Swaragini FF: Kuch To Hai (Episode 5)


Episode 5:
The episode starts with Sanskriti lying down and is thinking.

“I won’t be able to sleep properly unless I unite my Mamma with Papa and clear the misunderstandings…” Sanskriti says to herself.

On the other hand, Lavyansh lies down and is on his side.

“Jab tak I won’t take revenge, I won’t be able to sleep or eat properly.” Lavyansh says angrily.

Screen splits on Sanskriti and Lavyanshs face.

“Impossible.” Rayyan says and jumps on his bed.

“Possible ho sakta hai.” Lavyansh says.

“Zyada sauch mat, get some sleep.” Rayyan says and closes his eyes after covering his face with blanket.

Lavyansh slowly closes his eyes.

Scene shifts to Sanskriti, she changes sides but can’t go to sleep. She sits up and then walks out from the room.

Swara is shown lying on her side with tears in her eyes. Sanskaar insulting her is flashing through her mind.

“I will never forgive you for suspecting our love Sanskaar… I will never forgive you for raising your fingers on our child. I will never forgive you for separating me from my son, my Swayyam. How can you believe Mom and leave me? Was our love that weak?” Swara says and questions herself.

“Kabhi bhi nahi maaf karoongi tumko Sanskaar!” Swara says and wipes her tears.

She turns and finds Sanskriti standing there and looks on.

“Kya hua beta? Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Swara asks and sits up.

“Mamma, I can’t go to sleep. Can I sleep with you today?” Sanskriti asks.

Swara gives a faint smile and nods.
Sanskriti sits on the bed and lies down. Swara taps her head and Sanskriti closes her eyes slowly. Swara also starts humming a tune and tears make her way up her eyes but she manages to control them.

Ragini is shown lying down with Avni while Avni is shown sleeping besides her and Ragini is looking at her.

“What must’ve happened to her? She didn’t even tell me why she was crying and went to sleep…” Ragini worriedly thinks.

Ragini then closes her eyes and Lakshya flashes in her head. She immediately opens her eyes and sits up.

“Lakshya? Why is he coming in my head today?” Ragini says while breathing heavily yet slowly.

Vani is shown walking down the corridor and into the Kitchen.

“I can’t believe this, I belong to a royal family and that position has been snatched away from me… I will get that position back by hook or by crook… I could’ve been called a Princess and would’ve lived in a palace rather than this small house… in fact Mamma was a Maharani so how can she hide such a big thing from us?” Vani says and opens the fridge.

She gives a angry look.

“Today I would’ve had servants around me, but no… this has to happen!” Vani angrily says and picks the water bottle up.

She takes a few sips and closes the bottle.

“Naagansh wants revenge and I want my position and rights… agar mein uska saath Doon then this will make it easy for me because he will do the work while I will fake support…” Vani smirks and puts the bottle in the fridge.
“Now I have to fake to sympathise with him…” Vani says and rolls her eyes.

She closes the fridge door and leaves.

Ratanpur Palace…

Swayyam wakes up and changes sides on his belly. He then stretches his arms and pulls the blanket over him.

A knock is heard on the door, Swayyam doesn’t say anything. The door opens and a sound of a glass breaking is heard. Swayyam makes an annoyed face while closing his eyes. Another sound of glass breaking is heard. Swayyam gets annoyed and makes a fist while having his eyes closed.

Just then the bhajan begins and a woman is heard signing.

“What the hell?! What are you all doing?! Why is the glass breaking?! And so much noise?! Pagal to nahi ho Gaye tum Sab?! You useless people! I would get you fired in no time and go shut the mouth of whoever is singing. Yahi time mila tha! Is it to annoy me?!” A annoyed and frustrated Swayyam bursts out and opens his eyes.

He gets up but with his back faced towards the situation. Singing is still heard.

“How dare you?! You don’t know who I am, I’m Prince Swayyam! I told you to shut the mouth of whoever is singing and you dared to disobey me?! I will not leave you!” Swayyam angrily says and turns.

He gets shocked and looks on. Kavita is shown closing her eyes and showing a ‘Oh no’ expression on her face with her fingers crossed. Sujata is shown on the other side with her eyes closed and her given up face with her teeth gritted (?)

Sanskaar is shown standing in the middle of both Sujata and Kavita with black shirt, white blazer and white pants resting in his arms and looks at Swayyam. Swayyam sighs and looks away. Sujata and Kavita open their eyes and look down.

“I told you Mom and I’m telling you again, he would never change and what did you tell me? He changed? Well I don’t see a difference and he’s not coming back to Kolkata!” Sanskaar angrily says and turns.

“Who are you to stop me from going back?!” Swayyam says as he looks up.

Kavita and Sujata look on as well as Sanskaar.

“I’m your father! And no one gave you the right to take the right away from me!” Sanskaar says and leaves.

Swayyam looks away with an frustrated face. Kavita sits besides him.

“Swayyam… Baby, why did you yell? It was going all smooth and perfect until you yelled no… ab? But baby, you relax… I’ll talk to Sanskaar…” Kavita says and cups Swayyams face.

Swayyam moves back and Kavita puts her hands by her lap.

“Kavita, what makes you think he’ll listen to you? I mean I agree ke you’re his fiancé but that doesn’t mean he will be at your feet and dance on your tunes…” Swayyam says.

Kavita looks at him.

“Don’t get me?” Swayyam asks as he looks at Kavita.

Kavita nods no.

“Well Kavita, he’s a selfish and self-centred person. He doesn’t see anyone else other than himself and he will tell you to stay in your limits so tuff luck!” Swayyam says and gets out of bed.

Kavita thinks about his words. Sujata also starts thinking.

“Agar he didn’t listen to his sagghi Maa then you… baby, no chance. And if he says anything rude to you then I might say something and khamaka problem create ho jayegi.” Swayyam says and opens his wardrobe.

Kavita turns to him.

“I’ll try explaining.” Sujata says.

“Daadi, kyu bezati karvao gi? DP kab kaam Ayega?” Swayyam asks with a smirk.

“DP meaning Bhaisa?” Sujata asks.

Swayyam nods yes and smirks, a evil tune plays.

Sujata thinks and smiles, Kavita then walks up to Swayyam.

“Baby, you’re amazing… why didn’t me or Aunty… sorry Mom think about this before?” Kavita says and smiles.

“Haa Mom and yeah, Bhaisa is the person who Sanskaar can never say no to… to Bhaisa ko Mhare taraf karna hoga.” Sujata says and thinks how to.

“Yeh hui na meri Daadi Vali Baat…?” Swayyam says and walks towards the bathroom.

“I’ll start packing because mein is bakwas village mein nahi rahunga… yaha koi class hi nahi hai.” Swayyam says and heads inside.

Kavita and Sujata look at each other and smile.

Scene shifts to Mumbai, Sanskriti wakes up and looks around. She sees that she’s in Swara’s room but Swara is missing. Sanskriti yawns and steps on the floor.

Swara is shown talking on the phone. Sanskriti comes out and stands besides her.

“But sir… how can you transfer me to Kolkata? I mean…” Swara says and stops.

Sanskriti hears and gets shocked.

“Haa Sir lekin…” Swara says but pauses.

“No sir… I do want this Job but Kolkata? Is there no other place to transfer me?” Swara asks.

Swara sighs “Okay, I’ll come and collect the letter.” Swara then disconnects the call.

She turns around and sees Sanskriti standing behind her.

“What happened?” Sanskriti asks.

“Kuch nahi beta… my boss transferred my position to Kolkatas famous and richest teaching institute. They said that they need a capable teacher like me to teach the spoilt rich children.” Swara sadly says.

“Mamma, why are you sad? Yeh to khush khabri hai…” Sanskriti says and faint smiles.

Swara looks at her in confusion.

“Arey Mamma, at least I will get to see Kolkata in real life and not in reel life… when are we leaving?” Sanskriti asks with a smile.

Swara faint smiles and says “Today, in the evening.”

“Oh, so I need to do so much packing… Mamma, I don’t have time to talk… bye, I’m going to pack.” Sanskriti says and hurriedly runs.

Swara smiles and then her smile disappears as she says Kolkata.

Sanskriti reaches her room and stands in front of the mirror.

“I’m sorry Mamma… I know I’m opening old wounds but I had and have to do this.” Sanskriti says to herself.

In the night, after Swara fell asleep, Sanskriti opened her eyes. She made sure that Swara was actually asleep and then reached out for her phone. She manages to get her phone and runs out of the room. She dials a number and it starts ringing. Sanskriti then tells the Principal of Swara’s college to get her transferred to Kolkata’s richest school and tells him the reason why. He agrees as he sympathises with her. Sanskriti cut the phone and turns around. She gets shocked to see Shanta Bai.

Sanskriti tells Shanta bai that she knows who her father is and that she’s doing all this to reunite her Maa and Papa. Shanta bai feels proud of her and blesses her along with decided to support her.

End of Flashback.

Sanskriti looks on at herself through the mirror.

Scene shifts to Delhi. Ragini wakes up and sees Avni missing. Ragini worriedly sits up while half asleep. She manages to fully wake up and walks out.

“Avni?” Ragini says and she sees her in the kitchen cooking.

Ragini then walks up to her. Avni sees her and hugs her.

“I love you Maa… aap hamesha meri Maa thi aur hamesha Rahogi…” Avni says to assure herself.

Ragini hugs her back but is a little confused by her words.

“Haa Avni… I am your Maa… why what happened?” Ragini asks.

Avni was about to say something when someone interrupts.

“Kuch nahi Mamma… bas Lavyansh and Rayyan teased her of being adopted and said that you’re not her real Mum. This hurt her so she got upset.” The person lies and is revealed to be Vani.

Ragini looks on.

“Aisi Choti moti Baat pe focus nahi karte Avni… I’m your Maa and will always be your Maa and you’re my daughter… only mine.” Ragini says and gets a little emotional and hugs Avni tight.

Avni also hugs her right and tears roll down her eyes.

“If Maa Beti pyaar is finished then can we get some food to eat?” Rayyan’s voice is heard as he walks towards the table.

Avni and Ragini break the hug and smile, Avni wipes her tears.

“Whatever I’m making is for Maa…” Avni says.

“Todha kuch hum gareebon ko bhi de dena… I’m dying out of hunger but Iss gareeb ki kaun Karta hai fikar?” Rayyan says and acts emotional.

“Mein hoon na mere Bhai… Gareeb number 1… who gets accused every time… mein hi mila Sab ko!” Lavyansh says and is shown walking yet limping.

Ragini smiles seeing him walk.

“Thank god ke you realised your aukaad! Gareeb number 1 to tum ho!” Vani says and sits down.

Lavyansh glares at her.

“To tu bhi issi gareeb Ki Behen hai… Kaunsa Rajkumari hai?!” Lavyansh says irritatedly and sits down.

Vani, Rayyan and Avni look at him along with Ragini and he also realises.

“I wish I could say I was a Princess but I don’t have that position.” Vani says and looks on.

Ragini looks at her confusingly.

“You mean that dream!” Lavyansh says and looks at her.

“Uh… Mom, I’m hungry… give me something to eat.” Rayyan says and diverts the topic.

Vani then gets a call, she picks the call up as Ragini starts arranging for food.

“If you have to talk to Mamma then Mujhe phone kyu Kiya?” A frustrated Vani says and walks up to Ragini.

“Mamma, someone wants to talk to you.” Vani says and hands her the phone.

Ragini takes it and starts speaking. Vani comes back and sits in her seat and looks at Lavyansh. He is eating an apple and looks at Vani. She looks away and Rayyan is too busy touching his stomach while Avni is cooking.

Ragini comes back and hands Vani the phone.

“Mamma, who was it?” Vani asks.

“Kolkatas dance academy.” Ragini says.

“You mean to say ke that famous and amazing dance academy? Oh shoot! I spoke so rudely with them… what did they say?” Vani asks sounding keen to know.

“They said they liked your dance video and want to admit you into the academy.” Ragini says and looks at Vani.

“What?! Are you serious? No. Please tell me you’re lying…?” Vani asks.

Ragini nods no and Vani happily and excitedly stands up.

“OMG, I can’t believe this… aah! I’m so happy Mamma… it’s like a dream come true.” Vani happily says and hugs Ragini.

“My daughter is so happy… I can’t ruin her happiness by saying No… I won’t let the past stop me from giving Vani her happiness… meri Beti won’t suffer…” Ragini says in her head.

Ragini then fakes a smile and hugs Vani back. Vani breaks the hug and looks at Vani.

“What are you all doing by sitting down here huh? Go start packing.” Ragini says.

Lavyansh, Rayyan and Avni couldn’t believe it. Vani smiles.

Scene shifts to Ratanpur, Swayyam is shown coming out of the bathroom in black chino’s with black shirt. He sees Kavita packing his bags.

“Thank you Kavita… did he agree or still…?” Swayyam asks.

“It’s okay Baby, you don’t need to say Thank you and they’re talking downstairs.” Kavita says and finishes packing.

“Let’s go and see then.” Swayyam says and throws the towel on the floor.

Swayyam and Kavita then head out and stand near the staircase and look down.

“Sanskaar… I made it clear! You will let Swayyam go back to Kolkata.” DP tells.

“Okay Bade Papa but I also have a condition.” Sanskaar says.

Swayyam, Kavita, DP and Sujata look on.

“I give permission to Swayyam but he will travel by train.” Sanskaar makes clear.

Swayyam is shocked along with Sujata and Kavita.

“What?! Are you mad? I’m not traveling in that low class and cheap train!” Swayyam says feeling disgusted.

Sanskaar, DP and Sujata look up.

“Then you’re not going back to Kolkata.” Sanskaar says.

“Why not aeroplane? What’s wrong with that?!” Swayyam asks sounding angry.

“And what’s wrong with a train?” Sanskaar asks.

Swayyam looks away.

“If you want to go Kolkata then you will go by train!” Sanskaar makes clear.

“Khud aeroplane Ki hawa khaa ke Mujhe us stupid dabi mein bhej rahe hai!” Swayyam angrily says and leaves.

Sanskaar angrily looks away.

“Chore… mind him… Bachcha Hai.” Sujata says.

“Kab tak Mom?” Sanskaar asks and leaves.

“Sujata… leave him and make arrangements for Swayyam to leave… who’s going with him?” DP says.

Kavita leaves from the top.

“Bhaisa, he’s going with Kavita. But I’m very scared… Sanskaar changed ever since that girl left… she brought bad luck for us!” Sujata angrily huffs.

“If you don’t mention that girl to hi Achcha hi ho ga…” DP says and leaves.

Sujata looks on.

Sanskaar is shown sitting inside his room, he opens the drawer to get the train ticket but sees a picture.

He sees a picture of Swara and gets angry.

“You cheated on me for your friend… You killed our love! I will never forgive you!” Sanskaar says and angrily shuts the drawer.

Sanskaar then remembers Swara hugging Nikhil and saying I love you. Sanskaar’s anger rises as he stands up.

“But I will not fall weak! Neither will my son!” Sanskaar angrily says and heads out.

Swayyam is shown sitting down angrily.

“f**k this Kavita! I might as well stay here! I’ll rather stay here than going in that train box!” Swayyam sighs.

“Swayyam Baby… don’t get angry… I’ll try doing something.” Kavita says and bends down.

“Please Kavita! Not now!” Swayyam huffs.

Kavita picks the glass of juice and forwards it.

“Relax baby… here have some juice.” Kavita says.

Swayyam looks at Kavita and jerks her hand which leads the glass to break as Kavita lets go.

“Swayyam… what did you do?” Kavita says and stands up.

Swayyam sighs and stands up.

“Sorry Kavita but go tell him I’m not going in that box.” Swayyam says.

“You are or your not going.” Sanskaar says.

Swayyam and Kavita look at him.

“Sanskaar… how can you do this? Can you please make us travel in the aeroplane… I won’t be able to travel by train.” Kavita says.

“This is the only choice…” Sanskaar says.

Swayyam huffs and says “Fine! I’ll go in that box!”

“But I won’t.” Kavita says.

Sanskaar looks at her.

“Fine, I done the packing… anyways when are you coming back Sanskaar?” Kavita says and asks.

“You’re going with me today in the aeroplane… he’s going in the train.” Sanskaar say.

Swayyam and Kavita look on.

“I’m sorry Sanskaar but I will not leave Swayyam and go with you…” Kavita says.

“You’re such a hypocrite! Making me go in the train while you’re going in the aeroplane? Why? Have you lost your heart to the air hostesses?!” Swayyam angrily says.

Sanskaar glares at him while Satan leaves.

“Mind him Sanskaar… And don’t worry.” Kavita says.

“Here are your tickets.” Sanskaar says and hand the tickets.

“Sanskaar… I was wondering when we will get married… I mean we have been engaged since 4 years…” Kavita asks nervously.

Sanskaar leaves without saying anything and Kavita looks on.

Scene shifts to Delhi. Everyone finish packing.

“Look… even god is helping me but you’re not… mera Badla pura ho ke Rahe ga!” Lavyansh says and caries his bag.

Rayyan ignores him and shakes his head in a disagreement.

They reach the hall and see the bags.

“1…2…3…4..5..6..7..8 bags? What are you all taking?!” Lavyansh counts and asks.

“3 Vani ke… 2 Avni ke and 3 Mere.” Ragini says.

“And 1 mera…” Rayyan and Lavyansh both say in a union.

“Chalein?” Ragini asks.

All nod yes and head out. Each one is carrying two suitcases.

Scene shifts to Mumbai… Sanskriti finishes packing and sits in the couch.

“Finally finished, now Mamma has to come back and we have to leave in the evening.” Sanskriti sighs.

She sees the time and worries a little.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling a little strange.” Sanskriti worries.

After a while, Kavita and Swayyam reach the train station. Swayyam sees so many people and feels suffocated. Kavita and him walk inside and board a train.

“Oh come on, are they serious? No direct train? First stop in Delhi then Mumbai and then Kolkata?” A frustrated Kavita says.

“Aur nahi to Kya? He made Prince Swayyam travel in this low class and small box? It looks dodgy to me!” Swayyam sighs and glances around.

The train then starts moving. Swayyam is upset along with angry and is feeling insulted.

Ragini, Vani, Lavyansh and Avni are sitting in the train station waiting. Few hours later the train arrives. They hear the announcement and enter that train.

Swayyam happens to be in the same train. His breathing gets heavy.

“Now 18 hours to Mumbai and… oh god! Why didn’t he let me go in the plain? I can’t adjust here Kavita…” Swayyam complains and breathes heavily. He feels suffocated.

“Swayyam… even I won’t be able to bear that much… what was wrong by going in the aeroplane which was direct!” Kavita huffs.

Lavyansh, Ragini, Vani, Rayyan and Avni walk past them and in the next cabin, they find their seats and sit down.

“Finally.” Lavyansh says.

The train then starts moving.

“Now Mumbai and 18 hours? Don’t know how I will survive but why couldn’t you get a direct Kolkata ticket?” Vani sighs and fans herself.

Lavyansh ignores her.

Swayyam lies down and fans himself.

“I know he did this to torture me! I’m seriously hating that man day by day!” Swayyam angrily says.

“Baby, he’s your father… you shouldn’t say that…” Kavita says.

“Don’t side him in front of me! Father my foot!” Swayyam says and rolls his eyes.

After a while, Ragini goes to the toilet. A man was walking and then trips. He accidentally falls on Swayyam and Swayyam wakes up with a sudden jerk.

“What the hell?! How dare you!”
Swayyam says and pushes that old man.

Kavita opens her eyes and sees.

“What the hell is your problem?!” Swayyam angrily shouts.

Ragini hears and comes there.

“Sorry Beta I…” The old man says but Swayyam doesn’t give him the chance to speak.

“Just shut up okay?! Don’t you dare! Buddha ho ke bhi tameez nahi hai! Useless…” Swayyam says but doesn’t complete his words as Kavita holds his hand.

“Swayyam, calm down… it was an accident… sorry Uncle…” Kavita says and apologises.

“Why you apologising?! It was all this Buddhas fault? Oh god! Where am I stuck?!” Swayyam shouts and sighs.

“He’s so badtameez…” Ragini thinks.

“Achchi khasi neend hi is buddhe ne kharaab kar Di!” Swayyam angrily complains.

The old man feels hurt and Ragini notices.

“Excuse me…? How can you insult him like this?” Ragini asks as she moves forward.

“It’s better if you stay out of this? And who is he to you?!” Swayyam rudely says and looks at her.

“He might not be anything to me but he’s still an elder person and you have no rights to insult him like this! Do you have any manners or not?!” Ragini strictly says.

“And who are you to teach me? Huh?” Swayyam asks.

“You’re so Badtameez! I thought to explain nicely but you… it’s pointless!” Ragini says.

“Then why are you still here?! Get lost and take this Buddha with you!” Swayyam says.

Rayyan and Lavyansh reach there.

“Excuse me? You don’t have any rights to talk to my Mom like that!” Rayyan says and comes in front of Ragini.

“Then take her then innit… why she here?” Swayyam asks sounding rude.

“Mom, he has a point… just leave him and you… if I hear you talk in that tone again with Mom then watch!” Lavyansh warns and they leave with Ragini.

Swayyam angrily sits down and Kavita looks at him. The old man leaves.

Ragini sits down angrily.

“He’s so mannerless and rude! He has too much pride in himself… didn’t his parents teach him manners?!” Ragini angrily asks.

“Allow him Mom… why ruin your mood?” Rayyan asks.

“Ray’s right Mom… leave him” Lavyansh says.

Ragini looks on.

Swayyam lies back down and tries going to sleep.

“I will not spare Sanskaar… today was limits!” Swayyam angrily says.

Kavita hears and worries.

Swayyam closes his eyes.

18 hours later the train reaches Mumbai. Swayyam is still asleep. Kavita wakes up. Swara is shown boarding the train with Sanskriti.

“Thank god we reached here on time, otherwise we would’ve missed the train.” Sanskriti says.

“Haa, you did the right thing by calling the taxi.” Swara says and starts searching for the seats.

Swara walks past Swayyam and Kavita and feels something. She then finds it and sits down with Sanskriti. They happen to be in the middle of Lavyansh and Swayyam as there is a wall blocking the view.

The train starts moving and 1 hour later, Swayyam opens his eyes. He sits up and touches his head.

“Why is there too much dust? I feel sick! I can’t stand this anymore!” Swayyam complains.

“1 day left Baby… we can do it.” Kavita says and hands the water bottle to Swayyam.

Swayyam takes it and opens it, he takes some sips. Swara stands up and stands behind the queue for the toilet. The old woman walks there.

“Beta…? Can I sit here until the queue gets shorter?” The woman asks Swayyam.

Swara turns and Swayyam is opposite her and misses to see Ragini who is sitting in the middle of Avni and Vani near her.

“f**k off! They won’t even let me drink water properly!” A pissed and annoyed Swayyam says.

Swara looks on.

“Beta… it’s just for few minuets…” The woman requests.

“Kaha na nahi! Jao!” Swayyam shouts.

“Say it kindly…!” Kavita says.

“Oh please… don’t get me started.” Swayyam says.

“Badtameez.” Swara thinks.

“Aunty… you can go before me.” Swara says and let’s the old woman stand in front of her and misses to see Ragini again.

The old woman blesses Swara.

“Kavita, I’m starving.” Swayyam says.

“Be glad I brought food.” Kavita says and opens a bag.

Swayyam stands up and is behind Swara.

“What’s this queue for?” Swayyam asks.

“Toilet.” Swara says without turning.

“Such a big line for toilet? How am I meant to wash my hands now?” Swayyam says and sits back down.

Just then a pregnant lady walks there, she sits besides Swayyam for a while. Swayyam sees her.

“Who gave you the permission to sit here? Does your dad own it?” Swayyam asks rudely.

Swara turns and that woman feels uneasy. She then vomits on Swayyam and he stands due to the shock.

“You b*t*h! Oh my lord! No! This can’t be happening!!” Swayyam angrily shouts.

The whole train hears.

“What the hell is your problem? How dare you puke on me? This is disgusting as f**k! Stand up now!” Swayyam rudely and angrily shouts.

Kavita feels disgusted.

“Lo, he’s shouting again!” An irritated Ragini says.

“Sorry Beta I…” The woman says but he glares at her.

“Don’t you dare! How f**king dare you? Oh god! No one will even let me sit peacefully! Pehle that Buddha then that buddhi and now you?” Swayyam rudely shouts and Swara comes there.

“Mein Kab se dekhe Jaa Rahi hoon ke you’re behaving rudely with everyone… she’s pregnant for god sake!” Swara says.

“And that doesn’t mean she could puke on me! Who the hell are you huh?” Swayyam angrily says.

Just then Swayyam feels a hard slap across his cheeks. Kavita stands up due to the shocking act of Swara’s. Swara had slapped Swayyam. Swayyam angrily looked up. Ragini stood up and peeked but Swara’s back was faced towards her.

“Don’t you have any manners?! How dare you talk to this lady like that and especially that old woman?! Who the hell are you to say all that? Who gave you the rights to disrespect everyone?! Badtameez!” Swara insults.

Swayyam gets angry.

“How can you hit him like that? He’s a child.” Kavita says.

“As far as I can see… he’s a spoilt, rude, arrogant and Badtameez boy!” Swara angrily says.

“How dare you? Do you even know who I am?! You made a big mistake by slapping me and this slap will cost you!” Swayyam angrily says.

Sanskriti stands up and comes there. Lavyansh, Vani, Avni and Rayyan stand and watch too.

“Who are you? As far as I know you’re a normal spoilt boy!” Swara says.

“Who doesn’t respect anyone!” Swara adds.

Swayyam makes a fist. He then angrily pushes Swara. Swara falls back but gets caught by some people and angrily looks at Swayyam.

“This train will not be spared! This train… You and Sanskaar Maheshwari have to pay a heavy price!” Swayyam angrily shouts and looks at Swara.

Sanskriti, Swara, Ragini get shocked while Lavyansh, Rayyan, Avni and Vani look on.

“Baby… calm down.” Kavita says.

“Not this time Kavita… she doesn’t know who she messed with! I’m Prince Swayyam Maheshwari!” Swayyam reveals.

Sanskriti, Swara, Ragini are dazed along with Lavyansh, Rayyan, Avni and Vani. All the other people look on.

“Aur Swayyam Ki insult ispe Bhari pare gi!” Swayyam insults.

“Just look at this boy! Didn’t you Mother or Father teach you any manners?! Where is your mother? Is that your mother?!” A woman says while pointing at Kavita.

“Meri Maa? Don’t even ask about her! She’s a characterless woman! She’s a selfish, greedy and only cares about money… she’s the type of woman who can do anything for money! She’s a blo*dy gold digger!” Swayyam insults.

Swara is in tears and shock, she feels hurt and heart broken. Ragini is shocked along with Sanskriti.

“Enough!” Sanskriti shouts.

Swayyam looks at her.

“You have no rights to disrespect a woman!” Sanskriti says even tho she felt like slapping him for saying that about her Mamma.

“But she’s that type of Woman! I agree not all woman are like that, cause Kavita isn’t but that woman doesn’t have the right to be called a mother!” Swayyam says.

Sanskriti huffs and Swara leaves from there while in tears.

“He’s Swara’s son? But why is he saying that about Swara?” Ragini thinks.

Sanskriti looks around and doesn’t find Swara. She goes to look for her.

“Kya? Is there a drama going on here?!” Swayyam angrily says and walks past everyone while breaking the queue.

Ragini was about to sit back down when she hears a cry. She goes there and gets shocked to see Swara crying. Sanskriti is sitting besides her.

“What happened Mamma? Why are you crying? Is it because that boy insulted you?” Sanskriti asks.

Ragini comes forward. Sanskriti sees Ragini and looks on.

“Arey, she’s Mammas sister… if Mamma talks to her then Mamma will feel lighter.” Sanskriti thinks.

“Mamma, I’ll just be back.” Sanskriti says and leaves.

Ragini sits besides Swara. Swara sees her and gets shocked.

“Ragini?” Swara says and hugs her.

Ragini hugs her back. Rayyan sees and then leaves. He sits besides Lavyansh.

“I can’t believe that he’s our cousin? I mean he’s…” Lavyansh says and stops.

“He’s too rude and the way he insulted him Mother was not right.” Avni says.

“Swayyam Maheshwari…” Vani says and thinks.

Episode ends.

Precap: Swaragini talk… Lakshya introduced.
(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)

Lavyansh aka Ansh – Son of RagLak. 2 minuets younger to Rayyan. Vani and Avni’s brother. A fraternal twin. Overprotective.

Rayyan – Also known as Ray by the girls, Lavyansh and Vani. A fraternal twin and is 2 minuets older to Lavyansh. Son of RagLak, brother of Avni and Vani. Sweet.

Avni – The daughter of KavLak, stays with and loves Ragini. 3 months older to Vani. Sister of Vani, Lavyansh and Rayyan. Selfless.

GajaLakshmi aka Vani – The daughter of RagLak, lives on her terms and has argument with Lavyansh. 3 months younger to Avni. The sister of Lavyansh, Rayyan and Avni. Arrogant.

Swayyam – The son of SwaSan, stays with Sanskaar. He behaves rudely with everyone but likes Kavita. Brother of Sanskriti and is unaware of this. Spoilt.

Sanskriti – The daughter of SwaSan. Stays with Swara. Sister of Swayyam. Caring.

Sorry for the confusion.
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Swayyam (15) – Ibrahim Khan

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
Hey it’s me Halima back with another Episode…?

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