Swaragini FF: Kuch To Hai (Episode 9)


Episode 9:
The episode begins with the Lavyansh revealing who his mother is.

Lakshya and all get shocked expect from Swara and Sanskriti.

“Inspector, this man has kidnapped my Mom, arrest him.” Lavyansh says and points at Lakshya.

“I’m sorry but without any evidence, we can’t arrest him. But he’s still in our suspicion list.” The inspector tells.

“We all know it was this man, where is my Mamma? Why has he kidnapped her?!” Avni angrily tells.

“Ragini is in Kolkata?” Sujata and DP both think in their perspective mind.

“We suggest one thing, all of you stay under the same roof until we find your Mom. And two of my honest and trustworthy constables will stay with you. We will try our best to find your mother.” The inspector says and assures.

“Never will I ever stay with this man under the same roof!” Lavyansh angrily says.

The lawyer that starts talking to the inspector and they start discussing.

Lavyansh glares at Lakshya. Lakshya is shocked.

“Who could’ve kidnapped Ragini?” Lakshya says to himself.

The inspector the returns with the lawyer.

“You all have to stay under one roof until we don’t find Ms Ragini and Swayyam would also be staying with Ms Swara.” The inspector says.

Lavyansh huffs, the inspector then leaves with the lawyer leaving his two constables there.

“I can’t believe you! How dare you kidnap our Mom? And what made you think we don’t know anything?! I can surely say it is you!” Lavyansh accuses.

“I didn’t…” Lakshya says but gets interrupted.

“Oh please… don’t start your drama! All this happened because of you!” Vani says and rolls her eyes.

Swayyam signals Ramdeen to take his luggage up. Ramdeen nods okay and walks towards him and takes his luggage up.

“We are forced to stay here, otherwise we wouldn’t have entered. Clearly tell us where Mom is!” Rayyan says getting a little angry.

AP walks up and stands besides Lakshya.

“My son can never kidnap Ragini.” AP assures.

“Oh please, every mother says that for their son. We know it was him.” Vani says as she eyes Lakshya.

“But why will your Papa kidnap your Mamma?” AP asks while her eyes moist.

“He’s not our Papa!” Lavyansh says angrily.

“With what right is he our Papa?” Vani questions.

“He kicked our Mum out and never asked if we were okay or not.” Rayyan tells.

“Papa?” Avni says and then chuckles.

Lakshya looks on to see all his children hating on him.

“He’s not worthy of being our Papa, men like him are animals, they should’ve been in jail, not here! But even jail is not enough for them!” Lavyansh insults and then gets a hard slap across the face by AP.

All get shocked, including Swara, Sujata and DP.

Lavyansh touches his cheek and sees an angry AP with tears in her eyes.

“You have no rights to insult him like that!” AP angrily says.

“And you have no rights to slap my brother!” Vani says.

“And that doesn’t mean he could say whatever he wants.” AP says as she looks at Vani.

“And that doesn’t mean you can raise your hand on him. That’s abuse and did you see constables. How she raised her hand on him… are you sure all of us are safe with them under this roof?!” Vani asks as she looks at the constables.

The constables look at each other.

“Enough! Don’t drag my Maa into this!” Lakshya warns.

“I’m sorry Mr Maheshwari, she dragged her self into this! She shouldn’t have slapped Lav…” Vani says and looks at Lakshya.

Lavyansh is surprised to see Vani taking his side.

“You shouldn’t believe what others tell you but should believe what they tell you.” Swayyam repeats as Lakshya had said something like that.

All look at Swayyam.

“Yahi Bhashan diya tha Na? Well aren’t you giving the same lectures to them?” Swayyam asks.

“We didn’t believe others but if you ask everyone in this room, including him… the answer would be a yes.” Rayyan says.

“To what?” Swayyam asks.

“To him kicking our Mom out.” Lavyansh says.

“But he had a reason and maybe he wants to tell himself.” Swayyam says.

“What reason?” Rayyan asks.

“I bet all of that is a lie, he made some random BS to prove he’s innocent.” Lavyansh angrily says.

“It’s not BS, it’s the truth.” Lakshya finally speaks up.

“Oh really? And you think we’re stupid enough to believe it?” Lavyansh asks.

Rayyan and Avni look at each other and get confused.

“Right, we’re not too innocent or dumb to believe everything you say.” Vani says.

“We can’t jump to conclusion without evidence.” The constable says.

“He’s right, you need time and so does he, Maa take them to their rooms.” Lakshya says and runs up.

Swara worries and walks up to Lavyansh.

“What happened to Ragini?” Swara asks.

“Mr Maheshwari kidnapped her.” Lavyansh says.

“Ramdeen!” AP calls.

Sujata and DP look at each other worriedly. Swayyam notices. Sanskaar walks away and upstairs. DP and Sujata walk away. Swayyam slowly follows them. Ramdeen walks down.

“Take these two constables to the guest room” AP orders.

Ramdeen nods and takes the two constables to the guest room.

“Swara… take rest and take the children too. Don’t worry, Ragini will be found soon.” AP assures.

Swara nods okay. Lavyansh angrily storms up followed by Vani and confused Rayyan and confused Avni. Swara and Sanskriti also go up.

“Oh god, save our family from evilness.” AP prays and walks down.

Swayyam sees Sujata and DP entering a room. He slowly walks there and stands outside the door and secretly listens.

“Where did that girl come from?!” DP angrily says.

“Bhaisa, I don’t know.” Sujata worriedly says.

Swayyam gets his phone out and starts recording and watches from his camera.

“We made such a difficult plan to get rid of Swara and I don’t want it to go to waste! Do something!” DP strictly says.

“Ji Bhaisa… I will make sure that Swara doesn’t enter Sanskaar’s life ever again.” Sujata confidently says.

“Good, I don’t want that Shekhar’s daughter back in our house as Sanskaar’s wife, it was very difficult for us to separate them.” DP says and looks on.

“Thank god Nikhil came, his appearance had helped us massively and I’m glad. I will somehow kick Swara out and I know how I’m going to do that.” Sujata says and then smirks.

Swayyam is stunned and shocked.

“But tell me one thing Bhaisa, did you get Ragini kidnapped?” Sujata asks.

DP turns and holds his head high.

“Yes, I got that girl kidnapped. But I didn’t know she had children that will come! I hope they don’t ruin it for me and if they come in between then I will even cut them out of the way! No one can come in the way of me and the property!” DP evilly says.

Swayyam gets double shocked.

“Wah Bhaisa, now those two sisters will pay for even dreaming of becoming Maheshwari Bahus!” Sujata smirks.

Swayyam finishes recording and runs from there, while running, he hits a vase and it falls on the floor and breaks. Sujata and DP get shocked hearing the sound. Both check and see a black cat. Sujata sighs while DP huffs.

Swayyam plays the video.

“I need to show everyone!” Swayyam says to himself.

Just then his phone switches off as the battery had drained. Swayyam looks on.

“Oh fish! I need to charge it.” Swayyam says and rushes up.

Swara is shown looking around and is searching for Swayyam in the corridor. She turns and all of a sudden bumps into Swayyam. Swayyams phone falls and the battery comes out. He looks on. He bends down and starts fixing it.

“Oh god, couldn’t you see while walking?!” An irritated and angry Swayyam says.

He picks his phone up and gets shocked seeing his screen crack.

“Shit!” Swayyam worriedly says.

He stands up and looks up.

“Sorry, I…” Swara says but stops as Swayyam leaves.

Swara then follows him.

“This better work, if it doesn’t then… then DP and Daadi will get away with it and they will start accusing Chachu and DP can stoop so low to get the property.” Swayyam says to himself and tarts finding the charger.

Swara comes inside and sees him searching.

“What are you searching for? Maybe I can help?” Swara asks.

“Not now.” A frustrated Swayyam says and continues searching.

He places his phone down on the bed and starts searching the cupboard while using both of his hands. Swara sees him tensed and starts thinking.

“Are you finding the charger?” Swara asks.

“Yes.” Swayyam says and looks at her.

Swara opens the drawers and takes out two chargers.

“Which one of these is yours?” Swara asks as she shows.

Swayyam looks and see his charger.

“The black one.” Swayyam says and walks up to her.

He takes the charger while Swara puts the other one away.

Swayyam plugs it in and picks his phone up. He walks towards the charger but just then the lights turn off.

“Shit shit shit!” Swayyam angrily says.

“Language.” Swara says and looks around.

“Ramdeen! What happened to the fuse?!” Sujata shouts.

Swayyam sighs and places his phone down on the table, he walks out with Swara. The constables also come out with the torch. Just then a woman walks inside with a candle. Swayyam and Swara look down, they see her.

“Happy birthday to you.” A familiar voice sings.

Swayyam sighs and then walks down carefully.

“Oh god Kavita! Why’d you turn the lights off?! Is there some joke going on around here?!” Swayyam angrily and irritatedly asks.

“Swayyam!” Sujata shouts.

“Turn the flipping lights on!” Swayyam shouts as he stops near the candle.

“What happened to the lights?” Sanskaar asks.

He flashes into Swara, Swara falls and then Sanskaar falls on top of her. Sanskaar’s lips touch Swara’s cheeks. It was too dark for them to see each other but they sensed each other.

“Swayyam Baby, its aunties birthday…” Kavita says.

The lights then turn on. Swayyam gets glad and Kavita is shown holding a cake. Swayyam rushes up. Sanskaar and Swara have an eye-lock.

“Kavita? It’s good you came, I was anyways going to call you tomorrow.” Sujata happily says and her voice breaks SwaSan’s eye lock.

SwaSan manage to stand. Swayyam walks past them and into his room. He sees his phone and then puts it on charge and waits for it to show its charging. The charging sign comes up and he releases a breath of relief.

“Not any more DP and Daadi, someone needs to put a full stop on your deeds so why not me?!” Swayyam says to himself and leaves.

Sanskaar walks down and Swara looks down from upstairs.

Lakshya is shown making phone calls.

“I don’t care commissioner, I want Ragini back under any circumstances and why haven’t you taken any action?! If you won’t then I will!” Lakshya angrily says and disconnects the call.

Rayyan is shown standing at the door with Avni. Both look at each other.

Swayyam walks past them and into the room, he noticed them.

“Chachu… the real culprit is DP.” Swayyam tells.

Lakshya looks at him. Rayyan and Avni get confused along with shocked.

“How do you know?” Lakshya asks.

“Who else could hate Ragini so much? Plus I heard him say it and I have proof but we have to act very carefully. Now keep on count of DPs every move, his one move can lead us to your Mrs and their mom.” Swayyam says while pointing at the door.

Lakshya sees Avni and Rayyan at the door. Swayyam turns and asks them to come inside. They walk in.

“Your so called Granddad is the one who’s behind your Moms kidnap. All he wants is the property. Just keep track of his moves and trust me, it will lead you to your Mom. We have to smartly do this because if he finds out we know then it will be bad for us, we will lose her cause DP isn’t that dumb as he seems.” Swayyam tells.

“How can you be so sure?” Sanskriti asks.

Swayyam, Rayyan, Lakshya and Avni see Sanskriti, Vani and Lavyansh at the door.

“Like I said, I have proof and I’ll show it tomorrow. At the Mandap.” Swayyam says.

All get confused along with shocked.

“What Mandap?” Lakshya asks.

“When I was coming to your room, I heard Daadi saying that Kavita and Sanskaar will get married tomorrow. Sanskaar agreed and so did Kavita. They’re making arrangements and it clearly shows that Daadi knows who kidnapped Ragini and knows doesn’t care.” Swayyam tells.

“Oh No, but we need to stop the marriage.” Sanskriti says.

“You all don’t need to worry about that, just pray my phone starts working.” Swayyam says.

“You care about your phone even tho we’re here worried?” Vani asks.

“The proof is in my phone, so you better pray… and plus Sanskaar can’t even marry Kavita even if we don’t give the proof… cause he’s still married to Swara and it’s against the law. All you need to do is call the police and done.” Swayyam says and looks at them.

They nod okay.

“Now our main focus is DP… aka your Granddad.” Swayyam tells.

All nod okay.

“But he needs to control his anger cause his one mistake will ruin everything.” Swayyam says as he points at Lavyansh.

“Oh please, I will act smartly and if it is DP then I swear I’m not going to spare him.” Lavyansh says.

“You remind me of Mamma.” Sanskriti says to Swayyam.

Swayyam looks on.

“After all he’s her son.” Lakshya says.

“Okay bas bas, now all of you make plans and I’m out.” Swayyam says and leaves.

“I’ll go check on Mamma, I’ll be back.” Sanskriti says and leaves as she wants to give them some time to talk.

There was a silence between them. Lavyansh turns to leave.

“Lavyansh…” Lakshya says to stop him.

Lavyansh stops and turns.

“Just because the real culprit is DP, it doesn’t mean I will forgive you for what you did to Mom.” Lavyansh says and leaves.

Lakshya looks on. Vani also leaves.

Lakshya looks at Rayyan and Avni.

“There’s something your hiding from us. What is it?” Avni asks.

“Nothing.” Lakshya says.

“It’s better if you tell us.” Rayyan says.

“Well… Rayyan, Avni.” Lakshya sighs and Rayyan and Avni get surprised as he knows their names.

“Me and your Mom still meet…” Lakshya reveals and starts telling them the whole incident.

Rayyan and Vani look on shocked.

“So this means you and Mamma kept in touch and didn’t tell us?” Avni asks.

“We was waiting for the right moment.” Lakshya says.

“I can’t believe this.” Rayyan says and leaves looking shocked.

“Can I ask you a question?” Avni asks.

Lakshya nods yes.

“Who’s daughter am I?” Avni asks without getting tears in her eyes.

Lakshya looks on.

“I know I’m not Mammas daughter, don’t hide anything from me… please.” Avni says and requests.

“Kavya.” Lakshya reveals.

“She was my best friend, the night I was drunk after getting married to Ragini… I came to Kavya’s house because Swara came there. She made me sit down. I went to the bar place in her house and continued drinking, I didn’t realise when I misunderstood Kavya to be Ragini and then…” Lakshya says and feels guilty.

Avni pouts and then hugs Lakshya. Lakshya’s eyes moist and he hugs her back.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there but that was the truth. I was in prison and in Delhi… I was close to you all but far at the same time. I was never there to see you all grow up. I wasn’t there to hold your hand and help you walk… I failed to be a father but Ragini never failed to be a good mother and a good wife. She supported me even tho I left her… she took care of all of you without me… she used to come and meet me and tell me a lot about all of you. She even showed me pictures.” Lakshya says and then chuckles.

Avni hugs him tight.

“I’m sorry Papa… I spoke so rudely with you and suspected you.” Avni cries and apologises.

Lakshya gets emotional as he hears the word Papa come out of his daughters mouth. He breaks the hug and cups her face and kisses her on the forehead.

Lakshya then wipes her tears and she wipes his.

“I promise that I will get your Mamma back under any circumstances.” Lakshya promise.

Scene shifts to Swayyam, he walks inside his room and sees that his phone is on 50%. He gets glad and smirks.

“Thank god it’s working, how no one can stop the truth from being revealed.” Swayyam smirks and jumps on bed.

Swayyam switches the lights off and covers himself with the blanket and goes to sleep.

Just then someone walks inside and walks towards Swayyams phone, that someone turns it on quietly and sees the video. They delete it and then leave while placing Swayyams phone down.

Avni is shown sitting down opposite Vani.

“Are you sure Avni?” Vani asks as Avni had told her everything.

Avni nods positively.

“I don’t know why I don’t believe in this BS, he has to come up with better excuse.” Vani says and lies down.

“I feel like he’s telling the truth Vani…” Avni says.

“Just let Mamma come back and then this misunderstanding will be cleared.” Vani says.

Avni nods yes and switches the lights off. Both Avni and Vani go to sleep.

Rayyan had entered the room but didn’t tell Lavyansh about what Lakshya had told him. He was still in shock and lies down.

“Tomorrow we need to track DP and his move.” Lavyansh says and switches the lights off.

Then eventually both Rayyan and Lavyansh fall asleep.

After few hours, Swayyam was changing sides and he starts sweating and sits up shockingly. He gets out of bed and rushes to his phone. He turns it on and then sees that it says enter password. He enters his password and sees the Video still in his gallery.

He takes a breath of relief, the someone deleting the video happens to be his dream. He sees his phone on 100% and takes it off charge. He switches the socket and take the charger off.

Swayyam hides his phone under his pillow and starts thinking Ho harsh he was in the train and what he had said about Swara.

“I can’t believe I was stupid enough to believe what Daadi and DP have been telling me… they planned all that and separated Mom and Dad. But tomorrow I will reveal everything to Dad and wouldn’t let him marry Kavita.” Swayyam determinedly says.

Just then Swayyam hears a sound. He stands up and heads out. He sees Swara coming out of the kitchen with a jug of water. Swara walks up and sees Swayyam standing there.

“Arrey, what happened?” Swara asks.

“Nothing, I’m not sleepy.” Swayyam says and avoids eye contact cause I guess he’s feeling bad and ashamed and walks away.

Swara follows him. Swayyam notices and still walks and eventually comes into his room. Swara places the jug on the table and goes up to him. Swayyam sits down with his head down.

“What’s wrong? You won’t get any sleep unless you get rid of what’s eating you from the inside…” Swara tells and sits opposite him.

“It’s nothing, I’m not tired.” Swayyam lies.

Swara keeps her hand under his chin and pulls it up.

“Who are you lying to Swayyam?” Swara asks.

Swayyam then gives up and sighs.

“I was just thinking how rude I was and how i believed what Daadi kept on telling me.” Swayyam says and feels stupid.

Swara then makes him look at her.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Swara assures.

He nods okay and looks back down.

Swara then makes him lie and covers him with the blanket, she starts singing a Lori (lullaby) while tapping Swayyam’s head.

Swayyam slowly closes his eyes, tears moist in Swara’s eyes.

“Where are you Ragini?” Swara thinks to herself while humming.

Lavyansh gets up to go to the toilet, after a while he comes out and then hears sounds from outside.

“Kya Raat ko Disturb kar Rahe hai!” Lavyansh in an annoyed tone says and goes to shut the window.

He looks down and looks on, he sees DP sitting in the car and two men forcefully putting a woman in the car. Lavyansh runs down as fast as he could.

Morning, Rayyan wakes up and sees Lavyansh missing. He sits up and stretches.

“Where is he gone?” Rayyan says.

“Ray… is Avni telling the truth? Was that man in jail for the past 15 years?” Vani asks as she comes in with Avni.

Rayyan nods positively.

“I can’t believe he was in Jail and in Delhi but Mamma didn’t tell us!” Vani sighs.

Avni glances around.

“Where’s Bhai?” Avni asks.

“I don’t know.” Rayyan yawns.

“He must be around the house, focusing on the mission.” Vani says.

“What mission?” Avni asks.

“Mission get Mamma back.” Rayyan says.

“Oh.” Avni sighs as she remembers.

On the other hand, Swayyam wakes up slowly. He remembers Swara singing and sits up. He doesn’t see her.

“I did so much wrong with her still she has no hatred towards me.” Swayyam thinks to himself.

He then takes his phone out from under his pillow and checks the video. The video is safe and secure on his phone. He smiles and turns his phone off to save battery and gets up to get changed.

Episode ends.

Precap: Lavyansh and Lakshya reach a unknown place by following DP… Kavita and Sanskaar to sit in the Mandap and Swayyam to lose his phone… DP to shoot Ragini… Swara to get pushed by Sujata… A tensed environment…
(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)

Lavyansh aka Ansh – Son of RagLak. 2 minuets younger to Rayyan. Vani and Avni’s brother. A fraternal twin. Overprotective.

Rayyan – Also known as Ray by the girls, Lavyansh and Vani. A fraternal twin and is 2 minuets older to Lavyansh. Son of RagLak, brother of Avni and Vani. Sweet.

Avni – The daughter of KavLak, stays with and loves Ragini. 3 months older to Vani. Sister of Vani, Lavyansh and Rayyan. Selfless.

GajaLakshmi aka Vani – The daughter of RagLak, lives on her terms and has argument with Lavyansh. 3 months younger to Avni. The sister of Lavyansh, Rayyan and Avni. Arrogant.

Swayyam – The son of SwaSan, stays with Sanskaar. He behaves rudely with everyone but likes Kavita. Brother of Sanskriti and is unaware of this. Spoilt.

Sanskriti – The daughter of SwaSan. Stays with Swara. Sister of Swayyam. Caring.

Sorry for the confusion.
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Swayyam (15) – Ibrahim Khan

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
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