Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 5)


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Ragini’s pov:
I was serving more food to that hungry beggar while asking him what is he upto?He quickly replied me whether chewing the left over food that i dont need to worry ,because my marriage will only happen with him.My tolerance level crossed it’s limit by his ans ,but i stayed silent.Because in my pov the both brothers were mental patients who mistakenly got released from mental asylam.
After a while all the people from those mental’s house left .But before that the mimic gave me a flying kiss by hiding from everyone’s attetion.I was literally shocked because of their behaviour.I thought i am a simple middle class girl ,there is hardly any qualities in me that can attract any boy.But here two two rich boys are behind me…I dont get the fact.

Sanskaar reached his home at late night .Laksh who was waiting for his brother impatiently,quickly gave a tight hug to him.
Sanskaar:What happen laksh?You are awake at so late …
Laksh:Bhai…Thank you… thank you so much…
Sanskaar:It’s your usual dialogue.Think something else(he told with a teasing smile)
laksh:Bhai pls dont tease me..(he said by making a cute face)
Sanskaar:So whom to tease ??Your cutie pie!!??
Laksh:Bhai … i am going….(he narrated while blushing a little by his bhai’s fret)
Sanskaar:ok.. ok .. i wil not taunt you with your cutie pie’s name but ragini!!(he loudly told)
Laksh: Bhai … pls be silent.. If anybody heard us then we will be finished…
Sanskaar:Ok ok i wil be aware.You dont need to worry..Just be in your dreams with your cutie pie.I am going to my room.Good night
Laksh :ok.. good night..
Sanskaar reached his room and directly went to washroom.After getting freshen up he paced to his reading table and opened a diary.His diary..It’s his usual routine to write this diary.He started to write it.
Today is the most funniest day of my life.I have got engaged to a girl.No no not any girl but my brother’s would be wife.I didnt want to do that engagement.But i had to do it for my brother.He loves that girl madly and i didnt want him to be heartbroken.Also my family is hellbent to do my marriage first,so there was no benefit in pleading them.Laksh didnt want to wait and i didnt want to marry,hence we made a plan.A scheme of doing all the rituals with her while the marriage will happen with laksh only.
Instead of all this,i have to agree the girl is hell beautiful.And by going with my experience i think the girl is good from her heart.But i hope from the core of my heart that she will make my little brother a little bit more mature and enough sensible to understand the reality of this society.Though he is enough older but very much childish and innocent from his heart,believes everyone with blind eyes.
Apart from this thing ,i need to share an important matter with you(diary) that the girl think me as a fashion disaster!! fashion disaster …… seriously??I mean I am one of the best fashion insta of this country and here….first time in my whole life a girl had dared to say that!!
I think she is strange or am i really a fashion disaster??



Credit to: Sara

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  7. Love the plot line of this FF yaar. In the actual drama all the guys are crazy over Swara first Laksh then Sanky and now Sahil lol. But Ragini is so much more prettier so its nice to see both Lucky and Sanky liking her. Awesome update. Waiting for next one.

  8. oh my god
    wt a turn of event
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    wt sort of game r they going to play
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    because her one comment made him think about his self
    ragini’s pov are always best in ur ff
    i was laughing while reading
    shes’s one unique girl

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