(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-15

Note: This is the next part (Chapter- 15) guys! Pardon me for wrong post!

Recap: Laksh leaves from the hall. Swara feeds Sanskaar food with her hands. Restless Ragini goes towards room in search of Laksh. Sanskaar stops Swara from leaving table.

Ragini enters in the room and is taken back with the view. She sees all things upside down in the room. She observes that her photograph with Laksh of their marriage is not on the table like always. She comes near the mirror and looks at her Mangal sutra. Her eyes get watery and she quickly turns her face while her hand over her mouth, supressing her cry.

She closes her eyes tightly and after few seconds opens them. And, her eyes are left wide open as she sees a figure lying on the couch holding that photograph. He is no one else but Laksh whose face is not visible to Ragini. His eyes are fixed on that photograph in his one hand and he take another sip of alcohol from the glass in his other hand.

Ragini skips a heartbeat as she steps forwards. She is only looking at the person and keeps her bare foot on a glass piece. She screams in pain and that drags a drunken Laksh’s attention. Ragini looks at the floor which is full of such glass pieces of broken bottles. She holds her foot to see the wound but closes her eyes due to fear.

She raises her hand to touch the glass piece covered with blood. But before she does so, she feels a soft touch on her foot. She opens her eyes and her breath like stops. She finds Laksh beside her on floor, staring at her blood with his same red eyes. Ragini is not able to decide how to react over it. He is with her finally, feeling her pain, reducing her pain.

Pain has actually reduced with his presence. Laksh softly takes out the piece from her foot and throws it aside. Ragini has not felt the pain maybe because of him. She is just staring him with various questions drowned in only one emotion of LOVE! Laksh is still looking down and after a short silence of a few moments, he speaks up. He asks in deep voice of drunkard, “Are… Are you ok?” And, he finally looks up.

His eyes are showing the concern and love for which Ragini is craving from so long. Ragini places her hand on his cheek, he looks at her hand confusingly. Ragini’s tears roll out as she cannot bear them more. She takes a deep breath and says, “This pain is nothing in front of the pain I got in this past one year.” Laksh removes her hand from his face and manages to stand up.

Ragini feels the same pain again but the next moment, something happened which shocked her to the core. Laksh picks her up in his arms and places her on bed. Ragini silently stares at him while her eyes convey the confusion and shock. Laksh brings the first aid box as he sits on bed and starts bandaging her foot. Ragini jumps in happiness inside her heart as she feels his concern for her.

He was bandaging her foot but for Ragini, Laksh was fixing her broken heart. She wanted to live this moment as it was giving her all that she wanted. However, as she had nothing from morning, she faints. Laksh after completing his work, stares Ragini for a while and then goes to same couch back. He looks at the floor and remembers the past events.

He came to room completely red in anger. He was so furious that he started to throw all things and messing the room completely. Suddenly, his eyesight fell on his and Ragini’s marriage photograph. He came near it and picked it up. A tear drop escaped his eye and he walked towards the couch. He sat there and remembered his past life.

The night, he came to meet Swara as he got a message by her. He shared some accidental moments with her and sudden changed behaviour of her. She told that she hadn’t called him but how was that possible because he got a message from her only. But, before they could discuss it, he had to go back to hostel.

The next day, Swara came alone to the college and when he asked her, she said that Ragini didn’t opened the door to her and none except Dadi. She replied that she wasn’t feeling well and would not go that day to college. When Swara asked her with concern, she did not answer her. Their eyes did not meet once because of her not looking at Swara. He was confused and worried for his Ragini too.

That day, Swara and he had a lot of fun in their music class. However, they hadn’t forgotten about Ragini and Laksh too came with Swara to meet Ragini. Shekhar too had arrived with Sid and Sharmishtah told Ragini that Laksh had come. He was going to move towards her room but Sharmishtah came down and told that Ragini couldn’t meet him as she was sleeping.

Shomi’s face was telling it wasn’t the truth and all were surprised. Swara took him to her room and told him that Ragini’s behaviour was strange which was not at all good. And, they both decided to went to her room and check if all was right. They both came to her room and saw her talking with someone on phone. His heart broke when he realised that she didn’t want to meet him. Swara tried to change his mind but she herself had no confirmation for Ragini’s feeling towards him.

Flashback is starting by the author.

Afterwards, Laksh left and Swara in little angry mood knocks at Ragini’s door as she came to know that Ragini had denied to meet Laksh though Shomi insisted so much. Ragini opened the door without looking at the person and got shocked to see Swara in front. “Why are you behaving like this Ragini? What’s going on? Look, I know that you were not sleeping. Then, why you denied to meet Lucky?”

Ragini hardly replied, “See Sho… Swara! I’ve no mood to talk or meet with anyone! So, please leave me alone. Please!” She closed her eyes as she turned her face to control her tears. Swara was completely confused after observing her reactions.

Swara’s eyes filled with tears and she kept her hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini opened her eyes as Swara speaks in the softest as well as little weak tone, “Ragini! We are SISTERS! We lived together always! I know I sometimes trouble you a lot but believe me Ragini, I never had an intention to hurt you! All I want is our family to live happily, to face all difficulties together.” Tears fell from both of their eyes, they couldn’t see each other’s but could felt it for sure. Swara continued, “I know that there’s something bothering you. Ragini, if you will share it with..”

“Swara! Can you leave me please? I beg you! Please, go! It is completely alright. You just go. My head is paining.” The heavy voice of Ragini cut Swara who wiped her tears and moved back to her room as Ragini said. She left and Ragini slide down the gate after closing it. She cried silently but badly!

Precap: Urvashi called Ragini and all surprised to see Ragini’s odd behaviour. Swara trying to find out the reason behind Ragini’s strange behaviour. Laksh worried. And SwaSan!!!

Hey guys! I actually by mistake posted wrong part before but this is the right one! No SwaSan, I know but next part is having it. Hope you liked it and pardon me! See you soon!

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  1. superb..going to read ch 16..raglak moments were soo sweet and the flashback..when will the misunderstanding be cleared?although it was a good chappy

    1. Hemi

      Thank you so much Honey! Will not be disclosing it so soon. It will be dramatic. And hope you will appreciate SwaSan as well. Due to this past, I could not balance both scenes in one chapter.

  2. Your writing style is unique hemi dear! Nice! Hope the misunderstanding between them fades away soon. Laksh’s reactions were sweet. And I was waiting for SwaSan moments… Anyway.. I’m little confused. How did Sanskar and Swara marry? And Sanskar’s behavior is like a child ?? little confused… I read all the parts today. Sanskar’s caring attitude towards Swara is lovely. Any scene of them were not in this episode though….. And Does Swara love Sanskar? What has happened between Swara and Lakshya???? ? Can’t figure out……
    Waiting eagerly for the next part hemi dear. Post ASAP. ,?

    1. Hemi

      Love You ANGEL! Misunderstanding…. lets see! In next part is SwaSan! SwaSan maariage is a part of past only! Will disclose very soon! Sanskaar is mentally unstable! I posted next part dear! And Love you for taking time and reading it! ???????

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    Nice dear

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      Thank you! Take car

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