Swaragini ff-Love increases because of hatred (Part-6)

Scene 1
Ragini is shown unconcious in a godown and that is in a forest area.The same black mask comes there and ask how is she now and the goons tell she has not gain conciousness still.

Scene 2
At maheshwari house
Sanlak and swara trace ragini’s mobile and they get the location.They all went to find her.

Scene 3
In the forest
All are shouting ragini and searching her.Laksh is shown searching desperately.He shouts ragini where are u,i am missing u so much then he waits for sometime and realizes something and says i….i love u ragini.He shouts i love u ragini and ragini is shown getting conciousness.Swara cries and sne was about to fall down but sanskar comes and holds her.They share an eyelock.All went back but laksh stays there and tells them you all go i will come after some time.

Scene 3
Next day in the college
Swara comes upset in the college.she misses ragini and suddenly she sees that black mask person.she runs behind that person.

Scene 4
In the forest
Laksh finds the godown where ragini is and he went inside he sees all the goons near ragini and started fighting with them.Ragini gains conciousness and she ask laksh to stop but he beats everyone and hugs ragini.Ragini hugs him back.

Scene 5
Swara is running behind the black mask and suddenly she notice that she is running on the way to the same forest where ragini’s mobile phone was track.She thinks that it means this black mask is only behind all this.She runs faster and catches that person.She was about to unmask him suddenly ragini comes there and calls her.Swara turns behind and she smiles seeing ragini.Screen freezes.

Precap:Swaragini catches the black mask and they remove the mask and both are shocked to see the face behind the mask.


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  1. Fairy

    Awww!!!!laksh realised his feeelngs for ragini???loved d update dr???!!!!waitng to know whoz dat mast person???? Raglak hug ws superbb!!!!keeeep rockng n stay blessssed dear?????

  2. awesome..tc..

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  4. A.xx

    fab waiting for persons revelation and did you get the idea of the person and how they are revealed of off the show .xx

  5. Awesome

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  7. Awesome

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  9. Nice

  10. Asra

    awesome dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

  11. Super amazing

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