Swaragini FF by Lina (Episode 1)

This is my first episode, so hope you like it. Also Swasan and Raglak won’t ush into things. There will e lots of plots, so please continue reading.

Episode 1:
Scene 1: Ragini’s POV
This autumn day has my sprits soaring beyond the colourful boughs above. The brilliant shafts of sunlight caress the carpet of reds and golds before me, laid out like a carpet for a royal. Each breath of the fresh air fills me a sense of life that almost makes me want to shout out loud, just to hear my voice echo amidst the trees_ Diwali. I woke up early that morning to see Swara still sleeping lazily.
Ragini: Get Up!! UP..! Come on Swara it’s Diwali
Dwara huffed in her pillow.
Swara: But Ragini I’m tired. Can’t people sleep in this house?? WAIT…. WHAT?? Oh my God!! it’s Diwali.
She shot up and went straight to the bathroom to freshen up. Swara was running around the house as if it was end of earth.
Swara: where are maa and dad? I can’t find them. Not even Dadi.
Ragini: ya! right Swara ji. I forgot to mention that the Maheshwari Family invited us to the Festival they’re having today. Maa told me that as soon as we wake up, we’ll have to prepare ourselves.
Swara: Ragini ji it’s such an important day to me. to us. Remember how we used to spend it in the last two years?
Ragini: ya Swara I know. Come on now we’ll have to prepare ourselves.
both girls prepared themselves. The results came out to be mesmerising. They both had similar anarkali which had a silver top that showed the skin from their shoulders till the end of their hands. Only Ragini’s bottom skirt was a sea green colour and that of Swara was a baby pink. Their hair was on one side with a fringe cascading to reach their eye. They nonethelessly looked hot.

Scene 2:
Sujata held the cup of juice and hurried behind Sanskar to get him to drink it.
Sanskar: maa, please. I don’t want it.
Sujata: but Sansy you have to.
he took it from her and drinked it in one gulp. Sujata left the room as Laksh entered.
Laksh: Juice problem bhai? Don’t worry I was about to vomit it. You’ll get used to it.
Sanskar: eww Lucky bhai, what’s wrong with you? Never mind now tell me, what do we have to do exactly?
Laksh: Well.. We ave to help with the preparations. At least that’s what papa said.
Sanskar huffed and headed along with his brother downstairs.
Annapurna: hey Laksh, sweetie, please go outside and help shekhar’s daughter. Swara came and said that her sister had lots of things with her.
Laksh asked where Sanskar was but he was obviously already helping out, so he headed out to where Ragini stood trying to get a basket full of roses from the top of the car.
Laksh: hey! need some help there?
He was right behind her that she was taken aback since she knocked the basket and all the roses fell on them. She looked embarrassed but was trying hard to hide it.
Ragini: don’t need your help anymore now do I?
Laksh: hahahah.. I guess so.
Her face was crimson red and she was trying to get some petals out of her hair. She looked so girly and innocent, Laksh couldn’t help but laugh.
Ragini: you know Mr Maheshwari, if you stopped laughing for and helped me gather them up it will do real good.
Laksh: ya ya .. okay.
They gathered them together and made their way to the house.

Swara: uggghh… this is unbearable
Sanskar: you call this unbearable? Seriously?
Swara: Ya it is can’t you see…. Sanskar??
Sanskar: oh how cute! still remember me Mrs Gadodia?
Swara: who can forget you? I mean our last encounter was really interesting wasn’t it Mr arrogant.
FLASHBACK:( swara bumped into someone by accident
Someone: hey don’t you have eyes?
Swara: oh shut up you’re the blind one who bumped into me
Someone: me?? You know people have eyes for a reason.
Swara: oh well, too bad you have no reason.
Someone: you’re talking to Sanskar Maheshwari right now you know?
Swara: so??
Sanskar: you’re hopeless, terribly hopeless
Swara: oh bugger off. I’m out of here.
The girl took off without a glance backward)
Sanskar: ya Interesting. Listen I’m sorry OK but if you had eye problems right then, I’m sorry.
Swara: ( snapping) I. Have. No. Eye. Problems
Sanskar: as you wish. Where should I put these?
Swara was walking him there and suddenly slipped
Sanskar: hey…..be careful
He got her just in time. She was looking up at him, confusion in her eyes.

Back to Raglak
As they reached the door Ragini’s stop of moving made Laksk stop as well.
Ragini: hey, by the way I’m Ragini Gadodia. Nice to meet you.
She extended her hand with a bright smile plastered on her face. The boy hesitated but finally took it and shook it.
Laksh: I’m Laksh Maheshwari. nice to meet you too.
She never stopped smiling as Laksh showed her the way into the Maheshwari Mansion
Episode stops on both Swasan and Raglak.

I’ll update soon. Love you all. Next episode: THE MAGIC OF DIWALI.

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