Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 8)


Hey guys thanks for your comments and silent readers also.It’s a ragsan ff.

Ragini’s pov:
I was literally shocked by seeing the level of flirting he was doing with me.Today i could not even mention him as a fashion disaster.Because he had hardly worn any kind of clothes except towel.He was holding my waist tightly while his other hand was playing with my cheek. If anyone was there in place of him ,i would have created a public scene for touching me unappropiately but his case was different because i was not at all willing to get apart from his embrace instead i was enjoying the closeness between us ,his bare body was hugging mine as if we are one soul,the warmth of his body was creating a vibrated pulsation on me, his naughty act of playing with my hairs was giving me a optimal pleasure of satisfaction.I was feeling some kind of butterflies on my body.This types of strange effect which i never thought would anyone be able to create on me,was finally happening by one man’s touch…..??!!

My thoughts got disturbed by hearing the sound of door opening.Oh no someone was opening the lock of door from outside.That sound made us alert,but …. before we could do anything the whole family were infront of us,glaring at us with open mouth as if we were any kind of alien who came from another planet.We made our position right quickly.After that i thought to handle the situation.
“I…. i was just passing through the room and my leg got slipped… so.. so … he saved me from falling down”i somehow rushed out from the room by making the so called excuse while stealing my glances from all the suspicious eyes..

“Oh ho bhaiya i didnt know that you are so… romantic.But first give me a thank you for locking you both inside the room.Otherwise you couldnt be able to romance with bhabi” uttara was teasing his brother to make the environment normal while sanskaar hold her ear for doing this kind of mischief.
“You got so naughty uttara .I will not leave you”
“Sorry sorry bhaiya pls leave me … it’s hurting”…

“Sanskaar let her go and get ready soon…..

Otherwise the auspicious time for shagun will get over.”Annapurna exclaimed “By the way becareful next time and lock the door before romancing”while incited him in the last line…
“Bari maa… you too…..”
“Ok ok sorry… now get ready…”
All of them made their exit from his room while someone’s angry and hurt eyes captured his(sanskaar) attention……It was laksh .He(laksh) was enough hurt by his brother’s act.
“Laksh…… pls dont misunderstand.I was just flir…”
Laksh cut his brother’s words in mid way
“What bhai?What is this?I didnt expect this from you….. You are trying to woo my cutie pie?……How could you….?”
“Laksh.. laksh you are misunderstanding …”he tried to exclaim him(laksh) but once again got cut by his little brother.
“Enough bhai… enough … i dont want to hear any explaination.I never ever thought that i have to consider on my decision of doing this drama….” he shouted and got out of his (sanskaar) room while closing the door loudly by making sanskaar repented for his mistake……

Sanskaar’s pov:
Oh God….. What have i done… I have hurted my little brother… for a girl…. How could I?How can i do this mistake?…..She is laksh’s would be wife and i was flirting with her?..
Thousand questions were going on my mind whereas i was unable to give any ans..I didnt know why i got close to her but one thing which i concluded after the incident was that…….. from now on i will avoid her and will not think about her at any cost in fact i will gain my brother’s trust by uniting him and his cutie pie.Because i cant lose my brother for anyone as he is the most precious person in my life……


Credit to: sara

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    Ragsan falling for each other
    Excited for the upcoming episode
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