(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-3


Hello once again here, guys I’m thinking that I will complete this story fast bcoz my holidays are going to finish and then I have no idea dat I will continue or not. Sanskaar’s entry hav som time but I try to make it fast.
So let’s start hope u all will like it.

At GM- (morning on dining table)
Shomi- Shona-laado come fast bf is ready baba n bhai r waiting my pincesses. Plzzz come fast or your dadi will surely scold u.
Just then two girls comes running to her. One is wearing a white top wid blue jeans and d othr one is wearing a white kurta and jeans. Both r looking beautiful.
Shomi- aa gyi meri rajkumariyaa.
Swara(top-jeans)- yes ma we r here
Rag- maa bout bhuk lagi hai
Sid(a lil irritated n angry)- u never remember to com fast on dn table. Here we all r dieng bcoz of hunger.
Swara- relax bhai I was not waking dats y she too lates.
Rag- rehne do swara he never ever b on my side. Angry bird
Sg- Bad manners laado bhai se aise baat nai krte and sid she is your sis.
Dadi- kinhe samjara hai shekr in dono ko ladne k alawa or kuch na aawe hai.
All sits on d table hav their bf n left for their respective places.
At gadodia office-
Shekher- Sid todays meeting is cancelled so if u wan u can go hom.
Sid- well dad der is no wrk also okk and he left to meet somone, Kavya and he spend som tim wid her.

At collg-
Swaragini enters n they met luky.
Lucky- Hi beautiful lady n her irritating sis. Blady- ragini n irri- swara
Ragini blushes a lil and says- hi handsome shuru ho gye.
Swara- handsome and he rag r u allrit?
Laksh- ooo I think somone is jaelous
Swaragini- whatever…
They goes to cafeteria and talk random
Laksh- well after completing dis last yr I will go back to mumbai to my family.
Swaragini(a lil sad)- we will miss u
The trio smiles n swara thgt somthg and she orders three coffees she herself goes to bring it. No 1 doubts.
Swara serves it and trio takes d sip.
Laksh eyes widens and he looks at swarag who are enjoying d coffee.
Lak- how dare u swara ki bacchi ruk
Swara starts running n lak chases her but is unsuccessful (hamari swara se tez koi hai bhala) Rag was confused.
Rag- kya hua swara ab kya kr diya tumne huh??
Lak(breathing heavily)-rag she……mixes chil….li powder……..in my…….cofee and…
The trio laughs and lak lost in rag wich is noticed by swara n she smiles.
After having a nice day everyone comes home and hav som fun on dg table while eating.
Swara- dada(bhai) where u went tody?
Rag- ha bhai kaha gye the aap??
Sid smiles remembering his day wid kavya. They went to temple and then nature park and some more places. They had sweets and tasty foods,etc.
He comes out of his thgts by a lil shaking and a strict voice of dadi.
Dadi- kathe kho gya hai chorrey??
Sid- kuch nai wo..wo..mom m done.
And he left leaving everyone confused.

Laksh is staying in hostel. He remembers his sweet moments wid ragini and smiles. He thgt- wat is happening to me yaar wenever she is wid me y i felt so happy. And he slept wid a wide smile on his face. Rag was also thinking d same and slept.
Swara was confused wid today’s sid’s behaviour.Swara- y dada was smiling and lost aisa to raglak me hi dekha hai maine. They likes each othher but I don’t want to interfair un anyone ager help chahiye hogi to khud maang lege. And she too slept wid confused face.
Episode ends.

Hope u enjoyed it is a lil boring but i ll try my best to cover this part and we can see the hatred soon after this love. It is needed or othrwise I can’t justify my ff name. So keep reading and tq.

Credit to: Shona/Laado

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