Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 3)

Again, this is the fourth day of Diwali. The episode will continue from the party.
Episode 3:
Scene 1:
Raj offered Ragini his hand. Ragini was deep in thoughts but she snapped back to reality when Raj spoke. His husky vioce making her tremble.
Raj_ (as he started lowering his hand slowly) Are you OK Ragini ji?
Ragini_ ( snatching his hand rapidly) Ya. I was just thinking. I’m sorry, it’s just that….
She was interrupted by Sharmistha who called after her and Swara. Parvati Gadodia was shouting at them to hurry up.

Shekhar_ Thanks alot Durga Prasad. Well, we’re going.
DP_ oh please shekhar! stay for the night it’ll be fun.
Parvati_ no no no…. we’re sorry Mr Maheshwari but it’s time to go.
All the members of the family, except Adarsh and Pareenita, came along.
Sujata_ oh! well at least leave us Ragini and Swara. They’ll have a great time here and so will we.
Sharmistha_ I don’t think so. They’ll…
Shekhar_ yeah. And we’ll come tomorrow anyway.
DP_ ok then leave them here and you’ll see them in the morning.( at seeing that Parvati was about to talk he added): and no buts… it’s their choice anyway.
Ragini_ no Papa ji. I have no problem with what will happen, but maybe it’s better if we went back ho….
Everyone laughed at her enthusiasm and bid them goodnight.
Parvati (aside with no one listening)_ will you be alright?

Ragini_ don’t worry Dadi, everything will be okay. Ya by the way, tomorrow I’m going to fast.
Parvati_ no you won’t! you’re still young and weak to go around all day without eating.
Ragini_ please Dadi ji, pleaaaasseee. It means all to me.
Parvati_ just take care of yourself. and if something happens to you, you’ll never fast again. understand?
Ragini_ ya Dadi ji. Goodnight.
Everyone sat together that night. Durga Prasad and his wife Annapurna were telling the story of Diwali and how it started. When it was dark enough, everyone crept under his/her cover and drifted into a peaceful sleep. Only one person was up all night re-thinking what happened with her tonight: Ragini. She remembered the touch of Laksh’s hand and Raj. She felt like a teenager with an obsession on two boys. After a long time, she too drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Scene 2:
The sunlight gracefully lit the darkness of the room. It resembled a fiery ball in the middle of the sky.
The yellow shining sun started rising from the ground. It filled the sky with mighty colours of red and splashed the clouds with endless rays of pink. It was bright and mesmerising. Ragini and Swara were busy re-decorating the house for the fourth day of Diwali. Today was a day where they would give thanks for god Govardhan. Also, it was another party, only this time it was only for the two families. On this special day, Both Gadodia sisters looked stunning. Swara had her hair parted on both sides and was wearing a BLACK plain georgette saree, while Ragini had her hair cascading to the end of her waist and was wearing a multicolor embroidered georgette saree. The men were all sitting together and talking about business development.
Swara was passing by fastly and hit into complete solid. She fell backwards but a strong grip moved rapidly to grip her around the waist. She looked up at Sanskar who was smirking geniusly.

Sanskar_(sarcastically) can’t stay away from me can you?
Swara_ you wish. I’ll show you I can.
She let go of his grip and was about to continue up stairs, but again, she slipped and went back into his arms.
Sanskar_ Are you OK!! please be careful. What if something happens to you!
She was taken aback ( positively) by his concern. He really wanted her to be more careful. She wasn’t able to restrain herself from blushing. He seemed to notice this.
Sanskar_(laughing) ya ya… you sure can stay away now. Just be careful next time.
She laughed to herself bitterly. She looked at him as he passed by her still smiling goofily.

Ragini wasn’t concentrating at all. Her haid ached badly and it was just about to explode. She kept swaying with every step she took up the stairs. Laksh, who just came in didn’t notice her. She badly wanted to finish this day of fasting, but her body was not on the same terms with her desire. She swayed backwards, but Laksh noticed in time and snatched her hand. He moved fast and held her bridal way downstairs. When he put her down, he rushed to bring water. Sitting beside her, he pulled the cup of water near her mouth and made her sip. A bit. She snapped her eyes open and moved away from him as if he burnt her.
Ragini_ oh god! what have you done? are you insane? oh god! I was fasting. you ruined my day.

Laksh ( looking a bit flushed for not being thanked for his good deeds yelled back) Oh please! how could I know? Believe me, I could’ve left you fall down but I didn’t, and here you are now shouting at me.
Ragini_(looking hurted) why didn’t you then??
She turned away and stomped to the kitchen. There, she prayed to God to forgive her and the she didn’t drink water on purpose. She felt bad about talking to him like that but he hurted her more with his words. She decided to forget about it and go to bring the rest of the decorations from the storage.
The storage was very small, it barely fitted two people. As she went inside, she heard Raj call her.
Raj_ Ragini, stop wait!

All she heard next was a thump and her stumbling backwards. The door was closed and darkness fell all over the place. The girl whimpered slightly, seeing as she’s afraid of darkness.
Raj_ It’s ok Ragini, I’m here.
Ragini_ Raj?? Raj, is that you?
Raj_ ya I’m….
Before he could continue, Ragini launched herself on him in a hug. She was very scared right then. Raj was taken aback but, secretly he liked the feeling. Something was about to fall on top o Ragini head but Raj moved her quickly towards the wall. They knew it was a vase when it broke. He was so close to her and she was pinned to the wall with him atop of her. She didn’t notice the loving and longing look he gave her and that he was leaning in.

Laksh’s POV:
I was close to the storage when I heard a breaking noise coming from it. I went to see what was it. When I opened the door, I felt the whole world stop around me. Raj was Leaning in towards someone. A girl. More likely the girl he was getting a crush on. Ragini.

The scene stops on this. See you next episode. Hope you liked it. if yes comment please.

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