Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 2)

WHEN Ragini was popping through the window she sees another man iswas coming into her house.He had worn a blue shirt while a black suit was covering his shirt.
“He has come to see a girl or directly for marriage”.she thought while laughing at his dressing style.

After a while she heard a knock from a person at the door.She assumed that person as her mamma and told amusedly “Mamma what happen to you?From when have you started to knock at my door??
“I am not your mamma ,dear ” while a male voice came from outside the door as a response of her question.
“Dear???who the hell is addressing me as dear ??”she thought.
She again heard the identifying knock from that man.
She gets irritated and wears her churidaar’s scarf quickly which she kept on her bed because of the heated weather.
She headed towards the door.
After opening the door she saw the same man who was busy with a phone a while ago.
She was shocked to see the man directly into her room .But she didnt show that to him.She said that person calmly”Dont you have manners or it’s your family tradition to get into an unknown girl’s room?”
“Excuse me !!! I have manners thats why i knocked your door and it’s you who have opened the door.”
the guy told coldly.
“Oh!really?Why dont i open the door? I know how to respect a guest.”she told furstatedly.
“Offo dear !Why are you making it a big issue?It’s just a simple matter and i have taken permission from your mom before coming into your room.”the boy told while giving a cute smile to her.
“Oh!i thought you get into my room without anyone’s concern”She murmured .
It’s ok dear.he told
Ragini who is very much furstated with his dear chanting told him”What is this dear!dear !?I am not your any dear,ok?Stop calling me that.
“ok.Then what do i call you ??Let me think…. yeah ……CUTIE PIE!! Is it alright.”
Her anger was getting uglier by his strange behaviour.
I have name .Why dont you call me by that?she told rudely.
“Oh no … so much annyoance!!” he told while making a place to sit on her bed.”I cant call you by your name cutie pie.Because what will be the difference if i also call you by your name like others as…. he stood up from his place by dragging the word as and came close to her while whispering in her ear huskily ” as…….. i am your would be husband!!”
She was stoic by his behaviour and at the same time mad at her mom for sending this mimic into her room.
“What happen??Why are you not telling anything cutie pie!!I know you must be thinking about my not so normal behaviour.But what can i do.Whenever i see you i just cant control myself from behaving weird whether it was at my childhood days or now.He told softly while staring at her eyes intensely.

Hey guys i am disclosing the jodi.And….. it’s ragsan.Raglak fans i will soon write a ff on them ,so pls dont get hurt.And here will be some raglak scenes also .

Spread positivity and keep smiling.

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  1. Awesome I love raglak but rags an is also fine

  2. Hey guys again a mistake by me in the 2nd line.
    The line would be like that:
    She SAW another man WAS coming into his house.

  3. Thanks fors ragsan
    Awesome update i love it. ???????

  4. Hey guys again a mistake by me in the 2nd line.
    The line would be like that:
    She SAW another man WAS coming into her house.

  5. Awesome
    thank u so much fr ragsan

  6. Awsm dear..update nxt prt soon

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  8. Awesome epi….ragsan super……

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  10. Yepiee it’s Ragsan thanks a Ton looking forward for the next update

  11. hahahah….sanky has been torturing ragu …..flirting for him of course 😉

  12. Wow… I thought that guy would.be decent…. But he is a flirt…..awesome continue…

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