Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 6)

so since Ragini had an accident, she won’t be coming in the episode alot. But there’s going to be something else. Read to know more.

Episode 6:
Scene 1:
As soon as they got to the hospital, Ragini was taken to the surgery room. Everyone was so worried. Swara took hold of Sanskar’s hand and squeezed it. She was scared. Ragini was her sister and if anything happens to her..
Swara_ ( thinking ) But how did the car hit her? She was talking to Laksh. Only if I didn’t tell her to go to him. It’s all my fault. But then again, if it wasn’t for Laksh’s stubbornness and ego, all this wouldn’t have happened with Ragini. IT’S ALL HIS FAULT.

Swara looked around for Laksh and saw him sitting beside his Father, passing his hand through his hair.(???) She set free of Sanskar’s grip and went to him. As soon as he raised his face *SLAP*. Everyone was so shocked, even Laksh himself.
Sanskar rushed to her and calmed her down. He looked at his bhai and waited for an answer. He had no idea what was happening. When he heard nothing he asked.
Sanskar_ bhai, what’s she talking about? What does all this mean.

Raj_ I’ll tell you what it means. It means your brother thought wrong. When Ragini and I were stuck in the basement, a vase was about to hit her head so I moved her. She was pinned to the wall with me over her. I swear nothing unrespectful happened. Laksh seemed to her the crash so when he opened the door, he saw our position and thought bad.

Shekhar_ But what does all this has to do with my shona?
Sanskar_ I don’t understand Raj.
Swara_ this guy over here wouldn’t listen to her. She tried to explain to him and even apologize, although she did nothing, but he wouldn’t listen. It’s all because of him.
DP_ STOP!! ENOUGH. It’s not time to blame anyone. It was an accident and I’m sure she’ll be alright.

Sharmistha_ I hope so.
Parvati took a long breath before she blurted out
Parvati_ listen to me young man, I’m going to say this once. If I ever see you beside my daughter once again, you’ll see something you won’t like. Do you understand me.
Laksh was hurt, but he nodded anyway. Everyone was blaming him. Maybe they’re right. If only he listened to her. But he was jealous of Raj, it was true. He got up and made his way towards the exit. Annapurna put her hand on his shoulder and turned him.
Annapurna_ please son, be careful. Don’t act reckless. I don’t want anything to happen to you.
Laksh_ ya OK.

He turned and went away. As soon as he did so, the nurse went out. She was a very skinny woman with long black hair and blue eyes. She wasn’t very beautiful.
Nurse_ She’s going to be okay. She lost lots of blood and we want someone of the same blood group to donate please. Anyone?
Raj_ ( coming forward) I’ll do it.
Sharmistha_ No. Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out.
Raj_ no it’s ok. I’ll go.
Two men and one woman came in before Raj could go. A girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes, a man with brown hair and green eyes, and a man with black hair and brown eyes.
Raj looked at them and then addressed them.

Raj_ Payal? Akash? Shyam? What are you doing here?
Payal_ we heard what happened to miss Ragini. We’re truly sorry.
Akash_ Boss, you’re sure having a bad time and since we have the same blood group we thought we could help and donate.
Raj_ thanks alot. You really shouldn’t have done this.

Shyam_ This is the least we can do.
Nurse_ very good then. follow me please.
Minutes later, the three came out followed by the nurse and doctor.
Doctor_ Don’t worry. we did the surgery and and everything is going to be alright.
The members of the two families all prayed and thanked God. They were so happy it was all done. The two men bid them goodbye and went away. The girl remained to talk to her boss.
Payal_ Don’t worry boss, everything’s fine. Remember, we’ll always be there to help you.

She turned and disappeared through the traffic of people passing by.
Shekhar_ thanks alot son.
Raj_ that’s the least I can do for your daughter mister.
Sujata_ it was really brave of you. I’m very proud of you.
Raj went and took the blessings before he, too, bid them goodbye and went.
DP_ let’s all go and pray to Lord Shiva.
All agreed and went. Ragini was taken to her room for rest. She was told to stay at least three days testing in the hospital where nurses could keep an eye on her situation every now and then. When they finished They went to check on her before leaving back home, since the doctor forbid anyone, even her family, to stay with her.

Scene 2:
Laksh was driving fast in his car. He got home and then went to his room. When he got there he went to the bathroom. he felt angry with himself. Unconsciously, he hit the mirror hard with his fist and started to bleed. He didn’t know what to do, so he went back downstairs. Every step he was taking, his bloodied hand was oozing blood. He got his car and drived away. He went to a bar. His head was buzzing with thoughts, so he just wanted to clear them all. He ordered a bhang and drank it in one single gulp. He did the same over and over again, until he was drunk-like. Driving on his way back was hard. He hit a tree and crashed the car. The sudden bump was a shock, and it left him unconscious.

Scene 3:

Annapurna_ Oh my God!! Durga Prasad do something. it’s already 8:00pm and Laksh hasn’t come yet.
DP_ where could he be?
Annapurna_ I asked him not to do something reckless. what is he doing right now?
Sanskar_ Maa, what’s all this blood on the floor? It’s coming all the way from Bhai’s room.
Annapurna was on the edge of crying.
Annapurna_ I knew it! I warned him, but he didn’t listen. Oh my Lord Shiva. Please save him.

Uttara_ please maa ji. Laksh will be okay……Oh my God! Laksh!
They turned and saw Laksh swaying. His hand bloodied as well as his head. They ran and caught him. As they put him on the couch, he started to mutter things.
Laksh_ get me more bhang please… it’s all my fault…. they’re all saying this…why Ragini? why?…..
Sujata_ (shocked) he’s been drinking??
Ram_ Sujata, shhhh…
Adarsh_ Sanskar and I will take him to his room.
When they took him away the family shared glances.

Sujata_ how can he do that?
Annapurna_ He sure was miserable. Everyone was blaming him and he….
DP_ but this doesn’t mean he should act reckless and go around with his car drun… I’m so ashamed to even say this word.
Annapurna_ Durga Prasad it was only bhang!
DP_ then let it be. I’m going to my office. Excuse me.

Scene 4:
Raj sat beside Ragini’s bed and took her hand in his. He looked at her sadly. He talked out loud knowing no one, even the unconscious Ragini, could hear him.
Raj_ I’m sorry I did this to you my love, but I had to. Don’t worry I’ll kill the driver for hurting you badly. I asked him not to hurt you during the mission but look what he did to you. You are mine. MINE. Ragini I love you. You have to believe me, but it’ll be hard with Laksh loving you. I want you for myself. Yes myself. (He bent down and kissed her forehead) I’m coming back, Don’t worry.
He got up and left the room silently. As soon as she wakes up, the second half of the plan was going to take place.
Raj_(to himself) Laksh believe me you’re going down.

The end. See you next episode. So now we know that Raj is the dark figure’s partner and that he hurted Ragini for bittersweet deeds. But what is the second half of the plan? Wait for next episode to read more. ????

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