Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 11)


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Ragini’s eyes were plustered at the outer scenery of his car as if trying too hard to avoid the intense gaze which he was continuously throwing at her.While passing through the known roads till the way to her house , a hanging board instantly caught her attention.That was a dance competition’s article which will be held after a month.Seeing it her dull mood got enlightened in a second as the article again inspired her to concentrate on her dance career,her dream of opening a dance club…. than making herself busy in un invited problems.
After a while the car stopped as they have reached their destination.
Her mamma got down from the car while she was struggling in unlocking the seat belt.
“I know it’s new for you to travel in car but dont worry you will get used to it”he taunted whether coming close to her for unhooking the seat belt.
Their face were just a little apart from each other.She was trying to ignore his tempting brown eyes but alas his eyes were as if any kind of magnet which couldnt be avoided by her…..
“What happen?A few times ago arent you lecturing about traveling in car than why cant you open a single hook”she snapped at him.

Just then the jummed hook got unlocked and sanskaar replied her in the same tone
“See i have unlocked it.This is the difference between a car user and a non car user.”
Ragini who was very much furstrated with his car chanting opened the car door and got out of it, followed by him.
She directly went into her house by keeping her mamma and sanskaar outside.
“Beta come to our house.”her mother requested
“No no aunty.Not today.I will come later”he said by keeping a gentle smile on his face.
“Beta i dont want any excuses .. you have to come”
her mother pressurized.
Disobeying her will not be a good manner so he agreed to go inside.
Ragini vollied her purse at the round sofa which was placed at the centre of the house and rested herself messily .
“Ragini get up “her mother yelped in a composed tone as her son in law was standing at the front door
“Mamma pls let me sleep.My head is spinning.”she (ragini) told while holding her head.
“Beta open your eyes .See sanskar … “befoe she could tell her daughter anything ragini snatched her (sumi) word immediately”Mamma dont even utter that monkey’s name.He is just a pain”

“Oh really?”he snapped back as her newly mentioned name was more unlikable for him than “fashion disaster”.Hearing his voice ragini jerked off from her place “You…. you here?I mean sorry…. actually i was talking about some other sanskaar not you….. “she(Ragini) hesitatingly replied to cover up her fault.
“Yeah yeah it’s ok” he said while chuckling at her state.
“Beta why are you still standing … sit na.”
He sat by fulfilling her request.
“Ragini why are you still here?Give something to him.Wait why dont you make your special cofee!I am sure sanskaar will love it.”

“No no i dont need anything”he denied politely.
“Beta … that day also you didnt have anything but today you cant deny.Ragini go na”her mamma ordered so no option was left for him.
She thought to make an excuse as she was not willing to give him a glass of water let alone cofee”Mamma i think you have forgotten , cofee had finished yesterday.”
“Oh… then make a cup of tea”
“Tea leaf is not there so how can i make tea”she(RAGINI) replied.
“Beta then make juice.And yeah if there is no fruit then make a lemon juice.”sumi uttered before she(RAGINI) could make any other excuse.
Sanskaar who had noticed the unwillingness of ragini to serve him anything ,got up from sofa
“Aunty i think i need to make a leave as i have an urgent meeting.”
“But beta..”he cut her off in mid way”Dont worry aunty .I am going to be your son in law and you can make me eat at any time.But today i cant ….”he gently told whether trying to be not harsh .
“Okay today you can leave but you have to eat next time for sure.”
“sure aunty i will next time”he confirmed.
Sanskaar took her mother’s blessing and left while greeting ragini bye.
She (RAGINI) took a sign of relief after his exit as his presence was making her uncomfortable somewhere….



Credit to: Sara

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