Swaragini ff-Love increases because of hatred (Part-3)

Scene 1
In the auditorium
Ragini was continously rolling laksh comes running and tell something to a man and ask him that the work should be done properly.The man leaves.Laksh runs towards Ragini.When ragini stops rolling her back was towards the audience and her zip was opened but as she stops a red coloured cloth falls from upside and till the cloth reaches on ragini laksh comes and hide ragini’s zip by his hand on her back and saves her from falling and then the cloth falls on them.The audience clap for the.They share an eyelock(wajah tum hi ho plays).Laksh tells that your zip is opened.Laksh closes her zip and they both leave.Suddenly when they enter in the green room ragini’s sandal broke and laksh holds her again they share an eyelock.The black mask person watches all these through the window.
After some time.

The host comes to announce the result.The winners are…………………..sanskar,laksh from boys and their partners are…………swara is tensed and ragini prays to god.Kavita smiles and tells that winner will be me only.Host tells that sanskar is paired with kavita and laksh is paired with pinki.Swaragini are shocked and sanlak are also very much shocked and upset.Kavita smirks and thinks that i have done my work on time otherwise i would not be paired with sanskar today.FB is shown that kavita goes in the judges room while judges where not there and removes the paper with the winner name and keep another paper fb ends.The judges are called on stage to give the prize but the judges are shocked to see the names.They tell that we have not selected pinki and kavita with sanskar and laksh.All are shocked.The host ask then who is the winner.The judges tells that sanskar is paired with swara and laksh with ragini.Swaragini and sanlak becomes very happy and hug each other.Kavita is shocked and fumes in anger.The host ask them to come and collect the prize .They all goes and receive their award.The host tells that but who has changed the result.Kavita gets feared.Principal tells that we have cctv camera in all the rooms lets check.They all went.Kavita is very much afraid.Screen freezes.

Precap:They see the footage and swaragini and sanlak are left shocked.


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