(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-19

Chapter- 19

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(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-18

As the morning scene of fun fight ends, everyone moves to the temple in the house for morning prayer. No one is now that much uncomfortable and are smiling slightly but yes, Swara, Ragini and Laksh maintains a distance. Sanskaar holds Swara’s arm as Anu lights the lamps. All notice this.

Swara says, “Relax Sanskaar, nothing will happen.” Swara smiles at him and he replies her showing his all teeth. Anu calls Ragini to do the aarti and hands her the pooja thaal. Ragini kneels down in front of the idol of Radhe Krishna. “I want to say something Bhai Sa! Swara is elder than Ragini now, she is her Jethani. So, she should do this aarti. I only want peace in this house and for that, we can’t violate our legacies. Even, this is the first day of Swara here.” Sujata says to Durga Prasad and everyone looks at her in shock.

Before Durga speaks, Anu replies her, “People already had done enough to keep the reputation of this house Sujata. I don’t want to upset any of my family member or to create any drama. Till my family’s knowledge, my daughter-in-law has a sister who is younger than her. Therefore, Ragini is the one for aarti.”

Laksh signs at the sudden argument and turns his face away. Ragini sees this and speaks, “Maasa- Chachisa, if you allow then can I say something?” Swara’s eyes meets those of Ragini for few seconds. Anu nods and Ragini says, “Ji, I wanted to say that let Swara carry this morning prayer. She is my Jethani…”

She is cut by Swara who says, “What are you saying Ragini?” All looks at her surprisingly and she continues, “I mean that I’m fine if you get this opportunity. Ba… Badi Maa, I swear, I don’t want anyone to be troubled. If you want then I’ll not participate in all this…” Swara stops with wet eyes as Durga raises his hand.

Ragini lowers her gaze and slowly walks towards Swara and forwards the thaal. Swara waited for a second and then raises her hands to hold it. Both of them holds it together and before Ragini leaves it, Durga speaks, “Both Swara and Ragini will do the aarti, together!”

Everyone is staring at him in utter shock but no one can argue to his decision. Swara and Ragini looks at each other and then moves forward. Both starts the prayer ‘Radhe Krishna Ki Jyoti Alokit’ and of course all actually goes lost in their beautiful and melodious voice. Once again after year, Sur and Rag met today that too in his devotion.

SwaRagini end the prayer and everyone opens their eyes. Uttara says, “It was magical Bhabhis! You both together can make anyone speechless.” SwaRagini smiles unknowingly and gives all the prasad. All sits for breakfast and then the men leave for office except our Sanskaar. Ladies move to respective rooms without much interaction.

Now, past time people.

Swara meets Laksh and says, “I don’t know why Ragini is behaving quite weird nowadays. She denies to come with me and comes too late! She is not talking with me nicely, I mean, our talks are not left like before. Actually, nothing is left only! I don’t know why this all is happening. Lucky, I am really getting very bad feelings. I do feel something not good is on way.”

Tears fall from Swara’s eyes and Laksh is not able to understand anything. He stands from his seat, keeps his hand on her shoulder and consoles her. Swara’s silent cries are tensing Laksh as he thinks deeply about it. He is only getting the idea that there is surely a very big reason.

Suddenly, Ragini comes and sees Laksh. Swara’s only back is visible to her but she can surely recognise her sister with her… love. Again, yes again, the pain is felt by her. She covers her mouth and runs back, Laksh sees her rushing back. He quickly leaves Swara and goes behind Ragini after saying, “I… I am coming. Just sit here. I’ve to go!”

Swara turns confusingly and sees him running while wiping her tears. Ragini is running and running without looking at anyone. Suddenly, she hits someone and falls in his arms. Laksh comes quietly and widens his eyes to see her with some boy.

On other side, Swara gets a message from an unknown number that reads, “Hey Swara! Come to the music room quickly, Sir is calling you and Laksh.” She stands up and says, “Maybe for competition. But, Laksh…” She looks at his phone lying on table. She picks it with her bag and moves fast.

She reaches the place from other side and sees a boy making Ragini stand. He is holding her and she is looking at him with moist eyes. Swara hides behind the wall as well as Laksh hides behing the pillar. Both are shock to see them, Ragini isn’t able to speak but is trying to supress her cries.

The boy smiles and says, “Be careful! If somebody had seen then?” Swara, Laksh and Ragini, trio gets shock to hear him. The boy whispers to Ragini, “What if Kavita’s gang mates saw you, they would surely taunt if it was witnessed by them.”

Ragini looks at him with slight smile as she understands his wordings. But, that isn’t fine for Swara and Laksh who are still in severe shock. Ragini moves back and softly says, “Thank you.” Her voice is too low to be hear but still, the boy smiles.

He says, “You are looking very pretty today. I must say whenever you meet me, then your beauty increases or maybe it is due to your blushing.” Ragini looks confused but she smiles wide and fake. Suddenly, her phone rings and she pick it up.

Ragini turns attending the call and the boy acts as of kissing her cheeks. Swara covers her mouth with her hand and Laksh tightens his grip with his blood boiling. Ragini turns again showing the boy her back, she doesn’t notice his acts. He now acs of admiring her beauty and is coming close to her but the phone call ends.

Ragini moves back as well as the boy, she says, “I have to go, my teacher is calling me. See you soon.” The boy smiles and says, “This is not done. We hardly meet, fine but promise that we will meet soon.” He raises his hands and Ragini looks at him with wide eyes.

She feels awkward but thinking him over friendly she nods and leaves. Swara hides as Ragini goes through her way. The boy speaks as she leaves, “Offo Ragu baby! Till when will you run from me? I love you like mad and I know you love me too! Just this graduation and we will be together!”

He moves with a smirk leaving a broken Laksh and shock Swara. Laksh kneels down and holds his head while Swara leans back to the wall trying to realise and believe what is shown to her. She quickly runs back to search Laksh as he is the only one who is now in her mind.

Whereas, Laksh is beating the floor till his hand starts bleeding. He isn’t able to accept that Ragini loves someone else. After few hours, he stands up and goes somewhere without telling anyone. Swara is searching him continuously but she herself don’t know why? As this will only hurt him and she is trying not to let that happen. She stops as she is tired and sits down.

To be continue…

Who is that boy? Why he said that? Is what Swara and Laksh thinking true? What will be Swara’s next step? How will Laksh bear this? What if Ragini comes to know? What next? How the past will match this present? 

Hope it was good enough. See you all soon and with soon, I mean I don’t know when. Kindly share your views. Will love to know! 

Thank you and take care! Keep drinking WATER! 🙂

And, I wanted to add images and I took screenshots of the whole episode which complimented this as well as the previous chapter. Now leave previous but int his chapter, I could not add them as it asks for URL and I dont know how to connect saved images (screen shots) with this. 🙁

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