Swaragini ff-Love increases because of hatred (Part-4)

Scene 1
All went to see the footage .One of their teacher plays the footage and instead of playing
the footage of the judges room by mistake teacher plays the footage of the green room and as soon as she was about to change the footage they see a black mask person coming in and destroying ragini’s costume.Swaragini and sanlak are shocked to see.
Ragini:That is why my heels broke during the performance.
Swara:but who is this person.
Sanskar:who wants that ragini should not win.
Laksh:whoever he/she is i will not spare him/her.He had tried to harm my ragini.
Ragini is shock to hear this laksh realses what he says and stares ragini.swara says the one who had done this we should find that person.They all leave.Kavita feel relax as they forget about the footage.

Scene 2
At gadodia house
Every one are happy for swaragini.Swaragini went in their room and swara is tensed thinking about the black mask person.Ragini tells i don’t know who has jealousy with who wants to snatch my laksh from me.Swara ask my laksh.She tells swara i want to tell you something i love laksh very much.Swara says this is great we will inform laksh now only.Ragini says no swara if we will inform then that black mask can do something so not now.Swara tells ok then but i am very happy for u and she hugs ragini.

Scene 3
At maheshwari house
Laksh thinks about ragini and smile and sanskar thinks imagine he is dancing with swara and feels very happy that he is paired with swara.Laksh tells i dont know who is that person who dont want me to dance with ragini.sanskar says i think he is a girl and she loves u very much and she cant see u dancing with someone else.Laksh says you are right sanskar.We should meet swara and ragini and make a plan to catch that black mask.They call swaragini in the park next day.

Precap:Swara and ragini are coming in the park and sanskar and laksh sees them coming suddenly a van comes and kidnaps ragini.All are shocked.

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  1. Amazing

  2. Fairy

    Wowwwww raglak loves eo..???? my raglak rocks??? omg rags is kidnapped!!!??hope sanlakswa wl save her.!!!!waitng eagerly for nxt part…keeep rockng n stay blessed dear?????

  3. Rabia

    nice 🙂

  4. Manasvi

    Interesting!!!! Plz post the next part soon dear…

  5. Ohhhh m g ye ky hogya bytwy its osmmmm

  6. A.xx

    Great I wonder how Lakshya will save his LOVE and who is behind Ragini.xx

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  8. Jazzy

    Amazing loved raglak

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    awesome dear….kavitha against swara we are all know that…who against our ragini….raglak rocks….tkcr…

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  12. Super interesting

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