechna mushe… Voting Mai krti nhi hu so not going to do it…
    Apart from it continues on whomever you want to do… Will try to read if it’s on my fav???? and yes I miss you soo much.. and this time please don’t leave any FF in middle try to complete previous one ..

  31. Anniya

    One thing forget to tell you, now swasan fans are on wattpad.. are you on wattpad? As I also hardly visit tu due to some issues..

  32. Do pls RAGSAN I am crazy about them pls…….?????

  33. TeitokUn1718


  34. Hey jwala welcome back to tu bt in dis way??? U really disappointd me…
    U alwayz used to tell na u r a die heart swasan fan and u never cant think of rag————-san in ur dream also…
    Then what happend to you??? Ur crazsiness for hellu and swasan gone???
    Really disappointd with ur voting stuff.. i know a jwala who madly and crazily in love with hellu and swasan but who is dis????

    If i want i fan vote for swasan 100times from fake ids.in tu its not dat tough also..u knw all dese thngs but u still prefer voting..u also knw na whatever happend whn writers did votings????

    I think its some other jwala..
    U r not d one who written gangs of devils and gangs of angels???

  35. Ragsan

  36. Emmas


  37. Fairy

    Hellow sweetheart!!! Where were u yaar!!! What about d precious raglak story??? Well well!! M sooooo Happy to see u back really??????!! N dis story???omggg!!looking soo thrilling!!! I jst loved it!! All d charectersss???? bt ofcourse u know whose charecter attracted me d most?? ragini!!damn mann!! I can easily imagine her like dis..hehe yeah!! ….
    M looking forward to dis story!! N let’s see who wl be protagonist n antagonist?!!
    I know u”ll surely give equal inportance to both d couple?

    N guys jst by doing voting it doesn’t proves dat she is not a swasan fan!! She is a swasan supporter n wl always be!! It’s jst a ff!! Sometimes even we donno on which pair we Wanna write!! Jst read it as a fan fic dats it!!

    N jwala all d best for ur story!! N yap voting!! Ahh!! Actually m okay wid both raglak n ragsan ..so my vote is for both!!??

    Bt d way u have given d intro n said beauty is weapon of rags n sanky ka weakness is beautiful grl!! So m finding some connection in dem!! Well let’s jst wait n watch!!
    M so xcieted to read it??
    N yap post soon!!
    N advance me sry if I won’t be able to commnt coz m lill bsy dese days!! Tc loatz of love..umaaah???????????

    1. Fairy

      Sry It’s not precious bt *previous raglak story

    2. Jwala

      Thank you so much dearie for that sweet and supporting comment. love you too

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