(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-1

Hey! I’m happy that you like it. So now take a look at characters.
(Present)Gadodias- Parvati(Dadi), Shekhar(SG), Sharmishtah(Shomi), Siddharth(Sid), Ragini, Swara.
Maheshwaris- Durga Prasad(Dp), Annapoorna(Ap), Ram Prasad(Rp), Sujata(Su), Adarsh(Ad), Parineeta(Pari), Sanskaar, Laksh.
Well now I want to take you all in d past.

In Gadodia Mansion(GM)-
Two children were playing, just then they saw one girl and her parents entering. Parvati called d 2 children and introduce them to the girl.
Parvati- Shekhar, Janki look they are our new neighbours. And she is your new frd her name is Sharmishtah.
(Yes, d children were SG and Janki)
Sg- Namastey kaki and kakasa and hello shar…shar..aaa.
Shomi(smiles)- Plzzz my name is okk u can call me shomi.
Janki- shomi so sweet your pet name.
Shomi mom- Kakisa ye dono aapk bacche hai kya aapne to apni choti beti k baare bataya hi nahi??
Parvati- arrey nana shekhar mara beta hai and she is my husband’s frd’s daughter.
So get ready for a leap guys-
Sg, Shomi likes each other alot or mayb love and shekhar wrote all his feelings in his diary. Next day he thght dat he will prupose her. He know dat his mthr will support him as she too likes shomi. But the next day janki’s fther got heart attack everyone was in hospital shekar s father deendayal went inside his frds room. His frd/janki’s father told him that he wants his daughter to marry his son and it is his last wish deendayal assures him dat he will fulfill his last wish and soon janki-shekhar got marry. Everyone are alil upset bcoz they never wished it.
After one year Janki gave birth to a boy and they kept his name Siddharth. Everything was going nice, Shomi didnt marry yet, she loves sid very much, she took care of him in absence of janki. janki and shomi shares a sis bond. Janki was very much happy dat she got such a beautiful family. She thgt many times for shomis marrige.

After 1 year-
Janki was cleaning shekar’s room and then she found his diary he never let anyone touch it but janki was very much curious about it she cant control herself and red d whole diary. She was superduper shocked she remembers each n every moment wich she saw of shomi n shekhar like sg lost somtimes in shomi,etc. She was not jealous or angry on shomi but was cursing herself to com in between her frd and her sis. She looked at one yr old sid playing wid shomi she smiled and thgt abi sahi waqt nai hai per bohout jald sab sahi ho jaayega.

After 1 yr-
It was a beautiful day as it was sids bday everyone was busy in party arrgments. After d party. Next day an unexpected thing happened in gm. An huge arguement takes place in between shekhar and janki. And d same thing happened many days. And janki was only who starts fighting. And after few mths janki and shaekhar decides to take divorce shomi tries her best to convince janki but all in vain. Actually it was jankis plan she thgt after it shekhr will move on and marry shomi but it dosent happpened.
After some days janki felt unwell so she decided to go to doc and there she got anther shock that she is preganent. She didnt told any1 abut it. She n shekhar didnt met eachother for nine mths nor even she met wid shomi.

One day she was walking on d road coming back to home after her checkup somone hits her wid bike n she faint there. People took her to d hospital and when shekhar comes to know dat janki met wid an accident he rushes to d hospital but he was late a lady doc comes to him n she handover him a baby girl. He was shocked n confused she told him dat janki dies we can only save her or d child she told us to save d child n told to give u dis diary. Sg was shocked to saw his diary he red it and found some new pages written in which it was written dat shekar i come to know everythg n is guilty. She wrote in d last pg dat she want to keep d name of the child ragini if it will be girl.(shekhar only red d first pg in wich janki confess dat she knows everythgnd is guilty n d last page).

Episode ends.

Precap- Fb continues and the middle remaining pgs of diary.

So I hope u all liked it, well I want to finish the fb in dis epi only but was unsuccessful but in d nxt one surely finsh it. Do comm and I will reply them I wan to tell onething dat I dont knw that I will b regular or not so plzz maaf krdo bacchi ko in advance. Thank u for reading it plzz tell me if u are gone through any inconvenience. love u SwaRagini.

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