Swaragini FF: Kuch To Hai (Episode 6)


Episode 6:
The episode starts with Swara and Ragini breaking the hug. Swara wipes her tears.

“Ragini… where did you go? I missed you a lot…” Swara says.

“I missed you too.” Ragini says.

“Stop lying… if you did then you would’ve kept in contact but you…” Swara says and looks away.

“Sorry…” Ragini says and makes Swara face her.

Swara’s eyes moist.

“I forgave you…” Swara says and hugs Ragini.

Ragini hugs her back.

“But what happened Swara…? I mean did anything bad happen after I left?” Ragini asks.

“A lot happened after you left Ragini.” Swara says and breaks the hugs.

She then cries and Ragini consoles her.

Swara then tells Ragini how Sanskaar kicked her out and suspected on her of having extra marital affair. And how he refused to accept the child in Swara’s womb and all because of Sujata and DP as they challenged Swara.

Ragini gets shocked.

“They kept Swayyam and turned him into this? My son even hates me and thinks like that about me? I can’t believe I gave birth to him?!” Swara cries.

Ragini gets teary eyes.

“It’s not Swayyams fault, it’s the people who spoilt him.” Ragini says.

Swara looks at her.

“They’ve been poisoning my son against me… did you hear what he said about me? I’m a gold digger…?” Swara cries.

Ragini nods no.

“I’m Characterless?” Swara cries.

“Nahi Swara… he was small when you left him… how was he meant to know how your nature is… I can’t believe they told him all this… they made a son hate his own mother and why? Just because we have an enmity?” Ragini says and cups Swara’s face.

“Ragini… I can’t believe he’s Swayyam… I feel like he’s lying… Ragini, he can’t be… his behaviour…” Swara says confusingly and cries.

“First calm down Swara.” Ragini says and wipes her tears.

Swara then breathes and looks at Ragini.

“Now it’s you Swara… only you can change your son…” Ragini encourages.

“You’re right Ragini…” Swara says and looks forward.

She wipes her tears and looks on angrily.

“I will fulfil my duties and reform my son! I will never forgive Sanskaar for turning him into that! I will fight back this time and for both of my children.” Swara says confidently.

“Yeh hui na Swara Vali Baat.” Ragini says.

Just then Rayyan comes and forwards the bottle of water. Swara looks up and looks on.

“Ragini… he… he looks like Janki Maa’s brother…” Swara says sounding confused as well as shocked.

“Haa Swara… he’s my son… Rayyan, remember.” Ragini says.

A smile appears on Swara’s face.

“He’s Rayyan? I thought you were joking when you said he looks different.” Swara says.

Ragini smiles and is glad that Swara isn’t upset anymore.

“I know I’m the unique one.” Rayyan compliments himself.

“Hindi isse aati hai or…?” Swara asks.

“Haa Aunty, Mujhe Hindi aati hai and aap?” Rayyan says and asks.

“Wow, he doesn’t even have an accent…” Swara says.

“Rayyan, this is my sister, your Swara Mausi.” Ragini introduced.

“She’s Swara Mausi?” Rayyan asks.

Ragini and Swara look at him.

“Haa, why are you so surprised?” Swara asks.

“I mean… Vo I didn’t know Mom had a sister.” Rayyan says.

Ragini smiles and looks at Swara.

“Where’s Lavyansh?” Swara asks.

“He must be around here…” Ragini says.

“See I remembered his name.” Swara says with a smile.

“I must say, you’re memory is sharp.” Ragini says.

Both smile and then Rayyan smiles. Sanskriti is standing behind Rayyan.

“It feels good to that smile on their face.” Rayyan and Sanskriti think in a union.

“I want to meet him… like is he cool and dashing or nerdy type? Cause naam chahe old ho but personality… dekhni to banti hai…” Swara says and stands.

Ragini also stands. Swara happily goes forward and Ragini points at Lavyansh. Swara sees him lying back and is listening to music on his iPod with ear phones in his ears. He is looking outside.

Vani and Avni see Swara, Rayyan gives a fake smile as Ragini looks at him. Sanskriti stands near Rayyan.

Swara sits besides him and he looks there and takes the earphone off while stopping the music.

“Hi Lavyansh, I’m Swara.” Swara smiles as she forwards her hand.

Lavyansh gets a little confused.

“I heard a lot about you, you’re so charming.” Swara compliments.

Lavyansh smiles.

“Hey Swara, thank you beautiful lady.” Lavyansh says and shakes her hand.

Swara smiles at him.

“She’s our Mausi, Moms sister.” Rayyan reveals.

Vani, Avni and Lavyansh look on.

“So this means she’s Swayyams Mum? My Mausi and Bade Maa?” Lavyansh, Avni and Vani think together.

“Wow Mom, you never told me Mausi is so beautiful, she doesn’t look that old, she could pass off as my girlfriend.” Lavyansh compliments and jokes in order to make the atmosphere a little better.

Swara smiles at him.

“Meet Sanskriti, my daughter.” Swara introduces and points at her.

She greets everyone. Ragini hugs her and she hugs Ragini back.

“You don’t look like your a mother.” Lavyansh says.

Swara looks at Avni and Vani.

“My sisters, one of them is good while the other one is a Dayan.” Lavyansh tells.

Swara looks at him while Vani glares at him.

“How can you call girls Dayan? So is that what you think of me?” Swara fake pouts

“No, girls are always beautiful but she’s different.” Lavyansh tells.

Sanskriti sits besides Vani and both Avni and Vani introduce themselves to Sanskriti and she does the same.

“There’s still time, you can run away with me.” Lavyansh whispers and then winks at Swara as she looks at him.

Swara shakes her head and laughs.

After a while Ragini walks towards the bathroom. A person opens the door and Ragini moves back with a jerk, she was about to fall when that person grabs her. Ragini is shocked.

The person makes Ragini stand and turns. Ragini holds his hand and that person stops.

“Lakshya?” Ragini says with tears in her eyes.

That person is revealed to be Lakshya, he is wearing jeans, white shirt with black bomber jacket. (The same clothes he wore when he kicked Ragini out ~ 15 years ago)

Lakshya turns to her. Ragini cups his face.

“Lakshya, is that really you?” Ragini asks with tears in her eyes.

Lakshya avoids eye-contact and moves back. Ragini looks on.

Ragini then remembers Lakshya kicking her out and tears roll down her eyes as she looks down.

She turns to leave when she feels Lakshya holding her hand. He pulled her into a hug. Ragini hugs him and he hugs her. Tears form in his eyes.

“Ragini, I’m sorry… I was forced to kick you out of my life…” Lakshya regret and says after hugging Ragini tight.

“I know Lakshya, if I didn’t find that letter then I wouldn’t have known.” Ragini says with tears rolling down her cheeks.

After kicking Ragini out, Lakshya had gone out. Ragini sees him and decides to follow him as he looked suspicious.

After following him, they reach a warehouse. Lakshya enters and Ragini peeks from the window.

“Now I’m ready.” Lakshya says sounding helpless.

The police put the handcuffs on Lakshyas hand and then take him. Ragini hides as the police take Lakshya. Then later on she goes back to Maheshwari Palace in the night and looks around in hers and Lakshya’s room. She failed to find anything but sees a scrunched up letter near the bin.

She picks it up and starts reading it.

It says – “I don’t know how to tell you Ragini but I made a mistake, I couldn’t gather the strength to tell you in person so I’m writing a letter.

You have to leave from here as soon as possible because after I leave, you will face trouble from my Chachi and Mr Maheshwari. You don’t know what they had planned.

They planned to kill you so that we could separate but I had to separate you from me.

Mr Maheshwari betrayed me and sent that file footage of my previous bad deed to the police so that I could get arrested and he could mistreat you and get the whole property back on his name.

He was successful in some parts of it but I won’t let him be successful in the other part.

I’m sorry Ragini and I will always love you. But I have to do this!”

Ragini gets teary eyed as she reads the letter. Ragini then rushes out of the palace and goes to the police station to meet Lakshya.

Lakshya is surprised to see Ragini. Ragini tells him that she read his letter and he confesses the truth to her.

She tells him that she will keep in touch.

She had moved to London for 8 years and as soon as she found out Lakshya had been transferred to Delhi, she hurried there and continued meeting him without the children suspecting or knowing.

No one had known that Lakshya got arrested expect from DP, Sujata, the police, court and Ragini.

End of Flashback.

“How’s Lav? Ray? Avni and Vani?” Lakshya asks and breaks the hug.

Ragini wipes her tears and passes a faint smile to Lakshya.

“I can’t believe you’re finally free… I’m so happy to see you here.” Ragini happily expresses.

Lakshya smile at her and pecks her forehead. Lakshya is then shocked to see Swara standing behind them and looks on.

After a while, Swayyam has cleaned himself, changed himself and came out. He put loads of different kind of cologne on.

Some people start to cough but Kavita was asleep. Swayyam sprays on his seat, he then folds a sheet and puts it on top of the seat. Later, he takes out a net and covers the around of his seat/top half with that net and takes a mosquito spray and sprays it around.

Later he takes his blanket and lies down inside the net and on his seat, he switches the lights off and goes to sleep.

Lavyansh was shown lying down slapping his hand while sleeping. Rayyan is shown sleeping on the seat above Lavyansh and is sleeping peacefully. Vani is shown sleeping opposite Lavyansh and Avni is sleeping above her.

Vani covers herself fully with the blanket. Sanskriti is shown sleeping on the bottom, alone.

Ragini, Lakshya and Swara are shown sitting down on the floor near the toilet and the door.

“So this was the truth? I thought you left her because you didn’t want her.” Swara says feeling guilty.

“It’s not your fault Swara, it’s the way I behaved.” Lakshya chuckles.

Swara faint smiles.

“I also heard what Swayyam had shouted.” Lakshya tells and looks directly at Swara.

Lakshya was revealed to be on the other end and was also shocked to hear Swayyams words.

Swara looks on.

“It wasn’t his fault, no one was there to give him good upbringing.” Swara tells seeming lost.

“But now your there Swara and this time your not alone, we are with you.” Ragini assures.

Lakshya nods positively while Swara faint smiles.

“Chalo, its late night and I’ll go catch my sleep. Till then you two talk.” Swara smiles and walks away.

Ragini and Lakshya look at each other. Ragini places her head on Lakshya’s chest and he smiles and hugs her.

“I don’t know how my life would’ve been without you Ragini. I love you.” Lakshya exclaims.

Ragini blushes and says “I love you too.”

Both start talking.

Swara walks and sees Sanskriti sleeping, she decides to check on Swayyam and peeks. She sees him sleeping with a lot of arrangements and peacefully.

“Don’t worry Swayyam, I came back and I’ll make sure you change!” Swara says to herself.

“No, don’t hit me! It’s not my fault.” Swara says in his sleep.

Swara hears and comes a little forward.

“No… That woman is bad, she’s not my Mamma.” Swayyam utters in his sleep.

Swara looks on.

“I hate you Sanskaar Maheshwari!” Swayyam sounds vengeful in his sleep.

“So much hatred in him? Who filled it him up to that extent?” Swara thinks in her head. Swara leaves.

Swayyam then wakes up with a sudden jerk and sits up. Swara looks on. He gets up and starts walking in the other direction.

He reaches the door and looks out.

“Sanskaar and that woman ruined my life, both of them showed carelessness towards me! But I will show them that I don’t care and live my life on my terms!” Swayyam says to himself.

Swayyam turns and is surprised to see Swara standing behind him, she looks at him.

Swayyam remembers the slap and then ignores her.

“Why did you say that much about your mother?” Swara asks.

Swayyam makes a fist and looks away.

“None of your business.” Swayyam rudely says and walks forward.

“It is my business!” Swara says and sees him stop.

He angrily turns to her.

“I’m not in the mood to argue anymore, I had enough for today.” An annoyed Swayyam says.

“Do you even know what your Mothers name is?” Swara asks.

“No, why should I even know? She doesn’t deserve to be known.” Swayyam says.

“Why? What has she done?” Swara asks.

“Do one thing, go ask her what shes done!” Swayyam angrily says and turns to leave.

“Your word hurt me Swayyam, they prick me.” Swara says with tears in her eyes.

Swayyam turns around and sees tears in her eyes.

“Why would they prick you?! If your so attached to her then go hug her!” Swayyam rudely says.

“I wish but I can’t.” Swara says.

“Exactly, she’s no one to be known.” Swayyam says.

Swayyam turns to leave.

“Swayyam…” Swara says and stops him, she decides to tell him that she’s his mother.

Swayyam gets annoyed and turns to her. Before she could say a thing, Swayyam cuts in between.

“Is it necessary for you to stop me each time I go?” Swayyam rudely asks.

Swara is speechless, Swayyam leaves and tears roll down her cheeks.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Swara and Sanskaar face to face outside the train station and a shocking news/twist for the Maheshwari’s, including Kavita.
(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)

Lavyansh aka Ansh – Son of RagLak. 2 minuets younger to Rayyan. Vani and Avni’s brother. A fraternal twin. Overprotective.

Rayyan – Also known as Ray by the girls, Lavyansh and Vani. A fraternal twin and is 2 minuets older to Lavyansh. Son of RagLak, brother of Avni and Vani. Sweet.

Avni – The daughter of KavLak, stays with and loves Ragini. 3 months older to Vani. Sister of Vani, Lavyansh and Rayyan. Selfless.

GajaLakshmi aka Vani – The daughter of RagLak, lives on her terms and has argument with Lavyansh. 3 months younger to Avni. The sister of Lavyansh, Rayyan and Avni. Arrogant.

Swayyam – The son of SwaSan, stays with Sanskaar. He behaves rudely with everyone but likes Kavita. Brother of Sanskriti and is unaware of this. Spoilt.

Sanskriti – The daughter of SwaSan. Stays with Swara. Sister of Swayyam. Caring.

Sorry for the confusion.
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Swayyam (15) – Ibrahim Khan

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
Hey it’s me Halima back with another Episode…?

Sorry for the delayed episode, actually I participated in a competition and I was preparing for that but now I’m finished, finally. ?

Thank you for the encouraging comments… ?

Do comment to tell me if I should continue or not…

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