(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-6


Hello and Tq everyone who red it. And if I miss anyone on replieng than pardon me plzzz.
So let’s start the chapter-

At girl and boy-
The girl accepts the proposal of d boy.

Girl- Thank u thanku so much sid (Siddharth swarag bro forgotten or wat) for all this. Today is my life’s bestest day. I can’t even imagine that…

Sid (cutting her)- that I will propose u……..kavya I know I’m not good in these type……… I mean………lov n all……but the day I saw u..:……. I changed my views or my heart removes this false feeling’s cloth from my eyes. I lov u…..

Kavya ke alaawa aur koun hoga I told u in 2-3 ch, totally forgotten.

Kavya- I lov u too sid.

They both spend som quality time wid each other then sid dropped kavya to her home and then he back to his.

At GM-

The emotions, feelings which were inside the house were very different from each other. Someone was happy for himself, someone was happy for someone else and someone was totally broken from inside. Can say that all sorts of feelings were present in the house via the members.

After these much shocks and surprises everyone will be tired and HUNGRY too. My swaragsid are also tired, excited, nervous and HUNGRy. To thodi pet pooja ho jaaye, Dinner time.

Sumi calls everyone for dinner. Everyone arrives but our swaragsid are not visible here. Sumi again calls them and 3 of them comes down quickly.
Sumi was serving the dinner to rag.

Rag- no ma muje zyada bhook nai hai.

Sumi ( a lil bit angry for their late arrival)- per bhook to haina!!

Ragini was shocked while everyone understands that she is angry for wat.
Now don’t say that y rag is shocked, guys she is going through such situation that her mind is only thinking negative for sumi that’s why.

Swara quietly had her dinner and she kept her vessels too by herself making everyone surprise, shomi impress. Rag didn’t noticed it. Shomi impress hai to tareef to banti hai na.
Shomi (smilingly)- wow!! Shona, meri beti badi ho gyii hai!! Areey leave this go to your room and take rest okay!!

Swara ko notice nai kiya but shomi ko ker liya aur koun our raguu.
Tear escapes from her eyes, she stands up and starts moving to her room. But

Shomi- areey! Where are you going atleast keep this your plate in kitchen. Look now shona also doing this and u r elder than her and…… Ragini keep it in kitchen right now!!!

Ragini again shocked, she took her plate kept in kitchen and directly went to her room without contacting with anyone. She cried alot.

Meanwhile swara was planning for tomorrow. She and lucky are going to discuss on raglak. She thought to start it from today only or tonight.
Kal kare so aaj ker,
aaj kare so ab,
pal mein parlaya hoyegi,
bahuri karega kab.

She went to rag’s room with a wide smile she thought that she will know her views for laksh. She knocked her room’s door but no response.

Swara- arrey!! We now only finished our supper n she slept. Swara break d door after this last try.
She knoock once more but no one opened d door so she moves back for breaking d door. As soon as she starts coming wid force rag opened d door.

Swara falls down and by god she didn’t hurt herself but was dammn angry.

Swara (angry)- why the hell u were not opening d door?? Huh???

She stands up and rag again starts crying but swara was not able to calm herself and she took out the frustation ragini UNKNowingly. Swara left from there while all things start popping rag’s mind. All her fights with swara (I know I told that they loves eachother more than anythg in wrld but SiS also hav fights, arguements), shomi’s scoldings. Everything negative was roaming in her mind. She slept.

At swara’s room-

Swara was feeling very bad and guilty.
How can she talk like that wid rag, her sis, her elder sis. She thgt to go back n ask apology from her. She comes nesr her room she peeped from window n found her s leeping. She thgt noy to disturb her and will ask her tomorrow.
Swara too slept but wid a relaxed face opposite to rag sid yes sid is also…..
Let’s go to him n know y no relaxation.

At sid’s room-

Sid was lying on his ben and thinking of today’s event. He was worried (want to know why so read na) bcoz he don’t know how to introduce kavya to his family. Now question is why wat’s d problem?? Love marrg noways.

Kavya’s family and gadodias not hav good relationships. Reason u can imagine, alot of reasons are there. But y will u imagine this is my story only I can tell wat is it. So we can take business and no family probs, just when they both met, they met like enemies no fights but whenever dey met dey shows attitude-want to prove oneself better than other. That’s all.

Bichara sid fas gaya. And he too dozes.

Episode ends.

Precap: revealations, new entries and meetings.

Excited for new entries, will they have a good shade or a grey one. Guys jitna soch saki utna likh diya ab mere is hardwrk ka result sweet comms hoga.

Thank You For Reading guys.

Credit to: Shona/Laado

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      1. Piyali

        wow……i read the whole story….true emotions portrayed……….infact it sometimes happens with me too…………..really true emotions of sisters and a person who felt betrayed…i really love it dear………………eagerly waiting for new entries…..well before new entries i am waiting for sanskar……………i won’t say to update soon as i know you have exams……………..so study and update whenever you get time………………i couldn’t understand your comment on ishaqzdde so can you please repeat……………………………please………….love you………be happy……….


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