Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 2)

This is the new one. Hope you like it. I forgot to tell you that it is third day of Diwali. ( the day candles light the darkness)

Episode 2:
Swara was shocked to still be in Sanskar’s arms. The touch of his hand sent shivers down her spine. She felt unbelievably comfortable but she had to get up. Annapurna was calling after them for what seemed to be a before-the-party meeting.
The two families gathered together in the center of the room to find out what have been done and what has not. They finished almost everything before the guests began to arrive.Lighting candles were the last task.
Annapurna_ Ragini dear will you please light the candles for me? Swara already decorated them but…
Ragini_ oh no… it’s okay really. I’ll go.
She turned on her heels and headed to the place where she was asked to go to. Laksh was following her but his mother stopped him halfway and told him to help Uttara with the boxes. Swara and Sanskar were told to prepare the dishes with sweets and food. Parineeta offered help, but to Swara’s surprise, he declined it respectfully.
Ragini stood unable to describe what she saw in words. The candles were beautifully decorated in a manner that was very attractive. They were in circles, every circle was bigger than the other. She started to light them. She kept getting distracted by Uttara and Laksh, who were passing with boxes. When she finally finished, she got up to look around her. She couldn’t move. She was stuch in the smallest circle of candles. Uttara and Laksh were passing and the young lady seemed to notice Ragini’s situation.
Uttara_ oh my God! What were you thinking? Wait there Ragini. ( turns to Laksh) go on bhai… help her.
He hesitated but her situation was really awkward. He moved carefully to her, and as he was a foot away from her, he took her hand without warning. The sudden interaction between the skin of both made Ragini blush. She looked at him. He was concentrating on how to get them out of there. The lights of the candles around them made the scene more and more romantic.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen
Swara_ ummm…ummmm. I-i-i-i…..
Sanskar_(mocking her playfully) ummm?? you… you what?
Swara_ well, this… you know. Us always down each other’s throat because of a silly accident. I don’t know why you’re still mad and taking it so seriously.
Sanskar_ who said I am. I just thought maybe teasing you around will be comedic.
He moved closer to her and she stumbled back.
Sanskar_Why are you moving backwards?
Swara_because you’re coming forward.
She was pinned to the wall. Sanskar pulled his hand closer to her face. She expected him to kiss her but he didn’t. In fact, he touched her nose and then went to carry the tray of dishes.
Sanskar_ by the way, you have something on your nose.
Swara was breathing fast. when he faded, she touched her heart, which was about to explode. She looked at her reflection and saw that there was butter covering her nose.
Swara_ uffff…. SANSKAR!!!
Laughing slightly, she made her way to where people were all gathered conversating deeply about how beautiful the house was. Ragini and Laksh came on time. It was prayer time for the two families. When they finished, young took blessings from older.

The real Festival was to start now. The lights went off and candles beated the darkness. everyone applauded and thanked God.
Ragini was going to serve herself with some sweets when she bumped into someone. When she looked at who the person was she froze. She didn’t know him, true but she was expecting the ‘someone’ to be Laksh. The young man infront of her was wearing a white shirt with a white blouse. He also had blue jeans on. His eyes were blue and his hair was black. He was smiling at Ragini sweetly that she couldn’t help but think how handsome he was. She felt stupid.
Laksh_ Ragini are you okay?
Ragini_ ya Laksh I’m fine but…. I’m really sorry Mister. it’s just a bit gloomy.
Laksh seemed to notice the ‘someone’ now, because he broadly laughed and shook the man’s hand.
Laksh_ oh Ragini! this here is my friend: Raj.
Screen freezes on Raglak and Raj. Next Episode: It’s still Diwali.

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