Swaragini ff-Love increases because of hatred (Part-2)

Scene 1
At the college
All are getting ready for the audition swara wears light blue lehenga,sanskar wears a blue t-shirt with white jacket and white jeans.

Scene 2
A room is shown and on the door of the room it is written ‘Costume room’and a person wearing black coloured mask and black jumsuit enters in that room.He/She was wearing the cap of the jumpsuit on his/her head so the hairs are also not seen.He/She went inside and started searching something and goes near a dress on which the label is there with the name ‘Ragini gadodia’.The person removers knife and does so ething with the zip of the dress and started cutting the heels of the sandals of ragini.Ragini comes inside and the person hides behind the pillar.The heel of the sandal was not totally removed because ragini came but it canbreak any time.Ragini takes her costume and gets ready.She doesn’t notice her sandals broken and goes away.Aakriti calls ragini and ask her to come fast,she leaves.

Scene 3
In the auditorium
All the participants are sitting.The host comes and ask aanya to perform first.Aanya performs on (mehndi laga ke rakhna) now monica,aakriti,rohan,rahul,pinki,vicky,kavita everybody performs simultaneously and the tge host announces sanskar’s name.Sanskar dance on (tera dhyaan kidhar hai).Swara stares at him and smiles.Now laksh comes and dances on (kabhi jo badal barse).It comes the turn of swara and she dances on (lovely).Kavita calls someone and tells that work should be done on time.It is shown that someone spreads oil on the stage by hiding behind the curtain and sanskar sees that.Swara was dancing continously.Sanskar rushes towards her through backside.When the last step comes swara slip because of oil and sanskar hold her.They both share an eyelock.It was not looking odd when sanskar comes.Infact,it looks like he was also the part of the dance.Kavita watches and fumes in anger.All clap for swara.It comes the turn of ragini when she goes on the stage her zip was just about to open.She dances on (dola re dola).Laksh just stares her beauty and imagine his romance with her he suddenly sees ragini’s zip.He was shocked.Ragini was rolling and her sandal was about to break She was just rolling and rolling her half zip was open and her heels of the sandal was fully removed just remaining beacause of one support of nail.Laksh watches all these and he goes to backstage and calls ragini but bcoz of the sound of the song she doesn’t hear him and she was continously rolling.Screen freezes.

Precap:The host announce the winners and swaragini are shocked to hear the result.

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  1. Vyshu10

    aww…dat swasan fall n catch is awesome

  2. Fairy

    Hey dear…superb update yaar!!!!whoz behind ragini???? Loved raglak scene..waitng eagerly for nxt part… keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

  3. Fairy

    Hey dear!!!superb update yaar….whoz behind ragini???loved raglak scenes…waitng eagerly for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

  4. raglak scene are awesome

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