Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 5)

So this one is going to be a bit of disturbing for Raglak fans.

Episode 5:
Scene 1:
Laksh felt really bad. Maybe he overreacted. What if they weren’t kissing down in the storage basement. What if everything bad he did and said to her was only out of jealousy. He felt so mad at her, but surprisingly not at Raj. His thoughts were disturbed by the ringing of his phone.
Laksh_ ya hello?

Raj_ oh Laksh, hi!
Laksh_ is everything okay? What do you want?
Raj_ nothing I just thought you’d like to meet me at the kitchen now.
Laksh_ ya OK. I’m coming.
He headed to the kitchen as soon as he finished the call. He stopped when he heard a vioce inside. This meant Raj wasn’t alone.
Vioce_ I don’t know what’s wrong with him! He’s just a spoiled brat. He’s such a Monster!
He knew as soon as he heard that vioce that it was Ragini’s. He felt the anger boil inside of him. He then heard Raj speak up.
Raj_ It’s ok Ragini. I’m here with you. I will always be by your side.
He peeked inside to see a crying Ragini hugging a smiling Raj. He turned away and went straight to his room

Scene 2:
Raj, still hugging Ragini, laughed to himself. He saw that Laksh saw it all. That was his plan obviously. He wanted to start hatred in the heart of both. He wanted her to be with him forever. When the girl in his arms twitched, he took her face in his hands and dried her tears.

Scene 3:
Sujata_ where are all the boys in this house? Should we always do everything by ourselves?
Annapurna_ Sujata! don’t say that! They must busy
Sujata_ Busy filling their bellies and doing silly stuff.
Annapurna_ let it go already. Pareenita, come dear.
Pareenita_ what?
Annapurna_ go and call Ragini and Swara, and give this to Adarsh.
Pareenita_ ya ok maa ji.
Sujata_ you know something? I’m really getting a like on Shekhar’s daughters.
Annapurna_ I agree. They are so respectful and kind.
Swara came with a smile planted on her face while Ragini came in with a tear streaked face which she was drying.

Swara_ Ragini are you OK?
Ragini_ yes. ya Swara. Umm.. maa ji may I have a word with my sister?
Annapurna_ ya sure Ragini dear. Are you sure you’re OK?
Ragini_ ya I am.
Swara took her sister by her hand and lead her outside.
Swara_ Ragini ji, you’re scaring the living light out of me. what’s wrong.
Ragini_ ( told her the story starting from the basement accident)
Swara_ oh God! I don’t know what to say! Maybe you should talk to Laksh I’m sure he’ll understand.

Ragini_ are you sure? Do you think so?
Swara_ ya. (sees Laksh going out and nudges Ragini) go on. He’s right there.
Ragini made her way towards him but Raj stopped her.
Raj_ where are you going?
Ragini_ nowhere. Don’t worry.
Raj_ OK. Take care please. I’ll be right there if you need me.
He kissed her cheek lovingly making her heart flutter and then disappeared. She continued her way out and saw Laksh standing alone.
Ragini_ Laksh I need to talk to you. I’m…

Laksh_ DON’T. don’t talk. I won’t hear anything from you.
Ragini_ but Laksh, I have to.
Laksh_ ( making his way towards the street, which was full of cars) NO!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO! YOU JUST WANT TO.
Ragini_ ( going after him as he crossed the street to the other side) No You’ll listen to me becau……

Laksh couldn’t hear anything else. Maybe she went away. But she was insisting on talking to me, how can she just simply go?
Laksh looked behind. His heart stopped. What has he done?
Ragini was hit by a car and now laid on the solid ground covered with her blood.He didn’t care when he saw Raj running towards her and resting her head on his thighs. He was dead worried that all he did was shout her name loud enough for everyone to hear. Moments later, the families went outside to see the same scene. Parvati, Shekhar, and Sharmistha Gadodia ran to their daughter, followed rapidly by Swara.
Shekhar_ what happened? Raj? Laksh?

Laksh_ I don’t know.
Raj_ the car…it hit her. The car disappeared as soon as I got here.
DP_ hurry up! call the ambulance.
Uttara hurried and called. Sanskar was holding on Swara, trying to keep her calm. Ragini was quickly loosing blood, and slowly loosing pulse. Everyone was holding their breaths. What was going to happen to her?

Scene 4:
In total darkness, sat a figure. A man approached him and bowed. The man was fat, and chubby. He had a moustache and dark clothes. The dark figure didn’t move.
Man_ Sir. We did what we were asked to do. Your partner told us he would give us the rest of the money when the other half of the plan is done.
Figure_( in a scary vioce) Ya I know. Let’s see where is this going to lead.

I’ll stop here. I know it’s super short but I have to go. I’m thankful I had Time to write this episode. I’m under lots of pressure. Anyway, who do you think is the dark figure’s partner? If you have a slightest idea who he is, write the name in the comments down. And why is he doing all this??

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  1. May be raj is his partner. But he has planned ragini’s accident then I m gonna kill him vese toh lucky bhi use nhi chhodega but still agar usme thodi jaan bhi rhi to vo m nikaal dungi.

  2. IQRA222

    Awesome episode
    I just hate this raj
    Feeling bad for raglak

  3. A.xx

    amazing and I think Rags has feeling for Raj xx

  4. Lovely7

    Feeling bad for ragini, hate u laksh

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  6. Poor ragu. amazing update

  7. Hate raj. Superb

  8. Oh no…I hope ragini is fine…I hate raj..plz update next part soon dear

  9. Follybraverl

    How could laksh do that I hate him

  10. Jazzy

    amazinggg episode

  11. Nice dear.

  12. Nice episode dear and plz clear miss understandings between Raglak ASAP. I hate raj

    1. Tinistoessel49

      I’m sorry for raglak fans but the misunderstanding between them won’t be cleared anytime soon. I’m so sorry :'(

  13. Asra

    awesome dear……oh raj hate u…..plz clear raglak misunderstanding dear…..hope ragini get well soon…..i don’t think raj involved in this accident….he also love ragini na Thn y he should do that…..anyways waiting for ur nxt update…..tkcr dear….

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