Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 9)



Sanskaar wore a white light kurta and pajama whether very much concerned about the fact that ragini didnt again got the chance of calling him fashion disaster or with any other name…

He came down with a fake smile to cover up the sadness of his face.The guilt of hurting his little brother was piercing him profusely.

Ragini’s pov:
I was forcefully passing some times by talking with his family members whether they were not missing any chance to tease me.Their teasing business were literally increasing the temparature of my head.I was cursing each and every member of his family including him for making me a shy baby.Yeah i was blushing like hell with their every ounce of tease.I never ever felt so shy in my whole life…!!
Just then the reason of my blush came,with a 440 volt smile .Though i doubt ….. if he was smiling or showing off his extra white teeth….

Instead of all these issues… one thing which captured my attention the most…. that my would be fashion disaster was not looking like any disaster today but a handsome hunk….
He sat beside me by keeping up the 440 volt smile whether my body was getting continuous goosebumps because of our closeness.I was admiring him through the corner of my eyes conciously till my mamma didnt knock some sense into my little head….

“keep your hands on each other ” the pandit told us.
He extended his hand towards me…I slowly kept my hand on his with very much nervousness.. The pandit was chanting mantras while keeping some ingredients on our hands … i didnt know why but i found his hold under my hand was harsh… because it was paining immensely.Though i didnt make any sound infront of others to keep his respect …..

The ritual got finished and i quickly took off my hand from his and started rubbing it continuously.My hand was full on red because of his tight hold….
I was vilifying him with many names under my breath.And why dont i?Didnt he know how to behave with a girl..??How dare he to hurt me that too intentionally?..

After a while his bari maa asked him to show me their garden.But he was avoiding it with various excuses though no one heed any pay to him….So hr had to agree….
We were in garden …. walking like a silent statue….
Nonethless i thought to ask him the reason of his rude attitude…
“Why are you behaving like that?”.. ..
No ans….. he was not even talking with me.So i hold his hand and compelled him to face me.
“What happen?Why are you not answering me?”
“Look i am not interested to give you any ans….. ok?”
“What?… What do you mean by that… we are getting married…And you dont even want to talk with me?”
“So what?I dont care….”
“If you dont care..Then why the hell are you marrying me…?”
“My wish…. I will do whatever i want.. And you cant stop me…”he exclaimed while smirking at me…..

Precap:dont know

I know this chapter is not good.But i am little busy…So… sorry..


Credit to: Sara

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