Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 18)

I am sorry for not updating. I posted the reason on my account. Anyway, today I have no studies and Nothing to do that’s why I’ll be writing this part.??I wish you to enjoy every part of it.

Episode 18:
Scene 1:
The Maheshwari Mansion was full with buzzing sounds that morning. Today was the before engagement party. The theme of the party was Bollywood celebrities. Annapurna and Sujata were busy costumizing the stairs and the red carpet. Pareenita and Uttara were in the kitchen cooking. In this time, the two brothers were preparing themselves for the party. Laksh was over excited, he unconsciously punched Sanskar on the face.
Sanskar_ uffffff. Bhai!!! What’s wrong with you? Do you want me to go to the party with a bloodied nose and a bucket of tissues?
Laksh_ I’m sorry. But you know,…… I would like you to have a nice bloodied nose.?? I really wouldn’t be surprised if Swara dumps you.
Sanskar_ shut it, will you? How about I give a nice knock out?? Believe me, you won’t even remember where you came from.

Laksh_ ha ha ha. You wouldn’t dare.
Sanskar_ I could give you a bad hair day.
Laksh_ Do.Not.Touch.My.Hair!!!!!
Sanskar_ OK! let’s act mature for once.
Laksh_ yeah! That is what I would agreed on.

Sanskar_ we have one problem
Laksh_ uffff…. again? Didn’t we finish this long movie yet? Who said I wanted to be an actor?
Sanskar_ shhhhh….No. Raj and Sahil are out of the game already. The problem is all the old people who will come to the party today.
Laksh_ ????? And…..

Sanskar_ imagine I’m an old bold man with fake teeth and a beard. Don’t forget to imagine the saliva drawling from his mouth( Sanskar acts to be the old man and ruffles Laksh’s hair) What a beautiful young man you are son. Where are you from??
Laksh_(really disgusted) from take your hand from my hair Landia!
Sanskar_(back to the real Sanskar) see! That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
Laksh_ should I put a ‘sleep well old men’ or ‘no oldies in the party’ sign?
Sanskar_ we’ll think about it later let’s go now.
Laksh_ Why?
Sanskar_ I’m hungry and I want to eat something.

Laksh_ (sarcastically) What a surprise!! Sanskar is hungry…As always.
Sanskar sticked his tongue out at Laksh and went downstairs. Laksh called after him.
Moments later he went and joined his family down for breakfast. Today, he thought, he would tell Ragini all of his feelings towards her. He would say ‘I Love You’ and then?? He would figure out about that later.

Scene 2:
Swara was roaming the entire house ? asking for fashion tips. She had no idea about who will she be from the Bollywood world and she wasn’t sure as well. She had in mind to dress up as Depika Padukone. At last, she decides to wear the same black saree with the same hairstyle and white flowers pin. She was very satisfied with her looks. She looked simply irresistible. Ragini on the other hand, was confused.
Ragini_(thinking) K or A? K or A??? uffffff…….this is hard. What am I thinking?? I’ll go with K.

K was for Katrina Kaif. She fancied that actress. She decided to wear the same black saree Katrina wore in her movie:”Singh Is King”. To that look, she added a beautiful red ?? which she pinned into her beautifully done hair. She as well looked angelic ??. She waited for Swara to come and tell her it’s time to go. In fact, at that moment she entered the room.
Swara_ wow!! Ragu you look gorgeous.

Ragini_ you look gorgeous yourself.
Swara_ come on. Dadi, Maa and Papa are waiting for us outside.
Ragini_ Are you ready to start the plan.
Swara_ they’ll die as soon as we lie to them.
Ragini_ oh come on! it’s just a joke!! Anyway it’s only for a laugh.
Swara_ you Teaser!
Ragini and her sister laughed at this and went to join the rest of the family.

Scene 3:
When he family arrived at the Maheshwari Mansion, DP and his wife came to welcome them followed shortly by the rest. At that moment, the plan of the sisters took action.

I’m sorry it’s not long…but that’s all I can do. ???? Well, good news. My school’s about to end and I’ll have plenty of time to write… I swear and promise that I’ll work harder on the episodes. Comment please ??? Till next time.. Love you Mickey? and love you all

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