Swaragini FF Love in Air (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 4

This episode starts with Ragini in Laksh’s arms and they both get lost in each others eyes… Swasan were watching them ..
Laksh:- wow!! U look beautiful… Ragini blushes..
Swara:- they both look beautiful together
Sansky :- Not more than you.. Swara blushes..
Shona:- I think we need to bring them back to this world..
Sansky:- ya ya.. Otherwise they will be like this forever..

Raglak are brought back to the world due to some noise and finds swasan who are laughing at them.. Raglak are feeling embrassed..
Shona:- I hope so you both had a great tym together.. Ragini feeling shy and laksh smiles..
Lucky:- But I think you both had a great ride.. How was it??
Now swara blushes and Sanskar smiles… They all bid byes and return back to their respective home… None had sleep that day.. All the four were thinking abt their partner and sleeps..

Next day..

Swara and Ragini are waiting for sanlak but today Ragini waits for her laksh and swara waits for her sanskaar.. Same in the case of the heroes.. They both are waiting to meet their princess..Sanlak enters the campus… Our princesses at last sees their prince and gets happy.. Sanlak are mesmerised to see their princess.. Laksh and Sanskaar gets down and goes near them.. All of a sudden a girl hugs Laksh leaving everyone shocked…Mainly Ragini.. She was feeling like crying and Sanlak notices whereas Shona is also shocked to the core..
Girl:- Lucky … Lucky baby.. I missed you a lot baby..

Laksh and Shona :- Kavya
Kavya:- Yes yes I’m it sweet Kavya.. Hey swara.. How are you??
Shona:- you came alone rite?? ( sanskaar finds it different)
Kavya:- nope.. Nope.. I came with ur darling.. (Shona shocked)

Shona:- what?! Omg!! Why the hell he came??(sanskaar thinks what its a guy)
Guy:- ur saying abt me darling!!(again shock for everyone)
Shona:- Sahh..
Guy:- illl.. Its me darling Sahil..how are you sweetheart??
(Sanskaar is feeling hurt and rags notices)
Lucky:- y u both here??

Kavya:- oh!! Lucky baby.. We gonna study here.. Happy rite??
Lucky:- very happy ( in a sad tone)
Kavya:- and who are these two??

Lucky:- She is Ragini Shona :- He is Sanskaar
Lucky&Shona :- our best friends.. ( Ragini and Sanskaar smile at them)..
Kavya :- wait.. Let me go and bring my friends..come Sahil… They leave..
Lucky:- Shona why the hell they came back??
Shona:- lucky please shut up.. I’m already pissed off..
Sansky:- Lucky who are they??
Swalak:- our cousins whom we hate a lot..
Ragini and sanskaar feels safe after hearing it..

Sanskaar:- y u don’t like them??
Lucky:- they both are irritating.. Its shona’s dadi’s relative who eat our heads.. Pagal people..
Shona :- lucky.. These pagal have frnds too it seems..

Kavya and Sahil enters with a guy and a girl..
Kavya:- hey kavi.. This is my lucky baby..(Ragini fumes)
Sahil:- hey nikhil.. This is my swara darling.. (Sanskaar fumes)
Nikhil turns and finds Ragini.. And goes towards her..
Nikhil:- Hey beautiful.. What’s ur name??
Ragini is feeling uncomfortable and Laksh fumes.. Sanskaar comes before Ragini and says :- Ragini..my friend..
Kavitha who saw Sanskaar likes him..

Kavi:- hey sanskaar.. I’m kavitha.. Nyc to meet u.. U look too handsome.. Sanskaar smiles a little and shake hands with her..and swara fumes…
Nikhil:- hey beautiful!!
Laksh:- Ragini.. Her name is Ragini..

Nikhil:- so sweet name like you.. (Laksh fumes)
Laksh thinks already I’m having trouble who keeps on hanging on me calling baby.. But now I need to tolerate this idiot too.. Who is he to call my ragu as beautiful.. I feel like breaking his mouth…shona senses laksh’s anger as already she is also in anger..
Shona:- I think its getting late..we can leave.. Bye..
Ragini:- yes swara.. Bye take care..

Nikhil:- wow!! Ur voice so superb..
Sanskaar:- Look Nikhil.. Don’t make Ragini feel uncomfortable.. So be in limits..
Lucky thinks that’s my boy.. I wish I could say that and punch him..
Shona thinks wow.. I wish Sansky says these to Sahil too..
Sanskaar thinks I wanted to say these same lines to that Idiotic Sahil too..
Ragini thinks that’s my Sansky.. But I wish laksh said these words..
Kavya:- Hey.. For that behenji ur raising ur voice..

Laksh fumes and shouts :- enough Kavya..not a word more..
Sahil :- laksh.. For them ur shouting at Kavya.. They are jus passing clouds..
Shona:- Sahil.. That’s it.. They are not jus passing clouds.. They are our frnds.. Best frnds.. Do u get it!! And if anyone say anything to them u will see the bad me.. Understand..
Ragsan feels happy… Whereas Kavya and Sahil fumes..
Swalak and Ragsan leaves..

Sahil and Kavya are very angry with Ragsan.. Because of them today swalak shouted at them..
Kavya:- Sahil I still can’t digest this fact that Laksh and Swara shouted at us for those two
Sahil :- yes Kavya.. We have to do something
Kavya :- we need to send that two out from swalak life
Sahil :- yes for that first v need to inform this to dadi..

Maheswari Mansion

Laksh and Swara enters the home in an angry mode..Shekhar , Dp,sumi and ap all are sitting in the hall..
Shekhar:- here they came.. How was ur day?
Swalak:- very bad
Everyone understand that something had happened
Dp:- wat happened beta?
Swara:- y the hell did they come now?
Shekhar:- r u saying abt Sahil and Kavya?

Swara:- yes of course
Sumi :- Shona I said already that u shouldn’t behave with them like this..
Swara:- and say these words to them that they shouldn’t behave like that to our friends?!!
Ap:- ur frnds?? To Ragini and Sanskaar??
Laksh:- yes ma.. They behaved rude with them..
Shekhar:- okay I will talk with them

Dadi:- to whom Shekhar??
Shekhar:- ma.. Ragini and Sanskaar are their frnds.. They shouldn’t behave like that..
Dadi :- how can you say like that?? For someone u all are supporting??
Swara:- they are not someone.. They are our frnds.. Best frnds..
Dadi:- and these two are going to marry you both..
Swara and Laksh are shocked..

Shekhar:- ma.. I said already.. Don’t take marriage talks now… The marriage will happen only if Swara and Laksh agrees and thats final…
Laksh and Swara smiles hearing it whereas dadi Sahil and Kavya are shocked…
Dp:- Swara y don’t u go for movie with ragini and Sanskaar.. They would have felt bad rite..
Laksh and swara agrees with a smile and smirks looking at kavhil.. Kavhil fumes..
Dadi:- ya its a good idea… Take sahil and Kavya with you both.. They will say sorry to them also.. Sahil and Kavya agrees while others looks sad..
Sahil:- let me call my frnds Nikhil and Kavitha too.

Laksh and Swara are super angry now..
Laksh thinks ” I think I’m gonna kill that Sahil.. He irritates my Shona and that Nikhil is irritating me by calling my ragu as beautiful.. I need to save ragu from that idiot.. Wat abt Shona? Yes I will say Sanskaar to look after her..
Swara calls and informs to Sanskaar and Ragini…

Sansky comes to pick up Ragini.. He finds Ragini tensed and calls her
Sansky:- Ladoo what happened?? Y are you tensed??
Ragini:- Sansky I know abt me rite?? I feel safe and secure with you and Laksh but the other two guys I feel uncomfortable.. Mainly that Nikhil.. I can’t come Sanskaar..
Sansky:- I know that ladoo.. Laksh spoke with me regarding this..
Ragini;- wat he said?? (In curiosity)

Sanskaar smiles seeing her curiosity and says :- they agreed because of their dadi.. If v didn’t go they will feel bad and Laksh says that he will be with you always not allowing that Nikhil near you (Ragini blushes and smiles) and he needs a favour too??
Ragini:- what’s that??
Sanskaar:- you need to save him from Kavya..
Ragini fumes and says:- sure I won’t let her near him..

Sansky smiles and says jealous??
Ragini blushes and ask :- is Sahil coming??

Sansky fumes and Ragini laughs..
Sansky:- I will take care of him..he won’t come near to her and Swara will take care of Kavitha too..
They HiFi each other leaves to meet their friends..
Swalak also discussed their plans accordingly…

In Theatre

Laksh , Sahil, Kavya and Swara are waiting for others… Nikhil and Kavitha enters and greets everyone.
Kavya:- shall v leave??
Before Laksh to reply Nikhil says:- Kavya let miss beautiful come..
Laksh fumes and Kavitha says :- yea yes I’m waiting for Sanskaar to come leaving Swara to fume…
Ragsan enters the theatre… Raglak and Swasan are having a beautiful eyelock…
Nikhil:- hi beautiful.. I’m waiting for you Ragini..( Ragini uncomfortably smiles)
Laksh:- y to wait for Nikhil.. Because today I’m going to spend time with her..Nikhil and Kavya are shocked whereas sanswarag smiles..
Kavya:- but baby what abt me ?? Do you want to spend ur valuable time with that behenji.. Offoo baby jus leave her.

Ragini is hurt and Laksh fumes…
Laksh:- Kavya.. This is ur last warning if u again say anything abt her I will surely kill you.. Understand??come Ragini let’s go.. You both Sansky and Shona are not coming with me?Shona drag Sansky and come.. Its getting late..
Shona drags Sansky eyeing Kavitha and Sansky smiles seeing Swara but fumes seeing Sahil…
Kavhil and Niktha are left behind and they are angered.. They plan to separate these four…

In Cinema hall… All the four are enjoying the movie whereas the other four are fuming… In interval all leave.. Sansky and lucky goes to buy snacks whereas Shona and Ragini are standing… Swara leaves to restroom leaving Ragini alone.. Sahil says its the right time to play.. Come let’s make this girl run away.. She is the main reason for everything… All four leaves towards her..

Ragini feels someone is standing near her and finds the other four..she smiles weakly at them…
Nikhil:- hello beautiful.. Y standing alone??
Kavya:- may be waiting for somsone like Laksh to go wit?
Ragini’s eyes starts to become teary.. She is feeling helpless…
Sahil:- ohh ohh how many boys do you have like this?? Is it monthly one or weakly one or daily one??

Ragini starts cry… She wasn’t able to call anyone for help.. She jus prays to sent anyone here..
Kavitha:- by seeing her it looks like daily one.. So today Laksh.. Tomorrow may be you too Nikhil??
Nikhil:- really?? That’s great what abt Sanskaar?? Who is he to you??
Sahil:- may be before Laksh it seems…
Nikhil:- so tomorrow my chance rite?? Can I have some trial and he gets closer to her…
Ragini is crying terribly whereas all four are enjoying seeing her..

Sanskaar and Laksh buys and comes to see Swaragini but are shocked to find the four mistreating Ragini and angers rises in them.. They shout Ragini… And Swara also comes and finds this and become angry… When Nikhil was about to touch Ragini he gets knocked down… He opens his eyes and finds Laksh standing with red rage eyes.. Before Sahil to help Sahil gets a blow in his face by Sanskaar… Swara runs and hugs Ragini…
Kavya and Kavitha are dumbstruck.. They plan to run but gets a slap from Swara… Laksh and Sanskaar beat them blue and black… After lot of pleadings they leave them.. Laksh rushes to Ragini and Ragini hugs him and cries…

Ragini:- Laksh I’m not like that girl?? I’m not like that!! And cries.. Laksh pacifies her and Swara notices Sanskaar hands are bleeding so she ties her handkerchief to the wound… Swara controls Sanskaar anger…
All four return home.. Ragini and Sanskaar are brought to Maheswari mansion..
All the elders are shocked to find the children like this and enquire them.. Shekhar and Dp are very angry with Sahil and Nikhil.. Later the other four enters.. Laksh and Sanskaar eyes then angrily and Ragini is hugged by Swara
Shekhar and Dp slaps nikhil and Sahil.. They ask them to leave the house…
Dadi:- y should they leave??
Shekhar :- ma.. Look what they have done?? I don’t Want them here.
Dadi:- so wht??? All are astonished seeing her behaviour
Shekhar:- ma.. What are you sayinh?? I don’t Want them here..
Dadi:- for an orphan girl ur opposing ur mother Shekhar..
Ragini is hurt and all are angry..
Laksh:- dadi.. Enough not a single word against her

Dadi :- look what she as done.. They won’t go..
Shekhar:+ they will go
Dadi:+ OK then I’m also going out.. Everyone are shocked..
Shekhar:- ma what ur saying??
Dadi:- if u don’t want me to go then they also will be here…
Shekhar :- okay ma.. Sahil and Kavya smiles whereas all others fumes..
Dadi :- and another condition this girl this orphan should not enter this house and in my swalak life also…
All are shocked…

Precap:- A tragic accident…

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