Swaragini FF Love in Air (Prologue)


Hi hello frnds.. This is Aishu with a new story totally different from the story line… Hope so everyone will enjoy it…

Character Sketch

Ragini Rathore :- A sweet,lovable,beautiful , innocent girl who lives in orphanage … Have a terrible past… Loves to sing Nd dance… Best frnd of Sanskaar…

Swara Bose :- A bubbly , fun-loving , jovial and beautiful girl who’s lives with father Shekhar and mom Sharmistha… A guitarist and dances well.. Best frnd of Laksh…

Sanskaar Gadodia :- A smart , handsome, intelligent, caring boy who lives with his parents… He is a dancer and studying MBA.. best frnd of ragini.. he knows abt ragini’s past..

Laksh Maheswari :- A smart ,cool , fun loving boy who lives with his parents… He is a dancer and studying MBA.. best frnd of Swara..

Shekhar Bose :- father of Swara.. loves his daughter a lot… Frnd of durga prasad… Likes Laksh too

Sharmistha:- mother of Swara.. loves her family a lot..

Durga prasad Maheswari :- father of Laksh.. frnd of Shekhar.. loves swara and Laksh…

Annapurna :- mother of Laksh.. loves her family a lot…

Ram prasad Gadodia:- father of Sanskaar.. loves him a lot.. business partner of Shekhar.. likes ragini too..

Sujatha :- mother of Sanskaar… Loves Sanskaar and ragini a lot..

Janaki :- Runs the orphanage… Care taker of Ragini.. loves her a lot…


Shekhar:- Good morning dp…
Dp :- good morning Shekhar.. come lets have tea..
Annapurna serves tea to both of them..
Shek:- Still both are sleeping it seems??
Dp :- haan.. of course..
Sharmistha:- they both na when they will grow up.. it’s because of you both.. pampering them a lot..
Ap:- haan bilkul..
Shekhar and dp smiles…
In Swara room
A girl is sleeping and smiling .. she is dreaming abt her prince..she his dancing with her prince and when the prince is abt to turn someone pours water in her face..
She screams and finds her mom laughing..
Swara :- maa.. it’d unfair.. I was abt to see my prince but you foiled it… And pours
Sharmistha:- arrey.. why to dream dear.. jus get ready and find ur prince by yourself.. before that wake up Laksh also…
Swara :- what? He is still sleeping!!
Swara runs to his room with a bucket of water..
In Laksh room
Laksh is also dreaming abt hiz princess.. he got mesmerised by seeing her eyes… When he was abt to see her face a bucket of water with swara standing…
Laksh :- Nooo Nd wakes up.. sees swara standing with the bucket… Shona.. You come to dream to disturb… I was about to see her…
Swara :- Shut up Laksh.. We need to go to college.. drop me in my college and today are you willing to meet her??
Laksh :- who?? Ohh that girl whom you say that never mingle with anyone.. Her name is what??
Swara :- Ragini..
Laksh :- whatever.. no mood yaar.. you know abt me rite!! She won’t be suitable for me to flirt..
Swara :- okay okay.. but Laksh poor girl she is.. not talking with anyone…
Laksh : leave it shona.. lets get ready and leave…

In Gadodia house

Sujatha:- Sanskaar.. your getting late… Come fast..
Sansky:- coming mom..
She serves him breakfast and he eats..
Suju:- Sanskaar is ragini okay with that college??
Sansky:- haan maa she is but not talking with anyone maa..
Suju:- let God be with her…
Sansky:- ok maa.. bye.. I will drop her in college and then I will leave..
Suju :- drive slow dear..

In orphanage

A girl is seeing singing in front of God idol and doing aarthi.. it’s Ragini…
Janaki :- beta are you comfortable with ur college??
Rag:- maa.. you know rite! I’m going there because of you and that idiot…
Voice :- are you saying me ladoo??
Rag:- of course sansky.. it’s you…
Sansky:- it’s getting late let’s go..
Ragini and Sanskaar leaves…

Lucky drops Swara and leaves after that Sansky drops ragini and leaves…
( Swara and Ragini in same college nd Sansky & Lucky in same college)

Precap :- Lucky and Sansky talk and Swara & Ragini friendship

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      Thanks for your comment dear…. Sure I will give importance to both the couple..

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