Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 4)


Ragini took her mamma a little away from others by expandering sanskaar’s hand from her arm.He didnt notice that.
Conversation between ragini and her mom:
“What is this mamma?What the hell is going on here ? “she shouted….
What happen beta?Everything is fine…and you are getting engaged ” her mamma told while acting as if nothing happened.
Mamma are you serious?!!
Engagement??You only told me to meet with the guy.And now!!How can you decieve me like this??!”she asked whether a layer of tears was gathering into her eyes.

“Beta i am not decieving you.I know what is good for you.Pls do this engagement .Sanskaar is a good guy … He will keep you happy”Sumi narrated by cupping her daughter’s face.
“Wait… wait …. sanskaar.????Now who is this!!Isnt his name laksh?ragini asked with a confused expression.
“Laksh??”.. her mumma murmered the name while a smile curved in her(mom) face.”Beta laksh is only the younger brother of your would be
Ragini was numbed for a while because of not understanding anything.But she got over from the shock and asked inquiringly “This means that fashion disaster is my would be husband?”
“What?” sumi questioned her amusedly because of her (ragini) taking strange names again and again.
“Nothing mamma… you only listen one thing i am not going to marry that guy.That mimic is even better than him…

I mean … just look at his dressing style.. He has worn.. so heavy clothes just to meet a girl instead of so hot weather.”
“Beta you are misunderstanding..He has directly come from office that’s why….”her mother told while trying to make an excuse of his dressing style.
“Mamma i dont know any thing..I just know that i am not going to get engaged with that fashion disaster.”ragini irritatingly told her mom.

“Excuse me??What have you called me?…Fashion disaster… right??” a curious voice came from backside.
“No …. no … sanskaar.She is just kidding .Actually she is habituated in cracking jokes”sumi narrated while trying to justify her daughter ‘s act.
Ragini was just glaring at her mumma angrily.Because she wanted to tell him(sanskaar) off by nodding her head in a yes.
“Oh.. i thought she was serious.”he exclaimed with an unwanted smile.”But i am really sorry for doing this”…
Sorry… why is he now telling sorry she thought while a hand grabbed her hand tightly and dragged her into the guest room whether she was just shouting at him(sanskaar).

After the appearance in guest room ragini stayed silent for her mom’s respect.
And that guy just took up the advantage and made her wear a diamond ring while she kept her mouth open in the heat of shock.”
“Close your mouth otherwise insect will enter inside your gob”sanskaar told while smiling at her traumatize expression.

Ragini finally broke her silent and whispered in a low voice”You dont need to worry about it.. 1st tell me that ,why have you done this”?
“What have i done now?!!”he asked confusedly.
“Oh …. you are so innocent…Dont act naive infront of me”she warned him by giving a rude glare.
“Wait.. wait.. would you pls like to tell me what is my fault?” he asked her while coming closer to her to avoid other’s attention on them
Ragini just wanted to punch his face hard for his arcadian behaviour.But …… before she could do anything her mom ordered her to make him wear the ring which she(ragini) was holding in her hand.
Ragini was not at all going to do that .. but Sanskaar forcefully put on the ring in his ring finger by her hand.

Ragini’s pov
I wanted to shout loudly at everyone for playing with my life but alas i couldnt do anything whether that fashion disaster was giving me a winning smile.
After the engagement he rushed out from our house in an excuse of meeting.I got relieved that at least one psycho had left from my house while the other(laksh) was gulping some food inside his mouth like a hungry beggar.



Credit to: Sara

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