Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 7)

Hey guys i am so overwhelmed for your concern towards me.I am all right now.Thanks for your comments and silent readers also.

When i heard the crackling scream of that fashion disaster i got a little nervous. But i was not the one to lose infront of him.So i thought to give him a peace of mind.
“What do you mean by that?I am your would be wife…!!By that logic it’s also my room.I have full right to come here at any time.You cant at all oppose about it… ok?..i exclaimed him by looking at his eyes directly while his eyes widened in reaction.Though i myself didnt know what nonsense i was throwing at him.I thought i was also getting some symptoms from that mental patient.Because i was babbling his kind of speech.
“Oh really?Till yesterday you were not even wanted to get engaged and now you are addressing my room as your room?!!So much difference in just a day?he asked enquiringly whether looking at me suspiciously.
“Oh….. so you are still stuck in yesterday’s incident?Dont you know present time matters the most…And now i am fine with our marriage.”i told him with much confidence on my face though those talks had hardly any meaning to me.

“What… what rubbish are you talking?How can you agree for our marriage ?!!I mean…. you dont know me at all?!!!!!”he asked startle while coming few steps ahead towards me.
Oh God!! That’s it… By seeing his behaviour and reaction for telling yes to the marriage proposal had left no doubt in my mind that he is a serious mental patient who needs to be admitted in mental asylam without any delay.I mean he was the one who had forcibily gotten engaged with me and now he was questioning about my own sanity?Wow!!!How mad he is!!…I was thinking about one hell way to get out of the room at any cost as i wanted to safe myself from that mad .But the blo*dy door was not opening…..

Sanskaar’s pov:
I was not getting anything about the silly girl…. One side i was so embarrassed because of not wearing anything except a towel while on the other side the girl was making me insane by her strange behaviour….
“Yeah you are right … i dont know you well but i will know you in the upcoming days slowly slowly.. That’s not a problem”…. she narrated by literally mimicring me.!!
How dare she?She was imitating the SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!Now she had to suffer for it… So I thought to take a sweet avenge from her by my habitual behaviour…… flirting….

“oooooo so it’s a yes from your side.”i told her while lessening our distance slowly slowly..”That means ….. you are interested in me.. right?i whispered in her year by removing some hair strands from her crimson face with my hand and adjusted them behind her ear.She was staring at me lovingly with her curious eyes because of my act..
“So… tell me…. na are you interested in me?”……. i asked her while pulling her towards me with my masculine hand.Her delicate waist was fully wrapped with my hand by which i dragged her more tightly.The warmth of her skin was directly touching my bare body and making me more compelled to gasp her closely against me…

“Tell me na….i am waiting ” i asked her naughtily while burring my face in her shiny soft black hair…….



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  1. Nice update…..will sanskar fall for her in all this pretend?

  2. wow shanky so much change just in one day on engagement day u were taged as fashion disaster now because of that u even didn’t wear cloths lol…mindblowing episode so much funny thing in that waiting for next part…

    1. I too agree with you ek hi din sab badalgaya

  3. superb
    now whose regretting in the precap
    is it sanskaar
    it seems soon sanskaar will fall for ragini
    but wt about ragini
    will laksh get to know
    wt ever happened between ragsan

    hope u r perfectly fine dear
    take care

  4. awesome

  5. Good one .. Is ragsan or RagLak???

  6. Superb.

  7. Nice

  8. Nice
    Hope soon everything get settled

  9. can u plz send d link of 5&6 episodes

    1. Venni dear at first a big sorry… from my side because i dont know how to give links sorryyyyy again

  10. Awesome nd sanskar is too much… so its may be a start of ragsan love story nd ragini menta thoughts r so awesome

  11. Superb

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