Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 6)

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It was morning.Ragini was sleeping peacefully till then as she couldnt sleep well at night because of the strange happenings of last day.
Ragini ‘s pov:
I was sleeping unopposedly while dreaming about my future dance club.But my happiness was short alived……. Because that was not convetable for my mamma.She poured a glass of water on my dream actually on my face.So i had to wake up from my desirable sleep.If that was not enough for disturbing me,that’s why she thought to break an explosive bomb infront of me.Yeah … i mean going to those sane’s house for shagun was not less than an explosive bomb to me.It’s like inviting problems without any fault.Hence I rejected my mamma’s proposal in clear word.Appearently she was not the one to agree with me.
So i nodded my head in yes though i had not an inch interest to do any ritual with that mental patient.I just didnt get one thing into my little head till now that how come those mental patients were staying in their house.As mental problem is an infectious disease.Who knows their family had also gotten some symptoms because of inhabiting with them so…. many years.That’s why I warn myself to stay away from those sanes as much as i can for avoiding the chances of being a mental patient.

Laksh’s pov:
I was waiting for my cutie pie since early morning.Though i knew there was still enough time for her arrival.I didnt know why,but i didnt want to wait,i just wanted to skip all the rituals except marriage.Because bhai was getting trapped for me. I was getting nightmare nowadays about what will happen at the marriage day or after marriage.How will i and bhai manage everything? I didnt know anything. But one thing was for sure that i will be the only groom of my cutie pie.(he was thinking while holding a pic of his cutie pie)

After 2 hours:
Ragini and her mamma entered in her(RAGINI) would be in law’s house for the first time.Everyone were behaving very much welcomed towards them specially uttara.She was so … excited that she took ragini with her to show all the rooms of their house.
Ragini’s pov:
I liked the girl uttara most because of her bubbly behaviour.She(uttara) was outrightly dragging me to show all the rooms with full of excitation,no annoyance could be found in her sweet face.

While i was praising her in my mind,that girl litterally pushed me into a room by addressing it to be my would be room.I didnt get anything for a second.But the reality striked me hardly when a half n*ked boy came out from that room’s washroom.Yeah… it was that fashion disaster.He was only wrapped in a towel till his waist.His face was depicted with full of shock.Seeing him at this state i quickly turned myself to other side while thinking to get out at any cost. I was continuously trying to open the door .But no…. the door was locked from outside!!!Then my little head only realized that how can a mental’s sister be a normal person.She needs to be abnormal….. right?!!!

I was cursing myself for coming with that abnormal sister of his while i heard a shouting sound.
“what the hell are you doing here?”he asked whether holding his intertwined towel tightly as if confirming that it didnt get loose.



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