Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 3)

Ragini was watching the mimic’s activities with whole attention.She was hell irritated by that boy .She thought in her mind”I wanted to make him out from my house forever.But his activities are making me feel that i need to go out from my house immediately otherwise he will surely make me a mental patient.

“Are you done now or some other things are left?
she told after a while because her tolerance limit was getting over.
“Oh god cutie pie… how can you even ask that something left or not?Nothing can be left between us.”he told while his face was depicting his innocance.
“Why are you behaving like this as if you know me from a long time or i am your childhood crush.”she told annoyingly.
You know what cutie pie,he narrated by cupping her face gently”you are not any crush ,you are my one and only love”.
For the first time after half an hour nonsense conversation, she noticed something true in his eyes.A heat of intensity anyone could easily see in his eyes.
She lowered her voice a little and asked him “Are you serious?”
He pulled her a little closer towards him and softly told her while seeing into her eyes passionately”I was … is…. and will… always be serious about you.”

This one line had touched her heart immensely though she didnt know how he even knew her.But his intense gaze on her was giving her a feel that he loves her passionately.

Suddenly a sound of clap disturbed both of their intense gaze .It was her mom.
“Laksh… why so late?Everyone is waiting for her” .
her mamma told .Her(mom) voice was clearly expressing hyperness.
“Oh aunty,i am so sorry …. I got a little late.But it was not my fault.Because wooing your daugther is not so simple… right?”
“Absolutely right….”her mamma told while giving a high five to laksh.
Ragini was observing them whether standing as a museum’s parade.

“Oh god cutie pie… pls come soon.”he stated whereas draagging her by taking the hold of her hand in his.
She was amused by seeibg his so … comfortable behaviour with her.

She got down with her mom and laksh.There were two ladies and another boy whose dressing sense made her laugh a while ago…

Ragini’s pov:
I took everyone’s greeting while a hand interrupted me by holding my arm.His first touch had done something to my body.Becauae it got vibrated.
“Stop this drama and formalities.It can be done later.Pls do the engagement quickly,i have some important works”he irritatingly told my mamma and his family.
Engagement!!!This word was buzzing into my head like a bell.Werent they only come to see me?Then…. from where the hell the talks of this ritual coming!!!!

I wanted to shout at everyone who were present infront of me but i stayed silent.
Though one thing i couldnt understand that why the guy (sanskaar) was behaving like a desperate.If he had work then he could easily go.Because i was not getting engaged to him.
Let alone him(sanskaar) i was not even getting locked with that mimic.

“Oh god beta!!why are you so exhausted with your work”??one of the two ladies told that guy.
“Mom pls not again….I am getting late. Try to understand.”
“ok ….ok.. baba….Sumi ji i think we need to start the ritual”that lady (sujata) narrated .
I was shocked with each of their behaviour.I didnt want to do any ritual.But despite of all this issues ,one thing which was giving my heart a heavenly feeling was his(sanskaar) sensational touch,his hand’s hold was still on my arm.


Hey guys pls dont think i have switched the pair .Its only a ragsan ff.But i had cleared it earlier that there will be raglak scenes also.

As my ff name is laal ishq,thats why i will concentrate more in their intensity of love.

Whose passion and intensity will take a wrong way in this love triangle???Any guesses???

One more thing i had continued my ff sorryyyyy.Infact i have updated two more chapters of it.One was yesterday.I hope you guys have noticed that.


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  1. Nice one….Ragini is confused about who her groom is

  2. thanks dear
    for the update
    i was waiting for this ff
    superb update
    is this love triangle also ??
    intense love story

    plz if u can update soon dear

  3. wow after so many days u updated plsz be regular yaar ur both ff’s r too good waiting for next part how ragini will recat when she gets to know that she’s going to get married to sanskar and how sanskar will fall in love with her its so interesting………………

  4. you are my one and only love that dialogue of laksh made me think it raglak but you are saying ragsan!!

    waiting for my next part

  5. you are my one and only love that dialogue of laksh made me think it raglak but you are saying ragsan!!

    waiting for next part

  6. Interesting..waiting for nxt prt

  7. Nice 😀 rags is really confused

  8. love triangle… sound awesome… lets wait for ur nxt update…

  9. Is dis love triangle?? Y laksh behaved like he is d groom… Even m confused like ragini..

  10. Awesome

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