Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 10)

Hey guys sorry for the late update..Actually i am shifting to another place… in a new house…. so cant update regularly.. sorry…..


“Your wish?Let me tell you Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari…. i am not any doll which you will control by your wish ….i am a human and as your would be wife i have full right to know that … why are you marrying me?….” she literally screamed at him as his dont care attitude was somewhere hurting her ….
“Oh ho jhansi ki rani ko gussa aya?… So what can i do?…You know what… your big big lectures didnt even effect me an inch!”he explained by mimicking
“What?.. Lectures?.. Now my talks are sounding like lectures to you?…Ok if it’s lecture then it is….But hear one thing carefully …. i am not going to marry a man like you…And i hope you get that..”

Sanskaar grabbed her arm forcefully by hearing
her refusal about marriage and pulled her closer to him
“Are you trying to blackmail me?…If you are .. then dont even dare to do that!.. Because i am not any general guy whom you will wish to reject any time …I am one of the top fashion designer of this country not any ordinary girl like you……
I think you have forgotten your real identity because of my family’s over acceptance towards you and your mom…. Let me remind you Miss Ragini Gadodia that a girl like you…. dont even worth my togetherness let alone marrying me…
Just think it as my little favor on you…Otherwise …. i dont even give a damn to a middle class girl like you….”he flipped out those words while leaving her arm harshfully.
She was in a state of shock as her would be … bear such a low mentality about her.She wanted to tell him off but ….. before that he had left the place without even turning once…

Ragini’s pov:
Favor?He was doing favor on me?!..And here i was thinking… he had some interest on me…..Actually i was a mad to even think that.I am just an ordinary middle class girl who hardly had anything to get attract by a man… A girl like me can never be the center of attraction for a rich brat. …
However that doesnt mean he would have any right to behave so…. cheap with me as i am not the one who had come with his so called marriage proposal but that monkey was…
When i was dived with my own thoughts i felt some presence of water on my eyes.Tears?I questioned myself because it was not at all expected from my side…. that i was crying for a man who blabbered a heavy amount of nonsense about me a while ago.. So i wiped off my tears as he was not worth it and made myself determined to break this relation by hook or crook…
I entered into his house again …. may be to leave it forever.My mamma was talking with his family by keeping a bright smile on her face which was a miss after my dad’s death.It made my intended decision a confuse one as i didnt want my mamma’s smile to be faded again.That’s why i thought to take some time before going to any conclusion about this marriage…

After a while me and my mamma bidadieu to everyone and made our way out of the house while his mother requested us to wait for a minute .She went upstair and came back after sometime with him….
“Sanskaar will drop you both” his mother told us.
Hearing that my suppressed anger again got volume.I was trying to control it at any cost whether he nodded his head sweetly infront of everyone…
I was not in a position to say anything so out of no way we headed towards his car .Though i opened the back door to sit but my mamma requested to sit at front.Hence i sat with him without my wish.

Cool breeze was blowing outside infact a pleasent weather to enjoy …… neverthless after all this drama i was not in a mood to relish the delightful climate… . Though i was pretending to stare outside of the car but my attention was only on him as i was gazing him conciously by the corner of my eyes .I didnt know why but a little corner of my heart was desperately wanting his behaviour to be a pre planned act… because i could identify his continuous intense gaze on me even if he was trying too hard to hide it………



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