Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 4)

I’m sorry I was late to update but I was under pressure.
Episode 4:
Scene 1:
Laksh still looked at the two of them, shocked.
Laksh_(thinking to himself) How could I be so stupid? And I thought I was in love with her!! How could she? I should have known she was the type of poor women who come after rich guys.
Raj finally took notice of Laksh’s presence, and so did Ragini. She opened her eyes and blurted out everything in one breath.
Ragini_ oh my God Laksh! You saved us! We were stuck in her alone in the darkness. I was so scared! ( when Laksh sneered, she slowed down and look questioningly at him) are you okay?
Laksh_ oh I’m fine! why don’t you continue your snogging session with your boyfriend here somewhere else?
Ragini_ what? What are you on about?
Laksh_(fuming) DON’T ACT LIKE YOU’RE THE INNOCENT. I SAW YOU KISSING MY BEST FRIEND! (calming down a bit and looking towards Raj) how could you?
Raj_ we weren’t doing anything….. believe me! ummm…um…
Ragini_ No Raj. You have nothing to be afraid of or explain. I know you wouldn’t do that and that we never did that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to run.
Laksh gaze never left Raj’s. With a final look, he took off as well. Raj remained there, smirking mischievously.
Raj_(to himself) I know what you’re feeling Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. I know you’re starting to love Ragini. Only I can’t let you. She’s mine, it’s time everyone knew this. This is only part of my plan. The real torture comes later..
Scene two:
Sanskar was on bad terms with Swara from the morning. She kept popping out of nowhere and kept disturbing him. like earlier that day in the kitchen.
Sanskar was having a very important business phone call as he entered the kitchen. He didn’t seem to see that Swara was there grinding, but she did. It was then that her mischievous idea came to action. Everytime he would speak, she would grind to make noise and everytime she did this is the noisy sound of the grinder would cover over his vioce. Sanskar looked around a thousand times but he didn’t see anyone. When he tried to talk again, he same thing happened.
Sanskar_ Uttara, where are you?
Swara stopped and hid under the counter.
Uttara_ is there a problem bhai?
Sanskar_ yes. Where is the grinding noise coming from?
Uttra_ what grinding noise? I can’t hear a thing?
Sanskar_ but it was right there I….
Uttara_ maybe you’re hallucinating. Go get some rest bhai.
She went out of the kitchen looking terribly worried.
Sanskar_ Bravo idiot! now she thinks you’ve gone mad.
a giggling vioce caught his attention. He moved towards the counter and looked down to see a very cute Swara hiding there.
Sanskar_ YOU! I should have known it was you.
As she tried to get up, she hit her head and was helped by the young man.
Sanskar_ You really bother me, do you know that?
Swara_ yay! I’m so glad I do or else all these things I’m doing are going for waste.
She was smiling broadly and Sanskar couldn’t stop admiring her. He felt goosebumps when he thought about her, but he never admitted to himself that he was in love.
Scene 3:
All the women in the house were busy working here and there. Some in the kitchen and some decorating. Ragini was recalling what Laksh said earlier. She was hurt deeply. She took notice that she had colours in her hand.
Ragini_ It’s not Holi yet. Focuse!
As she turned around she ran into Laksh and knocked half of the colours on him. She was about to apologize but he caught her hand real hard and pinned her to the wall. He was hurting her very much, her eyes were starting to water.
Laksh_ Don’t you ever look at where you go? Stop your little filthy games Ragini because I would never fall for people like you.Go on! run to Raj. Maybe he’s got something for you.
Ragini_( starting to cry) Why are you such a stuck up? You problem is that you never listen.
Laksh_ and your problem is that you keep lying.
She slapped him with her free hand.He looked at her for a second with what seemed a tender look, but it didn’t last long because he replaced it with an angry one. He abruptly turned her ( now she was no longer facing him, but was facing the wall) and snatched her pearl necklace. He broke it into pieces. When he turned to leave, all he heard was Ragini’s cries and the sound of the pearls touching the ground.

So… I’ll stop here. I’m sorry but I have to go. I promise my next one is going to be way much longer than this one. See you soon in next Episode.
Quick glampse: Sanskar proposes Swara in the most romantic way and Raj starts with his plan.
What is his plan?… read to know..

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