Swaragini ff: LAAL ISHQ (Part 1)


Hey guys writing another ff.Hope you like it.

I am giving intro.Tell me what couple do u want.But final decision will be mine.I will not make the jodi on vote.Ragsan or Raglak??
I am just curious


A open minded and middle class girl.Dont think twice before doing something which she likes.A college girl.Love to dance.

Love is mere a word for her which she thinks can only find in books or stories.It is non existence in her point of view.
She is a bookworm .Dont talk much with others except her friend circle.

Ragini ….. her mom called her loudly .
She ran from her place quickly to see what happen.

What mom?Why are you shouting like that as if something happened.She told .

Not only something but many thing happened.she(mom) told happily whie continuing about a marriage proposal for her(R).

She is stunned for some time by seeing her mother curiousness.
Are you mad or what?How can you even think about my marriage?Its not any kind of game .There are a lot of time left for this.She(ragini) answered her mother a bit rudely.

It’s a very good proposal .How can you reject it that easily.At least meet the person for once. she (mom ) in a supressed voice.

Mamma, i have not even completed my graduation let alone getting any job or fullfilling my dream
of opening a dance club!!And here you are telling me to meet with an unknown person. she questionably.

Forget about your dream ,its not going to be fulfilled.We have not that much money to open a dance club for you.Why dont you understand the simple fact that we are a middle class family?We have no right to see that kind of enormous dream.Her mamma told her hopelessly.

Why you always link everything with money?? mamma. See something except money.And yeah! i will open my dance club by hook or crook.No one can stop me from accomplishing my goal!She told(R) dreamily.While her mamma staring at her confident and dreamy face.

offo mumma.Because of you i got late.I have not even gotten ready!!She told with a moody face.

You dont need to go anywhere now.Just get ready.Her mother shouted while holding her(R) hand tightly.
Mumma ….. where are you taking me?she asked with shock and a little fear.
I dont need to answer you.Her mamma told angrily.

You will not understand anything by my sweet talks .Because u have not seen the harsh reality of society.I know how much i had to and have to bear after your father’s death.People had and have called me by unanimous names because of his death as if i had killed him.Her mamma told while tears were oozing out from her(M) eyes.
I am getting older now and i dont want anyone to see you with bad intention.Because there is no man in our house.
She(R) stared at her mumma sadly.
This society has very intent opinion about a eligible girl.I dont want anyone’s evil eyes to fall on you.Her mother told scaredly while emiting her(m) breath for some seconds.

A strange fear of losing her mother striken her mind and she quickly respond”I AM READY TO MEET WITH THE PERSON”.
HER mother calmed a little by the answer and expressed her(M) gratitude to her daughter by her(M) eyes.She knows that her little innocent baby(R) cant see her mother crying.

At evening:

Ragini has worn a blue churidaar .Golden earings are placed in his ear.But she was looking a little dull because of her disinterest for the meeting.
She wanted the boy well whoever he is to reject her.She wanted to look the worst as much as she could.She was crying her heart out because she had to lose infront of her mamma’s emotional blackmail.

She heard some noise from downstairs which made her sure that the boy’s family have arrived.

She peeped from her window to see that prey of her plan.But she couldnt as he was busy with his phone.She cursed his mobile for coming in between her and her “WOULD BE HUSBAND”.she chuckled at the thought a little.Yes something was going on,in her mind. Well, She has planned a naughty way to make her would be husband out from the house forever and ever.”WELL I AM NOT LESS THAN MY MOM”SHE THOUGht while a smile was larking in her face.

Precap:Who the hell is the person???

Here i have bracketed them with R and M to obviate your confusion.
R for Ragini and m for mom.

Well if you like it you can also read my ragsan ff:sorryyyyy.And yeah i will not discontinue it.
This ff is specially for preethi as the compansation of wasting her morning with my bad ragsan os.Well i was little off yesterday thats why i couldnt write that os well.Sorry dear.I hope you like it

Spread positivity and keep smiling.
If you like it then pls leave your comments to this sweet candy.

Credit to: Sara

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