(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-4


Hello guys! Extremely sorry for being late actually I have solid reasons. First is tellyupdates were not accepting any article for few days. Second, I was not well from Friday………. I don’t wan to talk about my ill days.
So let’s start the chapter-
New day at Gadodias-
Everyone are having breakfast on dg table just then Shekhar announces something.
Shekhar- well I want to tell somthg Sid beta congratulations!! Your new n own business preprations are completed. Swarag- what?? New n own business!!Shomi- Sid kya zaroorat hai y u r doing dis u know na u hav to go far from us wich is totally…..(cut by sid) Sid- mom! I know but I want to proof everyone that I’m a great as my father really..u know na many ppl or everyone only thinks dat I’m here bcoz of dad. I just want to proof myself. Swara- waitt!! Dada u r starting ur own business but maa far from us…..means Ragini- haa bhai iska matlab??
Shekhar- Sid is going to start dis wrk in MUMBAI not in kolkata and soon will shift there.
Swara-wat?? Nooo dada u know na I can’t stay without u….(thinks somthg)idea!! Mai bhi aapk saath mmumbai chali jaaugi waise bhi cllg yr khatam hone waala hai na aap bus bata dena aap kab jaaoge baaki to mai set krlugi.
Sid- haha swara okk tumdono saath aa jana theek hai kyu laado??
Rag- haa humara matlab hai naii hum kyu aaye aapk saath hume koi frk nai padta hum bilkul nai royege huh.
Sid- ohh really everyone laughs.
Swara- noooo
every1- kya hua??
Swara- arrey!! Today is sunday humne to kuch plan hi nai kiya hai!!
Rag- shonaa aaj hume room ki safayi krni hai bhool gayi ab chalo.
Swara- yeahh chalo. Both left.
Swara quickly cleans her room everythg is perfect she smiles n just her eyes fell on her guitar she takes it n starts playing it beautifully.
At ragini’s room-
She cleans hr room and she sees d empty flower vase on table. She didn’t like it empty so she goes to store room for some artificial flowers. She is searching flowers but just then she sees a box, she opened d box n found an old teared diary containing few hlf pages (yes it is d same diary of shekhar). She start or tries to read d diary n when she completed she is hell shocked. She misunderstand she thought that shekhar betray her real mother Janki n bcoz of shomi Janki dies. She is numb for a min she keeps d diary on it’s place takes d flowers n directly goes to her room without anyone’s notice. She locks d door from inside for her, her whole world turns upside down. She starts crying she is confuse, shock, don’t know how to react on it. Swara n shomi’s moments s flashes start coming in her mind.
Ragini- Maa…nai maa ne aajtak humse buri tarah behave nai kiya, swara aur humme kabhi antar nai kiya. Wo kisi k saath kuch bura nai kr skti wo wo meri maa nai hai. Kese yakeen kru isper kese?? Wo apni behen ko dhoka kese de skti hai?? Aur papa…noo….nooo……..
She cries very badly n after some time she unknowingly sleeps in sitting position.
At swara’s room-
Swara is playing guitar just then her phone starts ringing. Laksh is calling. She picks d call.
Swara- yes laksh, how r u?
Laksh-swara m fine wo..wo..
swara- wo wo ke aage bol wrna phon rakh de understand.
Laksh- haa wo do onething quickly comes to d nature park ryt now plzz.
And he cuts d call without listening swara- what but y?? Hello hello kaat diya ab kya ho gya isko??
Episode ends.
Precap- reason behind laksh’s call n somthg unexpected!!!

Hope u all enjoyed I want to write more but I think its enough for today. Plzzz I don’t know places in kolkata nature park to serial se pata chala hai. If u guys know some places den let me know. So waiting for ur opinions.

Credit to: Shona/Laado

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