Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 17)

Again, I want to start my new episode by a big thanks for all readers and commenters. Thanks isn’t enough to express what I feel when I see that you like my story and that you really read them ? ???? And a special RIP to my friend once again.

Episode 17:
Scene 1:
That night, Swara sat at her bed while Ragini brushed her hair from behind. Ragini finished brushing Swara’s hair and laid on the bed. So did the other young lady.
Swara_ Ragu, this is all I’ve ever dreamed of. Us being together and happy. And marrying at the same time.
Ragini_ well then, all your dreams are coming true.
Swara_ yeah. I’m sure I’m going to be happy with Sanskar. He loves me so much.
Ragini_ I’m sure he does
Swara_ You know, today when I told him that I’m still single and available, he got all fuming and started to boil.
Ragini_ do you know what this means?? It means he’s jealous

Swara_ I know. But what does this have to do with anything?
Ragini_ I have a pretty wicked joke to make on them. But we need Papa and Maa’s help. I need the help of all the Maheshwari family.
Swara_ what is it?? Oh, you’re not going to tell me are you?
Ragini_ nope. Not now
Swara_ When then?
Ragini_ When we tall papa and Maa also
Swara_ then what are you waiting for? let’s go.

They went together to the sitting room where their parents sat. Shekhar was reading the newspaper while Sharmistha was cutting cucumber.
Swara_ Maa, papa, we need your help.
Shekhar_ with what?
Swara_ Ragini has a plan.
Sharmistha_ what plan??

Ragini_ Listen carefully, I need your help in…………
When she finished, everyone looked at her with raised eyebrows.
Swara_ Are you crazy?? They’ll die right when they hear the news.
Shekhar_ I think it’s a good idea to test my future sons’ love for my daughters.
Sharmistha_ I’m sure it’s going to be a good day tomorrow for everyone.??
Ragini_ papa, will you talk to Mr Maheshwari about this?
Shekhar_ yeah. I’ll tell him tomorrow.
Swara_ Ok. Goodnight
Ragini_ Goodnight

Scene 2:
Ragini flipped in her sleep. She heard a knock on the door. Without hesitation, she went to open the door before anyone of her family would wake up. When she did, she saw the last person she imagined: Laksh
Ragini_(whispers sleepy) What on earth are you doing here on…(she looks on the wall clock) 12:30 in the night?? Are you out of your mind?
Laksh_ Wow! What a beautiful greeting. I sure missed you too Ragu.
Ragini_(yawning) I didn’t miss you at all. You told me not to after all.
Laksh_ aren’t you going to let me in or offer me coffee?
Ragini_ on 12:30pm? Seriously?

Laksh_ Ragini, is everyone sleeping?
Ragini_(nervous) W-wh-y?
Laksh_ it means that we’re all alone.(he bited and licked his bottom lip (A/N:??)
Ragini_(hits his arm playfully) Laksh!!!
Laksh_?? (taking her by the waist and moving her closer) have I told you that you’re beautiful? Ragini, it’s time we live our moment for once without anyone interrupting.
Someone made a noise from behind.

Parvati_ Who’s there? Swara? Ragini?
Ragini_(whispers to Laksh to hide the table) It’s me Dadi ji.
The lights went on and Parvati looked at her granddaughter in confusion.
Parvati_ What are you doing here??
Ragini_ I couldn’t sleep.

Parvati_ me too. Why is are the keys on the table?
She moved and unconsciously stepped on Laksh’s hand. He restrained the urge to shout. She stood here like for at least 2 minutes.
Laksh_(thinking) haven’t she finished with her stupid keys. I feel like a tractor is standing on my fingers.
When Parvati finally said her goodnight to Ragu and went back to her room, the young lady took Laksh’s hand and lead him to the door.
Ragini_ Laksh please go. please! If someone finds you…

Laksh_Excuse me? Your Dadi ji stepped on my fingers and now I feel like they’re mashed potatoes.
Ragini giggled furiously and closed the door after biding him a peaceful sleep. She didn’t go back to sleep at all. Swara on the other hand was sleeping. Not for long anyway, her phone rang and squealed interrupting her dream.
Swara_ uffff….. Who’s the stupid person who’s phoning me past midnight?
She reached for her mobile and pressed​ the speakers.
Phonecall conversation:
Swara_ Whoareyouandwhatdoyouwant?

Vioce_ What?
Swara_(bolted up and screamed) Sanskar!!
Sanskar_ No need to scream. By the way, you look absolutely lovely in your pink pj.
Swara_(blushes) thank you. (thinks for a moment) Wait, how…??
Sanskar_ look at your window.
She looked up and expected to see Sanskar, but she only saw balloons ??
Swara_ wow Sanskar! they’re all mine. The balloons ? are beautiful!
Sanskar_ what balloons?? oh God! Couldn’t this man wait. Did he have to pass with all his stupid balloons?? and ruin my moment?

As soon as she looked up again, she saw Sanskar standing there with a bouquet of flowers ??, smiling. She went to the window giggling about how romantic he was. He whispered to her an ‘I Love You’ and Swara’s ?? beats grew quicker. Ragini’s vioce interrupted​the interesting moment.
Sanskar_ does it always have to be someone who interrupt us. GOD!!
Swara looked at him sadly and snatched the flowers.

Swara_ I’m sorry Sanskar. She’s coming. Bye.
She shut the window and crept under her sheets pretending to sleep. Ragini entered the room and went to bed, drifting into a peaceful sleep.

I’M so sorry it’s short but I had to. It’s been a long time since I last updated and I was busy so….This is all I could write in my free time.?? Anyway next one is going to be longer I hope. Don’t forget to comment ????? please….Bye

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